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Suzanne Whang Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Suzanne Whang was an American best known for having been the host of the HGTV series, House Hunters for close to 9 years. She starred in television hosting, comedy, radio hosting, authoring, writing, producing, and political activism.

Suzanne Whang Early Life

She was born on September 28, 1962 with her birthplace indicated as Arlington, West Virginia, USA. She was born to Ben and Young Bo Whang, a couple that migrated from the Koreas.
There are no records of her early education. What is reported is that she completed her studies from Yale University and Brown University. She studied and obtained a B.A in Psychology from Yale University. She furthered her studies at Brown University eventually attaining an M.Sc. degree in Psychology. With two degrees in her bag and a talent, Suzanne was set to start her career.

Suzanne Whang Career Details

After her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles in 1988. This is the time and place that her show-business career started. Whang’s middle part of her career was mainly the hosting of the House Hunters from 1999 to 2007 on Home and Garden Television. She also took a frequent role as Polly, the spa manager on NBC’s drama Las Vegas.

She also took a role of remote correspondence on TV, the FX network’s two-hour morning show Breakfast Time in the 90s. She later co-hosted the Pet Department of the FX network.

In 2002 she won the Best Up & Coming Comedian Award at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. The award came her way as a result of her controversial alter ego character, Sung Hee Park. With this award, she marked the beginning of her rise.

The annual Andy Kaufman Award of 2004 at the New York Comedy Festival was another milestone in Whang’s career. In this year, she also made a guest appearance on the Criminal Minds series in the ‘Poison’ episode where she took the role of a local TV reporter.

Since January 2011 she took varying roles in acting and storytelling. In one of the undertakings, she portrayed Carol Cheng, Brenda Barrett’s wedding planner. In another undertaking, she became a member of the cast of ‘Don’t Tell My Mother’, a monthly storytelling event. In these monthly events, celebrities would share true stories that they would never want their moms to get to know.

Suzanne Whang Body Measurements

She was an American national of Korean-American ethnicity who was 5’4” tall with a bodyweight of 62 kg.

Suzanne Whang Dating History And Marriage Details

She went through two marriages in her life that did not survive to the end. She was married to Michael Free and the marriage did not last long. She later got married to Jay Nickerson, a man she had dated for a long time. The marriage was solemnized in October 19, 2013 at the church of St. Paul and St. Andrew in Manhattan. The marriage blossomed for two years with the couple divorcing in 2015.

She was in a relationship with Jeff Vezain, a musician from Ottawa Illinois for more than 4 years. The lovebirds did not have enough time for each other which is perhaps the reason that they never got married. Whang had two children from her two marriages.

The talented and well-read celebrity took her last breath on September 17, 2019 bringing down an outstanding career with her death. She died on a Tuesday evening at her home with her boyfriend, Jeff Vezain by her side. This was a culmination of 13 long years of a battle with breast cancer that took a huge toll on her. It really tore her down in finances. At the time of her death she left behind US$5 m as her net worth.


This is the life of another celebrity who came into the world, lived and achieved before bowing out. She left a legacy not in times of wealth but the numerous hearts that she touched each single day in her life. She will be remembered for who she was especially to the people that she helped change their lives.

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