What Are The Dangerous side effects of Ebola Virus Effects On Humans?

Ebola virus causes serious fatal disease in humans. This virus also attacks non-human primates and causes homorganic fever. Homorganic fever is caused infection with the virus of Filoviridae family, genus Ebola virus. the disease originated in animals and transmitted to human after contact by any mean.

Ebola virus is the member of the Filoviridae group of RNA viruses causing Ebola hemorrhagic fever. This fatal illness is named after the African region river where it is found in 1976.

As the virus transmits in the body it directly attacks the immune system and starts damaged the body organs. When the immune system is week the blood clot level drops as well and its result in uncontrolled bleeding. The death rates are up to 90 % in those who are infected by any means.

The infection is transmitted through direct exposure of infectious blood, body fluids transfusion, and through the infected tissues of human and non-human primates.

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The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is characterized by sudden fever, muscles pain, sore throat and weakens. The onset of symptoms ranges from 2 to 21 days after virus exposure depending upon the general health conditions. As it is contagious disease and spread in the family if prevention has not been taken.

What Are Ebola Virus Effects On Humans

Ebola virus progress so rapidly once it enters the body. Attacking the immune system and body organs and it causing disruption in normal functions. Here are some facts about how the virus affects the body and cause fatal symptoms;

EVD Effects On Immune System

Once the virus enters the body it directly attacks the immune cells in the body. The attack on guard shield of the body results in weak defense because a body does not possess the antibodies. Or in other words, the virus does not provide enough space and time to the immune system to make antibodies against viral attacks.

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The virus affects dendritic cell which gives signals to T lymphocytes, in case of no signals body do not develop any antibodies and virus get time to replicate abruptly. And the immune system due to mix and toxic signal fails to functions and fight against the viral attack.

Homorganic Fever

When the virus in the bloodstream for new target other immune cells macrophages attack them consume them. The causes of infection in the immune cells which release the protein in the blood. The contagious protein in the bloodstream throughout the body form blood clots. This blockage hinders the supply of blood to the body organs.

The protein signals nitric acid production that damage the blood vessels inner lining. These blood vessels start leaking as some patient experience the symptoms of blood from eyes, nose, and mouth and show internal or external hemorrhaging varies from person to person.

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How Homorganic Fever Affects Internal Organs

When the virus attacks the immune system and Hemorrhaging appears the infected protein and blood circulate and affect every system and organs. It causes inflammation and fever along with damaging tissues by attacking macrophages. Which resale inflammatory molecules to damage the tissues. The liver is more at risk of damage can result in dehydration due to impair the function of the colon.

The other important function is also crippled because of the infected bloodstream. The glands stop to function properly and the blood which is circulated throughout the body is affected. Alleviated blood pressure, breathing problems, cardiac arrest are affected. In some cases, serious issues with the nervous system functioning are sometimes affected including the poor supply of oxygen to the internal organs.

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