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Suzanne Rawlings was born in Texas on 1964 (age 56) under the name Suzanne Marie Mergele, daughter of Jack Mergele and Betty Koehl Mergele. During her youth, she attended Crystal Lake South High School and then assisted to Northern Illinois University where she graduated in computer education.

Despite her role as a public figure, she prefers to maintain her privacy and therefore not much is known about her childhood.
After she graduated university, she signed a deal and started working for the Department of Defense as a contractor for four years, and afterwards worked at Schaumburg for a consulting firm. On the year 2004, she opened a Home Health Agency in Dallas, Texas and after another four years she initiated her own computer consulting firm.

Suzanne Rawlings  Career Details

Suzanne Rawlings (née Mergele) is an entrepreneur, reality TV star and actress mostly known for her role on the Fast N’ Loud series starred by Richard Rawlings.

According to the two of them, they met through a mutual friend in the early 90s and grew closer as time passed by, until they cemented their relationship with a marriage ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada on 1999. By this time, they were both thinking about starting a business, and founded the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas inspired by Richard’s enthusiasm and knowledge on cars and Suzanne’s knowledge in entrepreneurialism.

The start of their shared business was difficult, as it wasn’t easy to attract new customers. Around 2007, the couple decided to invite Aaron Kaufmann – a self-taught petrol junkie – to the team and he quickly became an asset helping them attract clients. With his aid and Suzanne’s management efforts, Gas Monkey Garage grew until becoming a global brand.

Despite the growing success, Suzanne and Richard’s relationship gradually deteriorated over the years. The pressures and demands of the business made it difficult to sustain a healthy relationship, resulting in the two spending less and less time together which subsequently brought communication troubles and fights. Eventually, they decided to end their marriage in 2009 for keeping the situation from leading to develop grudges against each other. The divorce was a mutual decision, and the two remained on good terms afterwards.

After their separation, Richard took the entire business for himself and two years later he was contacted by Discovery Channel, who showed interest in Gas Monkey Garage and offered a deal for their own show. Richard agreed and the show became successful as expected. By 2015, he and Suzanne rekindled their relationship and got remarried in Cabo, Mexico.

Once Suzanne returned to the Rawlings’ scene, she took the business management in her own hands. Instead of just strengthening the brand, Suzanne had other ideas, amongst them adding the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill, as well as an adjacent concert venue, Gas Monkey Live. She put her efforts in expanding the brand and the show as long as she could, opening new Gas Monkey branches in different locations around the country and inserting them in the industry of energy drinks.

Suzanne Rawlings Marriage Details

After a firstly failed marriage of fifteen years, she remarried her ex-husband and Fast N’ Loud star, Richard Rawlings, after spending six years apart and with minimum contact between each other. Despite the distance, neither dated during this time so it was rather easy for them to reconnect and give their marriage another chance.

Sadly, this second chance didn’t turn successful either, and by 2019 they were officially going through the procedures of their second divorce.

The couple didn’t have children together; however, and even with her and Richard’s complicated relationship with each other, Suzanne’s ex-husband has served as her son’s, Sinjin Venegas, father figure for most of the latter’s life.

Suzanne Rawlings  Net Worth

As of mid-2019, Suzanne Rawlings’ net worth was measured to be around $1 million dollars.

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