Type of hemophilia treatment and the symptoms

Most people who suffer from hemophilia have a rare hereditary disease that prevents the blood from clotting. For one to understand this disease treatments and symptoms, one should not that only men suffer and the women are always carries

The different varieties

It is mostly classified into three groups that is A, B,and C In hemophilia A one should know that they have a problem in their blood clotting because the factor Vii is not present.

Treatment and symptoms of Hemophilia

When there is a deficiency of IX clotting factor it is said to be hemophilia B. Also in hepatitis C it occurs when there is no XI.

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Symptoms of Hemophilia that are common

On can suffer from mild symptoms, severe or moderate symptoms. When the blood does not clot naturally then one will experience mild symptoms mostly after an accident. Some of the basic symptoms include

Moderate Hemophilia

When a person feels tenderness and stiffness in the joints then that is said to be hemophilia in its moderate stage. Also one will feel acute point as they move their joints.

Severe Hemophilia

In this stage a person will have severe symptoms like bleeding from the gums and the nose. Also the joints will tighten and blood in the urine

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Mild hemophilia

In mild a patient will have tingling feeling and joints pain.

Treatment of Hemophilia

Hemophilia Treatment using inhibitors

This alternative treatment need to be used when a patient is developing inhibitors. The doctor uses techniques that will prevent this condition from happening.

Hemophilia treatment without using inhibitors

In this treatment the patient is always given a transfusion where plasma platelets are introduced to the body. The plasma products include; fresh frozen plasma cells, cryoprecipitate and freeze hemophiliacs.
In most cases this treatments always the first treatment that is given to the patient. It helps the blood of a patient to clot but the transfusion need to be done on a regular base.

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