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Wahlberg Family Tree: Family Members And Their Net Worth

A family tree into the limelight is always commendable. How did they do that? Well, these are some of the questions that are always asked. We have witnessed some of the Hollywood families that have stood firm throughout the years. Such as The Smiths, The Kardashians and even The Wahlbergs.

The latter family is what the article is about. The article will give a clear detail on each family member of the Superstars.

Wahlberg Family Tree

First, it is such a big family. They are prominent and have interacted with several high-end celebrities such as Halle Berry, Walt Disney, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Madonna etc. Not only are they interactive with Hollywood celebrities but also with Politicians.

The root of the family starts with Donald E. Wahlberg Snr. He met Alma Elaine. Together they started a family of 9 children. Donald was a middle-class American at that time. However, his children have made him proud. They are:

  • Arthur Walhberg
  • James Walhberg
  • Debbie Walhberg
  • Michelle Walhberg
  • Paul Walhberg
  • Tracey Walhberg
  • Robert Walhberg
  • Donnie Walhberg
  • Mark Walhberg

Further, they added three children who were half-siblings of the 9 Walhberg. They were Scott, Donna and Buddy Walhberg, making a total of 12 children.

Alma Walhberg Net Worth, Married Life, Husbands

The mother of nine is also a pioneer to the Walherg Kingdom. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1942, Alma did not know that she would become a reality star. Her parents named her Alma McPeck. She has mixed family roots, as well.

In 1965, Alma got married to Donald E. Walhberg. Years later, they became parents of nine children. However, their marriage did not last forever. They had their private issues and even got divorced. Up to date, no one knows why they divorced after 17 years together.

It took her two more years to find love again. She wedded Mark Conroy in 1984. Unlike her first husband, they are yet to have a child.

Despite that, Alma has been able to build a fortune with her name. She stars in the reality TV series Wahlburgers on A&E Network and has been interviewed on Great TV shows such as ‘Anderson Live’ 2011. Further, she has been a bank clerk and a nurse aid as well during her life. In total, her Net worth stands at $1 Million.

Mark Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Mark Walhberg is probably the most famous of them all. He is the richest Walhberg with a net worth of $225 Million. Ever since he appeared in his first film- The Substitute- Mark has gone to become a Hollywood Bigwig. Some of his movie catalogues are Daddy’s Home, Ted, Shooters, Transformers etc.

Mark had a passion for music at an early age. He would go on and form the band- New Kids on the Block. The group also comprised his brother Donnie Walhberg. However, he quit a few months after. Mark sought to look for a music group that he would be contented with this. It was at this moment that he joined Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. They went on to release their hit song- Good Vibrations.

Mark has been a Brand promoter for big organizations. Some of the brand endorsements he worked on include Calvin Klein, AT&T etc. Other than entertainment, Mark owns a restaurant. The restaurant is featured in the TV series- The Wahlburgers.

Mark Walhberg is Married To Wife Rhea Durman

Mark was born on June 5 1971. Sources claim that he had a disturbing childhood. He even developed a cocaine addiction at the tender age of 13. The addiction affected his life negatively. Mark was often involved in assault cases. On top of that, he found it hard to complete high school and dropped out.

However, the actor has never let his past bring him down. He has also been at the forefront of controversies, such as the 9/11 attack remarks. However, he has admitted that he is to error. He has geared his actions towards being a better man. In 2001, he met Rhea Durman. The two started a relationship together for eight years. In 2009, the two finally tied the knot.

They are parents to four children: Ella Rae (Born in 2003), Grace Walhberg, Brendan Joseph and Michael Walhberg, respectively.

Donnie Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Donnie is the older brother of Mark Walhberg. He was born on August 17, 1969, in the same town, Boston. They go way back from forming a band- New Kids on The Block. Since the musical entrance, Donnie has gone on to become a household name in the Hollywood Industry. He is a songwriter, radio personality, actor and producer. Over time, he has accumulated a net worth of $20 Million.

At 48 years old, Donnie is married to celebrity Jenny McCarthy. Jenny is also quite a big name in Hollywood. She is proudly an actress, an author, an activist and even a model for Playmate. Together with her husband, they have a $34 Million Net Worth. (She is worth $14 Million)

As usual, their marriage has been subjected to a lot of criticism. Firstly, they have no children together. Not only from their fans, but also from Donnie’s family members. Mark Walhberg did not attend their wedding ceremony.

Robert Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Robert Walhberg was born on 18 December 1967. Ever since he was a child, Robert has been very silent and introverted. Years later, the celebrity has managed to maintain a private life.

However, that does not stop him from being a Millionaire worth $2 Million. He has also featured in some Hollywood films such as Southie, Mystic River, The Departed etc.

The actor was once a spouse to Gina Santangelo. They were blessed with two children; however, little is known about the children. They two also divorced for unknown reasons. He surely is a guru in keeping private matters private, but that will not stop us from finding them out! Gear on, we will keep you up to date when we are successful!

Paul Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Paul was born on March 20, 1964. Currently, he is 54 years old. Just like the other Walhbergs, Paul has featured in several movies such as Max Payne and the Happening.

However, to him, acting is rather a side gig. Professionally, Paul Wahlberg is a Chef. According to him, his mother’s Sunday dishes played a big role in Paul’s career. At the tender age of 16, Paul was already working in a local high school. Eventually, he went on to work with prestigious hotels. Currently, he is an owner of a restaurant, just like his brother Mark.

Paul has an estimated fortune of $1.5 Million. Little is known about his marriage life. Only the fact that he has two children namely Madison and Ethan Walhberg.

Arthur Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

When it comes to keeping it private Arthur Walhberg is a guru. Up to date, no one knows his net worth, his private life and even his net worth. Further, Arthur is rarely visible on social media meaning it is hard to trace his activities of the day.

The only thing that we are sure of about Walhberg is that he enjoys carpentry. He has also appeared in some movies e.g 10, Transsexuals from Space, Villaneal, The Test and Rude the Mad and the Funny.

Debbie Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Debbie Walhberg was one of the females in the Walhberg family house but unfortunately passed away. Shockingly, she died on Mark’s firstborn birth date- September 2nd 2003- during a Kidney Stones surgery.

She was just 43 years old at her time of the death(Born July 8 1960) and with just one son. It was a tragedy for the family. Further, the family decided to keep Debbie’s private life hidden information to the public.

Tracy Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Tracy is one of the family members who have disassociated themselves with the celeb family. Other than her name, no one knows her net worth, her family or even her birthday.
So many investigators have tried to dig up on her information. Unfortunately, the efforts have been unsuccessful. Some sources say that she resides in Holbrook, MA and is allegedly 51 years.

Jim Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

The family comprises actors and successful entrepreneurs. The family is indeed rich. But what are they doing towards the community? Are they helping the less fortunate?

Here is where Jim Walhberg comes in handy. He is one of the directors of the Mark Walhberg Youth Foundation. Together with his brother Mark, they aim to improve the livelihoods of less fortunate members in Dorchester Streets. He has also worked with some charity organizations such as the Local Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester.

Jim Walhberger lives in Florida and is a father of two. His Wife details are unknown.

Michelle Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Michelle Walhberg is not as rich as his siblings. She lives an ordinary life as a waitress. Due to this, the fans have always been curious as to why she lives a middle-class life with such a Powerful name.

A few years ago, Michelle even confessed that the family had even neglected him. According to her, she sought help from Mark – The Richest Walhberg- but he did not respond. Whether this is true or not, one thing we can be sure of is that not everyone is perfect.

Her net worth, family and even residence are still unknown to the public.

Buddy Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

There are very few details about Buddy Walhberg. The only thing we know is that he was the son of Father- Donald Walherb from his former relationship. Sources have speculated that he has Irish and Swedish- American roots.

Scott Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Scott is also an entertainer just like his half-brothers. Similar to his brother Buddy Walhberg, Scott’s details are less known by the public. He even approached Mark Walhberg and informed him that he was family in 2008. A confession that shocked Mark.

Donna Walhberg Bio And Net Worth

Donna Walhberg completes the trio of Donald’s three children from the previous relationship. Well, the trio’s details are still unknown to the public. No one knows their net worth or their family status.

Summary Of Walhberg Net Worth

Mark Walhberg tops the list with a net worth of $225 Million. His elder brother Donnie Walhberg comes second with a $20 Million Net Worth. The third is Robert Walhberg with a $2 Million Net Worth. Paul Walhberg and Elma Walberg follow the list with a net worth of $1.5 Million and a $1 Million net worth respectively.

The rest of the family members’ net worth is still not known. However, the family has a combined net worth of Millions of Dollars.

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