Van Earl Wright Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Van Earl Wright has brought his passion for news to local and national stations across America. With his attention-grabbing verbal skills and tireless work in supporting media communities, Van Earl Wright has earned his popularity and loyal following. Wright is known for his resilience in tough times and making a worthy comeback to land high ratings in his field of television communications.

Van Earl Wright Bio, Wiki, Age, Early Life

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 27, 1962, Van Earl Wright has always had a passion for creativity and brand image. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is employed as a Sports Reporter for Turner Sports in Atlanta, GA, which is also his hometown. Van Earl Wright has proven himself as a competent producer, winning his show “Bulldogs Game Week” a coveted time-slot each week and maintaining high ratings. It is a little known fact that Van Earl has participated in voice acting with, and many more. Wright has over thirty years of experience as a sportscaster and is highlighted for his consistency and personality.

Van Earl Wright Career Details

Van Earl Wright has a successful and lengthy list of achievements within his years of work. Starting with the 1980s, Wright’s voice became a household name. His unique pronunciation of ‘Los Angeles’ and his distinctive sign-off “I’m Van Earl Wright, CNN Headline Sports”, landed him lasting impressions with his viewers. Pursuing more voice acting Wright provided live event promotion for ‘World Championship Wrestling’ in the early ’90s. He continues to provide his style to games such as ‘Crystal Dynamics Sega Saturn’, and Slam ‘n Jam in 1995. Van Earl Wright presented on more formal stations such as FSN Final Score, and Fox Sports Radio’s Morning Extravaganza, for the very popular Fox Sports Net up until 2007. Wright worked for CNN Headline News, CNN/Sports Illustrated, as an anchor. In 2007, Wright was featured on Pros vs. Joes showcased on Spike TV. In 2008 Wright brought back his talented voice and hosted American Gladiators on NBC. Van Earl Wright has since had small cameos on shows such as ‘Ned’s Survival Guide’.

Van Earl Wright Net Worth

As you could imagine Van Earl Wright’s net worth is estimated between 1 million and 7 million American dollars.

Van Earl Wright Dating History

Van Earl Wright is currently recorded as not dating.

Van Earl Wright Marriage Details

Van Earl Wright’s marriage has rumored to have been turbulent, with emotions running high. Wright’s wife Shari decided to join Van Earl in Utah and brought along their three children. Although dedicated this journey did not prove fruitful and the family headed back to Atlanta to operate. Van Earl Wright’s life was an emotional roller coaster as he worked entry-level jobs to stay afloat. Wright’s divorce became official in 2012.

Van Earl Wright Kids

Van Earl Wright has three teenage children named, Ali, Bishop, and Lizzie. He is currently a single father.

Van Earl Wright Parents

Van Earl Wright’s parents are unknown at this time, Van Earl states he prefers to keep his family life private, Wright chooses to keep information on his parents and upbringing out of the public eye.

Van Earl Wright Body Measurements

Van Earl Wright is caucasian, very little is known about his physical appearance. He is blonde with the regular use of thick-rimmed glasses.

Van Earl Wright Cars And Houses

Van Earl Wright’s assets are unknown at this time.

Van Earl Wright  Social Media Presence

Van Earl Wright is active on different social media platforms. He joined twitter in February 2011 and posts regularly on the platform. He has 1164 followers and is following 1033 people. He is also active on Facebook. You can check his social accounts by clicking on these links:


Wright is well known for his extreme support and the undying admiration of Kobe Bryant.

A true Southern gentleman, Van Earl Wright is a successful sportscaster, TV host, and community leader. He has proven to his fans to be dedicated, passionate, and a generational name since the ’90s. A pioneer in voice acting, and multimedia, Wright has thirty years of experience under his belt. Although Van Earl Wright suffered a divorce in 2012, this single father of three continues to make a name for himself in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. With his unique taglines and memorable sign-offs, Van Earl Wright is sure to be a voice you’ll remember.

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