The best vitamins for Bones

In order to stay healthy strong bones are very important. Calcium and vitamin D they are very important because they help the bone to stay healthy.
When growing up one may not understand the importance of taking milk on a daily bases but as you grow up one will realize the importance because it helps a lot with getting strong bones.

In this article we will look the best vitamins that will make your bones healthy.


It is one of the best in making our bones healthier. One need to consume it in a regular base so as to get all the benefits of strong bones. Milk is known to be one of the best and richest sources of calcium. Every day one should ensure that you take at least three glasses of milk. In order to get more

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benefits banded milk is the best because it also has vitamin D.
Another source of calcium is cheese and one should eat it often. In most cases cheese contain vitamin D but very little thus one cannot rely on it completely.

Sardines are also good and one can add in the diet so as to experience some changes. There are also calcium tablet which are be used if one is taking vitamin D through sunlight and food regularly,.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to be the best and important in order to have strong bones. However most people say that one can get enough vitamin D from the sunlight but it is not true.

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Some food will be needed to help in getting healthy bones. Further vitamin D is important in the body because it help in absorption of calcium that one get through some of the external sources.

Consuming yoghurt is also important because it is rich in both calcium and vitamin Thus one should ensure to take a bowl every day. Addition of hone in the salad can also help one to get vitamin D.

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