Wayde King Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Wayde King, a fish lover, was born on September 19, 1969. At the age of 47, King is living his dream designing and manufacturing some of the world’s largest and most extravagant acrylic tanks. He was born and brought up among a large family of six brothers and sisters in Long Island, New York.

Wayde King Parents And Early Life

His parents got divorced at an early age, and his courageous mother took all her kids’ responsibilities. His passion for marine and fishes sparked when he helped his stepfather in managing an aquarium cleaning service. At the age of 14 years, he learned every fact about aquariums and fishes. Later this American shifted to Las Vegas and became a famous entrepreneur by commencing his own tank manufacturing company called ATM with his brother-in-law as a copartner.

Not only fishes were indispensable for his life, but also his other pets, such as:

  • Victorian bulldog Prada
  • PresaCanario called Rolex
  • Two lovely cats
  • Flying macaws to share his affection

Wayde King Body Measurements

Wayde King, a self-confessed food lover in the past, faced teasing comments about him being fat. He took the negative comments as motivation and lost a noticeable amount of weight from 2016 to 2018.

Wayde King Career Details

His career started at the age of 14 when he shifted with his family to Las Vegas. In collaboration with Brett Raymer, he started his own business ATM Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.
The company started as a dual venture, exhibiting:

  • Habitats for fishes
  • ¬†Aquarium gallery’s
  • Water features
  • Pool viewing panels

This business venture gradually became a family business, as all the members were effectively participating in it. Heather joined as an accountant, and her father, Irwin, was an office manager there.

Wayde’s hardship and dedication made his entrepreneurship succeed invisibility on television networks. He anchored the daily series of Animal Planet channel Tanked.

He is currently having few notions about starting a YouTube channel with his business partner Brett Raymer for more opportunities. His team is engineering an entirely new business venture involving selling CBD oil and hemp-based foods, the Buddika Life.

Wayde King Net Worth

Wayde being a renowned CEO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has excessively build successful aquarium company in America. He received a millionaire’s tag as his hard work and dedication opened the doors of fortune.

His joint venture’s annual sale reached heights of 10 million dollars. He was provided with a handsome salary as he was hosting the daily television series” Tanked” for the animal planet. Then he also tried his hand at authoring a book called ‘Tanked: the official companion.

The net worth of Wayde King is estimated at $5,000,000.

Wayde King Dating History And Marriage Details

Initially, Wade King was an employee working for the company that built aquarium, where he met his lady charm. After that, they enjoyed each other’s company and spent a whole lot of time with each other and finally decided to get married. The couple bond inspired everyone today.

Wayde King Family Details

His mother and biological father got separated when Wayde King turned 14. He began his new family with stepfather Shelly as soon as they shifted to Las Vegas.

Vegas gave him all the steps to turn his dreams into reality. He got married to his business partner Brett Raymer’s sister Heather Raymer on October 25, 1997.

Living his life to the fullest, he went for a honeymoon to Hawaii, where he enjoyed scuba diving sport for which he is very passionate. A year later, he tried the same sport on his anniversary in Mexico. The couple and their two sweet daughters named Taylor King and Morgan King, spend a luxurious and prosperous life.

Wayde King Cars And House

Today couple is leading a lavish life, possessing a wonderful house, wealth estimated at $6,000,000, and other luxury cars parked in his parking.

He is very fond of his all-black Chrysler 300, which was specially featured in the Tanked series and later put on for auction in Prestige dealership. His fondness made him purchase another Chrysler 300STR8.

Wayde King Disheartening Downfall

A loving couple Wayde King and his wife Heather decided to get separated. Their mutual argument later turned fierce, in which both got physically assaulted. Wayde King registered a complaint against his wife, and she got arrested. After the nightmare, Heather has filed a divorce and adamant about the custody of her daughters.

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