Treatments for scaphoid fractures

Are you diagnosed with scaphoid fractured or suspended to have a wrist fracture? Depending on the patter of the fracture there are many ways that one can get the treatment. In most cases, those young men who involve themselves in athletes are mostly affected by scaphoid fractures.

Below are some of the treatment one can undertake

It is commonly known as a missed fracture it can be treated between 6-8 weeks by and most are fixed with screws. Casting is more reliable and effective, and one needs to wear it until the fracture is healed, and if necessary, it can take longer. Also, it is known to be the best option in the treatment of scaphoid fractures.

Surgery can be recommended in treating displaced or missed structures. In the surgery, there is the insertion of the screw or small pin using the procedure of bone grafting. It is done to hold the fragment of the best as to keep it in the correct position. The wrist injuries heal fast because of the surgery.

There is a new invention of injection of biological substances into a non-union bone, and this method can be used in the treatment of scaphoid fractures. In most cases, it minimizes the necessity of prolonged immobilization, and also it enhances the rate of bone healing.

Application of ultrasounds and bone stimulation by electricity can also be used in speeding up the healing of scaphoids fractures.
In clinically suspected fractures, some scaphoids are treated functionally. Using a bandage or orthotics can be used in early and direct treatment.

When one has radiological evaluation after trauma, then one can be suspected to be due to clinical scaphoid fractures, and it can take a week to repair the bone and make it function properly.

In treating non-union bone fractures, physical therapy is used because of the positive results it has. During the first two weeks, the patient must perform a range of motion exercise and later strengthening activity that may lead to the progress of ROM

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