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Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2020, House, Cars, Lifestyle, Married, Wife Julie Chrisley

Todd Chrisley openly led a very controversial life being an American reality TV star. He gained success overnight and became the top trending topic on twitter. He gained his fame hosting a reality TV show which is still being aired. Apart from his fame on the show, he is also a very successful businessman and a realtor. He is also the first millionaire who despite of being bankrupt twice still holds the title.

Todd Chrisley Bio: Age, Early Life

His full name is Michael Todd Chrisley but he usually goes by Todd Chrisly. He is originally from Georgia. He grew up in South Carolina. However, he reports that his life was not always this extravagant. And, therefore, he refuses to disclose it including his education. In the early days, his real estate business helped him earn a fortune.
Todd Chrisley celebrates his birthday every year on April 6th. At the age of 51, he still have a pretty decent physique.

Todd Chrisley Career Details

His education and his past is yet a secret but his career took off from his real estate business. His company, Chrisly and Company was a major flop in 2008. He is a heavy investor in a number of businesses.

His incredible career took off from his reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. In his successful program, he shows the public his extravagant lifestyle and luxuries.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth

Currently he has a total net worth of a negative 5 million dollars. The marketplace went down for housing and realtors. His investing company did well until he filed for bankruptcy in the year 2012. He reportedly spent a lot of time at court for playing around with tax.

Despite of the bankruptcy, he still spend his lifestyle very lavishly along with his wife and children.

Todd Chrisley Wife

Teresa Terry was his first wife with whom he had 2 children. His wife had a successful career as a talented actor. They filed a divorce in the year 1996. He soon tied knot with Julie Chrisley and their marriage is going strong since then. Their marriage is considered as one of the successful marriages because they seem so happy every time. His wife never uttered anything negative about him. Julie runs a very successful cooking show on her website. Todd and Julie have three children who now have a very spectacular career in the world of acting.

Todd Chrisley Parents

Todd Chrisley was born to Faye Chrisley and Gene Raymond Chrisley. They are both from Georgia. His father died in 2012 to which he reported that it was the toughest time for his family and himself.

Todd Chrisley Kids

Todd has 2 children with his first wife, Teresa terry. And 3 from Julie Chrisley. He has shown pure dedication and love with all of his children, namely, Savannah, Chase, Kyle, Grayson, and Lindsie. All of their kids had a very successful career. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Despite of him being very caring towards kids, he had a very peculiar way to discipline them. They can be seen on the show as it didn’t make him shy away.

Todd Chrisley Body Measurements

He is 5’9 foot tall. 50 looks good on him as he make sure that he is eating healthy.

Todd Chrisley Cars And House

Two time bankruptcy and frequent visits to the court didn’t stop him and his family from living an extravagant lifestyle. It is not surprising that he lives in his mansion which is about 1.1 acres. He is quite fond of tennis that is why he owns a tennis court inside his mansion. After many alterations and customisations, Todd and his wife owns the most expansive house in their neighbourhood.

He lives with his children and grandchildren, therefore, the house is fit for them all. He also owns an opulent range of cars like Audi, Mercedes, and Range Rover.

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