The causes of Breathlessness on Exertion

The shortness of breathing can also be referred to as SOBOE and most people have experience it from time to time. Further there are many causes of breathlessness and some can be dangerous and some are not.

In the article below we will discuss on the causes of breatheleness that many people don’t know. When there is less supply of oxygen to the lungs or less exertion of carbon dioxide from the lungs can cause breathlessness.

Also when one do some small or less strenuous activities someone can experience breathlessness but in most cases depends on some factors like gender, past medical history, current health status and age.

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When one is breathlessness it means that a person is not physically active however if one is healthy and experiencing breathlessness below are some causes

  • Lack of fitness
  • Myocarditis,
  • Poor physical strength
  • Emotional distress
  • Acute bronchitis
  • Late –stage pregnancy
  • Air passage blockage in nose, mouth and throat
  • Going to high altitude
  • Pulmonary heart diseases
  • Dissection of aorta

There are some others that can cause breathlessness like obesity which is considered to be one of the major reasons.Therec is also asthma where one can feel breathlessness on exertion.

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When one is climbing the stairs and experience breathlessness then one need to seek for medical attention. One should know early enough so as to be able to get treatment as soon as possible.

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