Various Treatment Options Of Stye Eye

The eye syte also called hordeolum is an eyes infection which causes eyelids to tender and red bump near the corner of the eyelids. This is bacterial infection occur in lashes base, dead skin dirt or within the small oil gland within the eyes and block the small holes.

It starts from pain and redness follow by swelling which doesn’t cause any vision problems. Styes is a contagious infection and caused by staphylococcal bacteria. Tear production is also increased and causes itching and soreness.

Treatment Options

Most styes heal on their own within a few days. There are some ways to speed up the healing process for eye styes.

Warm Washcloth

Applying and a warm washcloth to the eyelids for 15 minutes and repeat this 3-4 time a day. The warmth helps the pus to come to the surface and dissolve the puss and oil for easy drainage. Avoid squeezing and pinching.


Cleaning eyes with a baby shampoo by mixing it with some water can act as a good and gentle cleansing solution.  cotton swab or washcloth can be used for applying for a gentle wipe out.

According to Medical NewsToday, the other option is the saline cleansing solution to promote the drainage and rupture of the bacterial membrane.


The antibiotic medication such as eye drops or eye gel and cream can apply on eyelids. If the infection spread in surrounding after drainage, then antibiotic pills are prescribed.

Steroid Injections

Sometimes a doctor prescribes steroid infection for eyelid swelling. the steroid is injected into the sty to reduce excessive swelling.

Over The Counter Pain Killers

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen help the patient to ease the pain with proper instruction and dosage. MedicineNet states that if the sty causing serious pain in eyes and hindering the daily functions visit the doctor for advice.

Warm Tea Bags

The warm tea bags can work on the same principle as warm washing clothes or cotton swab. Black tea bags help in reducing the eye swelling and it also got antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Which helps to deal itching and soreness. Use separate tea bags for both eyes.

The Surgery

Referring to All About Vision, if the sty fails to clear up after applying another option, the doctor goes for a surgical strike. This is a small incision in the infected area after administering local anesthesia. The procedure follows complete drainage and takes the sty from its root.

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