Tamara Day Is Happily Married To Husband Bill Day With Kids. What Is Her Net Worth?

Tamara Day is not your typical girl next door, this badass Mom is a TV Host on the DIY Network, interior designer, goodess of all things upcycled and Kansas City beauty. You can usually find her in a beat down old house with her full safety equipment knocking down walls or pulling up floorboards.

Tamara Day Bio: Age, Siblings, Early Life

Tamara was born August 20th, 1976 in Kansas City, Missouri. She was one of four children born to proud parents Ward and Trish Schraeder, they built a loving home for their children and that is not metaphorically speaking, Ward built the house brick by brick for his wife and four children. When Day was a little girl, she would help around their family farm and got used to tools from an early age. Her father Ward was also in the construction trade and owned a business in Kansas City, this would be where Day was able to develop her own skills in business while helping out her dad. Tamara eventually went off to Kansas university and gained a qualification in Communications. However, this would not be the career path of choice for Tamara and we are so glad it wasn’t.

Tamara Day Career Details

Tamara and Bill purchased their first mansion together in 2008. This home was going to be the one Tamara and Bill raised their family and grew old together in. With Bill working in the finance sector all the revamping would be done by contractors. However, fate intervened, and the worst financial crisis hit the stock markets plummeting most folk into a recession. With the recession hitting hard putting everyone including the Day family at a crossroads, Tamara made the decision to do the work herself. Little did she know this would ignite a passion within her that would catapult her into reality stardom. Over the course of the next few months Day would take her three young boys round garage sales and house openings buying furniture old and new to incorporate into her new home. Each week she would buy a piece then upcycle it in her driveway.

Before long Day had far too much furniture in the house and started opening her first-floor mansion as a show room for the public to come in and buy these one of a kind pieces, it was an instant hit with scores of people coming along. This is where her business Growing Days was born and would flourish. By 2013 Growing Days had four years of booming sales when Tamara and Husband Bill had a boom of their own- Nora. Their little family was complete with a very special little girl. Tamara with another bundle of joy to raise and finishing her family home, setting up a business and running the business was understandably tired and knew she needed a well-earned rest so took some time from her business to grant herself the care she needed.

However, due to the success of Growing Days it wasn’t long before people contacted Day and would ask her questions about revamping their homes. Day spotted an opportunity to help these people and took it slow taking on a couple of clients but before she knew it, she was back in full time work- designing people’s homes. Not long after that the DIY Network got in touch and wanted to host a show ‘Bargain Mansions’ a step by step guide to owning a mansion and revamping it just as Day had done herself and Day was 100% onboard! The show premiered November 2017 on the TLC channel and was an instant hit.

Tamara Day personal Life

In 1998 Tamara was helping manage a stall selling T-Shirts when she clapped eyes on the vendor in the next stall, it was Bill. After some small talk the couple exchanged numbers and after two years of dating the couple exchanged vows. They have been happily married ever since and about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. The couple have four children; three sons Henry 14, Bobby 12, Thomas, 10 and a daughter Nora who is 6. The family still live in the first mansion renovated by Day in 2008.

Tamara Day Salary And Net worth

With hosting a hit TV show on the DIY Network and being in high demand as an interior designer it is almost certain Kansas City’s Tamara Day’s net worth will be in the millions. However, the true figure is not known as the salary and net worth are being reviewed.

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