What Are The Effective Treatment Methods To Treat Viral Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is basically a viral infection resulting in the inflammation of the lungs and keep the patient in bed because of sick feelings. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi are the main causes of pneumonia. Their symptoms are almost same but few additional symptoms are there because these pathogens affect different functions and cells in the liver in a different way.

Viral Pneumonia is caused in a complication of viral infection, caused by common cold or flu. It is no threating condition and lasts for a week or 10 days in some cases. The virus attack the lungs result in the block the oxygen flow in lugs due to swelling lungs tissues.

The fever, shaking, chills, and fatigues are some common signs. Other signs may include breathing issues, cough, weakness due to loss of appetite. This infection is epidemic in nature and speared by airway or by other means.

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Treatment Methods

The viral infection goes of its own when it completes the cycle, that is why the treatment seems to ease the symptoms of these infections. plenty of rest and fluid intake is very important along with some medication to ease the cough.

Home Care

• Home care plays an important role in treating Viral Pneumonia. Proper rest, good diet to overcome weakness and avoid such food that alleviates the symptoms are helpful in infection.
• Avoid touching eyes, nose mouth and for disease prevention at home.
• Wash hand frequently before eating and preparing the food. Make sure to use sanitizer in social gathering and public places.

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Antiviral Medication

Viral Pneumonia is a viral infection and anti-biotic medication don’t help in recovery. The doctor will prescribe antiviral medication. If the infection is due to influenza the medication includes Oseltamivir, Zanamivir and Peramivir. These medications will prevent the flu to spread in the body.

Flu Vaccination

The flu virus is sometimes a direct cause of Viral Pneumonia. Taking vaccine shot after every six months is recommending for those who have allergies or have a weak immune system. Those who have allergic reaction toward vaccine itself should avoid shots.
Over the counter medication;
To control the fever patient adult can take aspirin. Other medication includes (NSAIDs) non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. The other medication includes naproxen or acetaminophen might also help the patient with.

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Other Prevent Measures

• The patients should avoid taking cough medication. Coughing is the indication that the body is trying to fight back with the flu virus.
• Drink warm beverages, taking a steaming bath and use of a humidifier in the living area or room help the patient to ease his berthing. it also helps giving more oxygen to overcome the breath shortness and sore throat.
• Staying away from smoke also allows the body to heal up quickly. Avoid smoking and wood smoke in surrounding as smoking can damage the lungs.
• The recovery takes some time; some feel better right after the infection is eliminated. While others may feel tired for a month as so, even in the recovery phase avoid contact with others and follow preventive measures.

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