Vanessa Marie Bryant Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wedding, Married, Husband Kobe Bryant, Kids

Vanessa Marie Bryant is beautiful and ambitious woman. She was born on 5 May 1982. Growing up for Vanessa was not easy. When she was still a baby when her parents got divorced. Leaving her mum with the responsibility of caring for Vanessa and her elder sister, Sophie all by herself. Years passed before her mum got married again. She got married to Stephen Laine, who was a successful businessman.

Originally called Vanessa Cornejo Ubrieta, but in 2002 she lawfully changed her to Vanessa Laine, though Stephen Laine did not adopt her. In the same year 2002, Sofia Laine divorced Stephen Laine and moved to Anaheim; not quite long, she moved to West Garden Grove.

Vanessa Marie Bryant Career Details

Vanessa started her career as a teenager, she was one of American top model and a video diva. Vanessa schooled in St Boniface Parochial in 1996, where she joined the cheerleading squad, after which, she left for Marina High School. Eventually, Vanessa graduated with honours in 2000.

Vanessa was a successful teenage model during her High School days. She meet Kobe Bryant around 1996 when Kobe was in his third season in NBA. Being a top model, though she was still in High school she was invited for the Teen Choice Awards. The whirling news of her affair with the NBA star was everywhere, to the extent that she had to graduate from high school via homeschooling.

Vanessa Marie Bryant Wedding

Kobe and Vanessa courted for a year before they eventually got married in 18th April 2001. They got married in Dana point California, St Edward Catholic Church; it’s close to Vanessa hometown. Kobe Bryant gave his wife, Vanessa, eight carats purple diamond ring, estimated to be $4 million. It was a joyous ceremony for Vanessa as she was 18 years old and married to the love of her life.

In 2003, faced with the trials and hard times in a marriage, Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual abuse by a lady, albeit, he insisted that act was with her consent. Like any other wife, Vanessa was and emotionally drained. She could not stand Kobe’s infidelity and it actually brought misunderstanding in their marriage. Even when Kobe Bryant won the case of sexual abuse, it still didn’t bring their marriage to where it was before.

Vanessa Marie Bryant Marriage Details, Divorce

Vanessa Bryant filed for a divorce on the 16 December 2011, as a result of Kobe’s infidelity, stating that their differences cannot be amended. And she demanded for joint custody of their children. Kobe’s has been unfaithful in these past years but he still doesn’t wouldn’t give up on his wife. 11th January 2013 the couple both announced on social media, that they are no longer getting a divorce. Kobe’s Bryant gave his wife an apology ring promising to be faithful. The ring was estimated to be more than her wedding ring that was $4 million.

Vanessa Marie Bryant Kids

Vanessa and Bryant had four children, they are all girls, named Natalie Diamante, born in 2003, Gianna Maria Onore, was born in 2006, Bianka Bella, she was as a result of their reconciliation, born in 2016, and baby Capri Kobe, born in 2019. Albeit, Vanessa had a miscarriage in 2005 as a result of an ectopic pregnancy.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth

Vanessa is worth a fortune, being a model, and the wife of NBA Champion Kobe Bryant. Celebrity Net Worth estimated Vanessa Bryant to be worth up to $75 million. She’s been able to accumulate such wealth from being a model, a successful businesswoman and of course her husband’s status. Kobe Bryant’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be $500 million

Vanessa Marie Bryant’s Late Husband Kobe Bryant

Kobe was born on the 23rd of August, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was the only son and the youngest of the three children of his parents. Kobe Bryant was from a family of basketball players. His father was an ex NBA player, Joe Bryant, while his uncle John “Chubby” Cox was also a basketball player. Upon Kobe’s father’s retirement from the NBA, he moved with his family to Italy, where he played basketball on a low level.

Two years past, Joe Bryant moved with his family to Reggio Emily. There Kobe could remember his childhood actually started from Reggio Emily. He learned how to speak fluently in Italian and he described there as a peaceful place. Bryant Kobe had loved basketball when he was about 3 years and growing up, h favorite team was Lakers, while in soccer, his favorite team was AC Milan. In 1991 Kobe’s family moved back to the US.

Kobe Bryant was a former American professional basketball player, he played his whole career with his childhood favorite team, Los Angeles Lakers of NBA. Kobe’s had a direct entry into the NBA from his high school. Kobe won 5 times NBA championship, Most Valuable Player (MVP) 2008, and so many other accolades.

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