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Tig Notaro And Stephanie Allynne Are Happily Married. Do They Have Kids?

A socially conscious comedian who is known for displaying a unique style of comedy and is also known for bringing up sensitive issues like lesbianism and cancer in her comedy specials, Tig Notaro is one of the famous American comedians who continue to excel at their professions. Almost all of her comedic acts and specials are motivated by her own experiences and even in battling with cancer for a number of years, Notaro still continues to create new comedic content that moves the audience.

Tig Notaro Bio: Age, Early Life, Ethnicity

Tig Notaro whose full name is Mathilde Tig Ocallaghan Notaro is a talented American comedian who is mostly known for her work as a standup comedian. Besides performing live as a comedian she has also worked on scripts, radio shows and acting. Especially in her live comedy shows, Notaro has shown that she is a daring comedian that is willing to push the boundaries and raise sensitive topics that other comedians couldn’t even think of. Notaro is uniquely known for employing a style of comedy where the comic without displaying any emotions whatsoever tries to induce the audience into being tuned with the ongoing conversation. Notaro is well respected by her peers and have been nominated for numerous awards including the Grammys.
Born on 1971 March 24, in Missisippi, Notaro always humor and wit in order to express her sincere and genuine felling to others. Even as a child, she always saw comedy as a medium through which genuine human emotions could be expressed. Being born from Mathilde Ocallaghan and Pat Notaro, Notaro grew up in an environment in which she was made fun of for her boyish looks and not fitting in properly with the crowd. But rather than backing down and submitting to the environment, Notaro decided that it was her uniqueness that she should capitalize on as the foundation of her works of comedy.

Tig Notaro Career Details

Before being involved in comedy, Notaro tried to enter into the music business trying to manage different bands. She believed that her assertive personality and perseverance would be a key ingredient in her struggle to establish herself in the entertainment industry. But as she soon discovered it was the world of comedy that was more suited to her fascinating personality. It was during her time as a manager that Notaro was accidentally thrown into the world of standup comedy. Everywhere she go as she interacted more and more with people , people told her that she has a unique way of looking at the world that should be made available to the larger audience.

Tig Notaro Wife Stephanie Allynne

Three crucial topics that Notaro touches upon on her works of comedy are having boyish looks as a girl, having a lesbian partner and struggling with cancer for years. Being lesbian and married to Stephanie Allynne, Notaro usually portrayed the lesbian role in her works. Although she was criticized by the members of the audience for deviating from the crowd, Notaro would never succumb to the attitudes of the masses. She also discusses the issue of breast cancer in her work as a standup comic. At one time she even showed her damaged breasts to the audience as a toll of societal awareness creation. This was crucial as the audience got to learn about the problems that cancer patients had to face each and every day. Besides her comedy specials like Live she is also known to regularly work on TV shows like Inside Amy Schumer. She caused quite a controversy as she conceived twin sons from her lesbian partner Stephanie Allynne through the usage of a surrogate.

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and openly discussed her health condition in her shows. She repeatedly suffered in her battle with cancer. Despite all this fact, Notaro is still going strong and striving to create more socially conscious woks of comedy.

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