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In the world of boxing, holding on to the top spot is a feat that is so hard to attain. Because of this, the sport has seen the rise and failure of boxing legends such as Muhammed Ali, Evander Hollyfield, Lenox Lewis, Michael Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquio and others. In such a competitive sport where is the place of the great boxer Chris Arreola who was recently defeated by Deontay Wilder. As a fighter whose name is associated with courage and perseverance, Chris Arreola is someone who had long history in the development of the competitive sport.

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Chris Arreola Net Worth

The fighter with an unbeaten spirit, who is also known as Cristobal Arreola and is nicknamed The Nightmare because of his immense and unique ability to terrorize his opponents, is an American, Orthodox Christina professional boxer whose net worth is $3 million. How did he came to amass such a wealth, what are his origins and how was he defeated by Wilder in his last match.

Chris Arreola Career Details

Arreola is a famous heavy weight boxer from America who is known for his unique punches and ability to lure his opponents into a corner and then suddenly knock them out with his unique tactics. Being born in Los Angeles, California, Arreola was introduced into the world of boxing by his father who also acted as his trainer using his own background as a boxer. Although his father did not attain the heights of excellence, Arreola definitely managed to surpass his father’s expectations and achievements. Initially, Arreola started as someone who competed at the Amateur level. He is most known for becoming the National Golden Gloves Light Heavy Weight champion. His greatest achievements constitute winning in 38 top flight competitions. He won more than 90 percent of those matches through a knockout.

Arreola’s parents are originally from Mexico. Especially his father is someone who always inspired Arreola to express Mexican culture in his career as a boxer. But Arreola was not always fascinated with the world of boxing and there were even times that he decided to quit the world of boxing altogether. But he would return into the world of boxing and will succeed in securing the title of the National Golden Gloves only after some months of competition. After this, he abandoned boxing again but only to return back after some time as a professional boxer.

Soon after that he succeeded in defeating many famous boxers who have already established a firm place for themselves like Zakeem Graham, Thomas Hayes, Chazz Witherspoon, Travis Walker and Jameel Mccline. Because of this many begun to see Arreola as the next great boxer. Despite such huge buzz and expectations, Arreola was soon defeated by Vitali Klitschko. But Arreola who is known for embodying a competitive spirit, decided that he would still compete in the deadly sport.

Chris Arreola Fighting With Deontay Wilder

Staying true to himself and his fan base, after the defeat against Klischko, Arreola invested his time in studying the moves of his opponents. Soon after that he managed to win in a fight against Brian Minto. But such a change of fate would not persist as he was soon defeated by Tomasz Adamek. But even after this Arreola would not give up and he decided that he was going to fight Deontay Wilder. Arreola did not succeed in his attempt to win the WBC Heavy Weight title as he was defeated by the holder of the title Wilder in 2016. In a match that was described as the fight between men or great perseverance, Wilder won the fight despite being seriously hurt throughout the match. The win was declared in favor of Wilder not through a knock out but through a technical decision since Arreola’s left eye was seriously injured. Arreola gave the fight all that he has although he was still no match for the energetic Wilder. Wilder threw in punch after punch damaging Arreola’s left eye in the process. Wilder fought only with his left hand as his right hand was severely damaged. Besides this, Wilder also suffered a damage in his biceps during the match.

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