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Tim Yeager is the husband of an American celebrity host and TV personality Robin Meade. Gaining popularity as her husband sooner he also became a famous personality, because of his beautiful wife. Tim getting television attraction started after marrying her. He was born on 1st January 1970 in Charles, Lowa. He is American by descent and he made attention of world media after dating and tying knots with Robin Meade. There are no particular about his parents and a very little info about his childhood.

About Robin Meade

Robin Meade is former Miss Ohio and a renowned television personality. They dated for many years and lastly got hitched on November 6th 1993. She was very famous personality in television so it helped Tim to grow as a famous personality because of his wife.

Robin Maede works in HLN as a host of Morning Express with Robin Meade. This show is telecasted every morning and she has a very successful yet very celebrity’s career, by which her husband Tim got so famous for. She was not only a host, she was Miss Ohio and she is very good at singing. As a result she threw two music albums in 2011 and 2013, which was a very successful hit. Her husband was always supportive and very intuitive about her things.

Tim was very much into politics, he loved and fascinated with politics. He found to be working in various political forms as well as developmental stature.

Tim Yeager Education Details

After graduating from University of Lowa studying about History and Russian language majors,

Tim Yeager Career Details

He started his career with HELP in Davenport, Lowa and started working for this organization.  He was seen working with communist party as he was into the politics. With these parties he was able to attend World Youth Festival in East Berlin, Germany in 1973. He was a writer, activist and chiefs in different peace committees. With his long career he was involved in politics, writing, social activities, and peace committee member.

He also worked for UAW Local 2320 as a financial secretary and treasurer. After some years he decided to resign from this job and he did it in 2013. He was also in Anglican international peace with justice concerns, as a committee member and he is a member till date. He worked for Grace church; he was the chief pf peace and justice committee in Lowa. He was a very cheerful peaceful leader as all suggests and that’s why he was able to work for the churches. With his work and for his career he was a very well paid person also he doesn’t have to complain about his salary because he got what he deserved.

Tim Yeager Marriage Details

But after their marriage this couple made public appearances and caught public eyes so frequently, so that Tim got a nice charming personality as a celebrity and became famous thereafter. They play their part in unison and appear to be a nice couple.
Tim was a writer a political supporter and a television personality as well, thank to his charming wife.

It’s been 26 years since their marriage but they don’t have any children and no one has a better explanation for this reason. They seem to be fine and completely fine having no children but their career growth may suggest why they are not concerned about their child.

Recently some rumors spread about Robin Meade that she has an extramarital affair and have another man in her life, but fewer public appearances and hardly have they talked about their personal life this cannot be concluded as the rumor says. Some raise questions about their relationship but they remain calm and strong about their arrived life and they are happily with each other.

Tim Yeager Net Worth

Yeager has a net worth of $4.5 million and he receives salary of about $400,000 a year for his many sources. He has more things other than being a television celebrity, He has written some books for your information. One of the books is “the secret of falling and floating on the vow”. Because of his fantastic career he was very successful and different field of work his net worth is very handsomely good. He makes wealth through different sources of his expertise and being a TV personality makes you easier for that.

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