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Todd Benjamin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Body Measurements, Married

An award-winning journalist, whose far-reaching experience and knowledgeable views and his heart fell charisma has made him a speaker, moderator and an interviewer of key business and political leaders.

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Todd Benjamin Career Details

Todd works for CNN for 26 years as an anchor, correspondent and financial commentator, based in different locations as in Washington DC, New York, Tokyo, and London. Before working for CNN Todd worked in phoenix, Arizona as an investigative and business reporter for a local news channel.

Todd Benjamin has made great success through his sensible and incisive interviewing skills. His perceptive and charming ability to engage the audience and clients make the interviews more informative and exciting. While working for CNN he interviewed many well-known personalities since 1993, such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Alan Greenspan including some world’s successful CEO, s Jack Welch and Lou Gerstner. His interviews are always powerful and expressive. Todd always made sure to involve everybody present in the room during the conference. Todd’s great skills of interviewing key business have taken him to the level where he works as a moderator at global events. Todd has also moderated Frankfurt European Banking conference in 2009 which help him succeed in his life to great extent. In 2008 while providing live commentary on CNN, he used to provide analysis views on different issues related to the global economy, financial markets and much more which are widely followed by people around the world.

One of the best qualities about Todd’s work is that he always makes his conferences and meetings effective and informative by worked closely with his clients, he has a best ability to connect well with his clients.

Todd Benjamin Marriage Details, Family, Kids

Todd now lives in London with his wife and child. He was a visiting lecturer in leadership at the London Business School Executive Education program for many years. Today Todd serves his time to moderate conferences and business events around the world.

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