Tamarind Fruit Health Benefits, Taste, Facts

Tamarind fruit cannot be left out when talking about the unique food with healthy taste. It is known to be one of the fruit that is consumed a lot due its health benefits and also the uses. Further it has a sour-sweet taste that most people like it.

Tamarindus Indica is a scientific name that is given to tamarind fruit which is a pod-shaped with gooey inside which as it ripen it sweetens the taste. Africa is known to be the native of Tamarind, however it is grown all over the world and the largest producer is in India.

Its leave and flowers are very convenient that they can be seen as vegetables. But the fruit is the most commonly used .Other use of Tamarind is they are used in different dishes like dessert, sauce, candy and the curry seasoning.

It is an important fruit because of its health benefits.

Some of the health condition that it can help in is peptic ulcers, fever, constipation and diarrhea. Our body needs to stay healthy, tough and also fight against any potential disease that might come and it’s also because of the nutrients that it contains.

Health Benefits: Bat Away Diseases &Micro-Organism

Tamarind has nutrients which include; phosphorus, iron, antioxidants and also thiamin.Furthe it was also known to be a traditional fruit that was used to treat diseases like cancer and heart diseases

Its benefit continues where it lowers the blood level and healing different wounds. The fruits is always available one can grab it and have it at any.

Antioxidants Help To Fight Free Radicals and Reduce Inflammation

Antioxidant is known to help the decrease of oxidative stress that is said to lower someone’s chances of getting diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Further tamarinds are known to be rich in ant oxides which are well known to help in the minimization of the effects that are known to be free radicals which has a compound that can cause chronic diseases due to the damage of cells.

Also Chronic inflammation and pain decreases due to the fruits thus and individual can be protected from Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and also cancer.

Battle against Virus

With the consummation of tamarind fruit it is commonly known to help in fighting bacteria and virus in the body. Antimicrobial is a compound which is found in the fruit that help in the treatment of certain conditions like malaria, respiratory difficulties, and dysentery for a long time and also parasitic infections.

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There was a report that was made about tamarind fruits and it was indicated that I t is helpful against different kinds of bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella and also Bacillus.

Help in weight loss

Most people are always tied of being on diet or even doing exercises and tamarind is the best fruit that help in weight loss. One does have to buy very expensive product for weight loss it saves a person money.

An individual need to use and add some extra money of buying the fruits in their budget. It is because tamarind is known to minimize the effects of trypsin which is known to breakdown proteins from the body.

Reduction of food consumption can result for the enzymes to stop functioning, thus it will be a boost to the weight loss. However, tamarinds are rich in calories therefore one should take precaution when consuming them and it should be taken in moderate amount to avoid facing designated consequences.

Magnesium Betters Heart Condition

Magnesium is a mineral that is found in tamarind that has a lot of health benefits. The assumption of the tamarind is known to regulate the function of the body due to the presence of magnesium. Further it also helps in in lowering blood sugar, monitoring heartbeat and also repairmen of bones.

Additionally the fruit decreases cholesterol and blood pressure thus the risk of getting heart diseases is low.

Get Perfect Taste, Flavor and Varieties of Dishes

Those fruits that we eat due to health in most cases they taste so bad but helpful
With tamarind the case is different because the fruit can be eaten in raw when the pod is taken out. In some cases it is also used in some of the dishes so as to enhance the taste as seasoning and in many occasions to make a full meal.

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Tamarind has a pulp which sour –sweet and it is mostly act as a substitute for food sweetener that make it useful to be added in products like jellies,jams,marmalade and sherbets. Further it is used in soups, curries which is used as an ingredient to amplify the flavor and also sauces.

Additional the soup of Tamarind is to prepare condiments like marinades, chutneys and stews. Worcestershire is one of the famous sauces and I use the fruit as one of the main ingredients.

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The pulp is used to make candy but the consumption of candy is not always recommended.

Where to Buy Tamarind Fruit?; Price Range

In India and Asian market unprocessed and raw tamarind are found there but the best suggestion is to take some seeds and grow so as to have your own tamarind. In most cases when tamarind is in raw state it so considered to be hygienic to consume .Some people may complain of not having enough space to grow them therefore there is always a solution that one should look in the market

In local department’s stores, different foods that are prepared using the content of tamarind are found there. For those people who cannot make it there is always an opinion of online retailers.

Amazon is one of the world largest online that provide services all over and tamarind fruits are also found there or delivered.

Further at Amazon there are different food varieties that are sold there with a favorable price that can be affordable. It also depend on what type of food one may need and the recipe they include; Tangy Tamarind Iced Tea, Top Quality Sour Tamarind, Fresh Thai Tamarind, Natural Fruit Puree and also Seedless Dried Sweet Tamarind Snack among other.

Tamarind price range from $4to 25$ which is cheap and affordable. Eating them in a raw form is always good because it has a unique taste.

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