Treatment option of Osteoarthritis Knee pain

Before looking at the various treatments let us look at few information about Osteoarthritis. The major risk factor of osteoarthritis however also young people are getting this condition

Hereditary is the most cause of the condition but also it can be got through infection, overweight or even injury. It is described as the natural cushioning which happens between cartilage and joints. When one is affected by this disease one’s joint will rub with each other more closely.

People with the age of 45 are most likely to suffer from this condition and mostly the women are more affected compared to the men.
Some other causes include repetitive stress injuries, illness like excess growth of hormones, iron overload and athletics.

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Treatments of osteoarthritis knee pain

In most cases the main reason for the treatment is to reduce the pain in the best way as possible and return the lost mobility and in the treatment it involve one or combination of the following.


The practice of stretching is very important because it keeps the joint mobile and flexible. In addition muscle strengthening exercise will help the in reducing the pain and make the joints stable.

Therapies like occupational and physical

In some cases people may experience trouble in performing their daily activities this occupation and physical therapies may help a lot. One will know different methods to use to increase the mobility or the flexibility of the joints so that an individual can perform well in their daily work.

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Weight loss

Pain in the knee may result to aim at one point in your life. The condition may mostly affect those people who are overweight and with obesity however reducing weight will help a lot.


If one has undertaken the treatment and they have not worked in one condition, orthopedic can prescribe surgery which will be knee replacement.

Injecting corticosteroids or hyaluronic acid

One may be injected with hyaluronic or corticosteroids by the orthopedic into the knees which it acts as reducing rubbing and lubricating fluid of the join thus reducing the pain.

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Alternative therapy

Acupuncture, using supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin and also applying cream with capsicums can be used as an alternative therapy.
Anti –inflammatory and pain –relieving medications

In some cases a doctor may recommend some of the medication like naproxen, acetaminophen and ibuprofen. However when one takes the medication for a long time it may have some of the side effects. Also if the medicine does not work one should get more advice from the doctor so that he or she might suggest some anti-inflammatory.

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