The consequences of hemophilia and how people are affected

Hemophilia is a rare disorder and most people don’t know of its consequences. We will at how it affects people and if one is suffering from this disorder then one has all the right to know about the consequences.

Defining hemophilia

It is known to be bleeding diseases where one bleeds nonstop thus the clotting fail mostly during injury or surgery. The disorder is known to affect male compared to the female .the blood clotting process is slowed thus one experience bleeding for a longer period than expected. In most cases it is caused by the lack of certain clotting factors that are important or lack of proper functioning that result to the bleeding.

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Hemophilia consequences

How people are affected by hemophilia

In most cases it affects the joints and the muscles that as results it causes spontaneous bleeding mostly after an injury. There can be an extended bleeding with bruising that leads to inflamed joints mostly for a person with hemophilia.

A person who is suffering from hemophiliac often gets septic arthritis.

What is more surprising is that people with hemophilia gets skins concerns like swelling under the skin, pain and also skin discoloration. There is a high risk of restricted mobility and joints deformity due to the bleeding of joints and muscles.

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While sleeping people with hemophilia find it difficult because they sometimes have persistence headaches, experience a change of behavior , neck pain when there is bleeding in the brain and convulsions. In most cases when there is internal bleeding often it can be a threat to one’s life. Further there is a very high possibility that people with hemophilia will develop anemic condition if they get an injury in the mouth. Also there can be a lot of blood loss when one experience prolonged bleeding.
As for sexual consequences is still under the research.

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