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Was Aloha Vet Scott Sims Married? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family Before Death

59-year-old Scott Sims was born in 1955. He was an American television personality and veterinarian. He is best known for this factual TV series “Aloha Vet” that began airing in 2015. After Sims was diagnosed with bladder cancer, he died within two months on July 25, 2015.

 Scott Sims  Family Details

Information given about Sims is that he came into this world in 1955 in New Jersey. During childhood, the family relocated to California, where he grew up. From the very start he was an animal lover. His first horse riding lesson was at the age of four. At seven, he had enough money saved to purchase his a horse.

Finishing high school, he received a pilot’s license. He completed his further education at the University of California with a B.A. in zoology. In 1984 he graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California.

 Scott Sims  Career Details

Sims was a small and large animal veterinarian. He co-founded the Davis Wildlife Care Association. In Novato, California, he founded a veterinarian clinic called the Pegasus Veterinary Clinic. After a vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii he relocated his clinic to the islands

He moved to Kauai and ran his clinic from his farm. His assistance where his long time employees Dia and Elio. Each day there were about 20 patients. His clinic stood out from the rest in that it was not limited to just household pets, and he made house calls.

Sims performed most procedures and surgeries from his clinic. However, he also responded to emergencies for patients who could not be transported to the clinic. He used a special Lexus sport utility vehicle, an all-terrain vehicle, rode on horseback, and piloted his home-built single-engine prop plane.

Sims was able to reach all of his injured or sick patients on all of the Hawaiian islands. Some clients were as far away as Texas. He assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Hawaii when animals got injured. He established The Pegasus Foundation, a non-profit “pay-what-you-can” animal hospital in Kauai.

His clinic became the subject of a Nat Geo Wild reality television series, The show Aloha Vet premiered in 2015. It was to be scheduled for a second season when Sims was diagnosed with bladder cancer. His net worth is not determined but is speculated to be in the millions.

More About Aloha Vet Show

The reality show on a Nat Geo Wild channel followed the adventures of Sims as he traveled around Hawaii. For filming, they used a makeshift studio at Sim’s estate. The first season had eight episodes. He was the barefoot veterinarian who was able to turn his love of animals into a reality show.

Was Scott Sims Married?

Sims never married. His work was his life. The only one close to him was a grey parrot named Oliver and a few horses sharing his estate.

In his free time, he enjoyed woodworking, horseback riding, photography, scuba diving, and writing. Since some of his patients belong to celebrities, this led him to the reality television show.

 Scott Sims  Unachieved Dreams

Unfortunately, Sims was not able to realize all of his dreams. He never finished the book he was writing titled “Eating Horses Don’t Die.” He wanted to fly his private plane to all of the 50 U.S. states. Finally, he wanted to build a house with an attached garage for his plane.

The most important thing now is that he leaves his patients and the many people who knew him with painful memories. Sims was one of the vets that will always be remembered, and it was very hard to get by without him.

Do animals remember or know? It is for sure that his many small and large patients know the difference and wonder where the friendly barefoot vet has gone. It is a significant blow to everyone in Hawaii and on the mainland that Sim’s career was cut so tragically short.

He left behind his dedicated assistants and, of course, everyone he got to know on “Aloha Vet.” It is good to know that while he was on this earth, he made it better for all the animals that came under his care.

Even after five years, you can find the Facebook page Memorial for Scott Sims. He is gone but never forgotten,

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