What Caused Jessi Combs Death? Meet Her Then Boyfriend Terry Madden After Divorce From Husband

Jessica M. Combs was born on 27 July, 1980 in the United States Rocker Ville, South Dakota.

Jessi Combs Nationality

She was an American National.

Jessi Combs Ethnicity

Her Ethnicity was White.

Jessi Combs Personality

She was a professional racer, TV personality and metal fabricator.

Jessi Combs Body measurements

Her height was 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight was 53 kg. Her eyes were blue and her hair color was blonde.

Jessi Combs Zodiac Sign

Her Zodiac Sign was Leo

Jessi Combs Education Details

She got her education from Stevens High School; Wyo Tech in 2004.She also attended the core program of Collision and Refinishing. Also took classes on street Rod Fabrication and the Custom Fabrication. Then study the powertrain programs.

Jessi Combs Parents

Her mother was Nina Darrington and father was Jamie Combs.

Jessi Combs Siblings

She had three siblings.her siblings were Kelly Combs, Austin Darrington and Danielle Theis.She also had some step-siblings who was Rabekah Hall and one was Arielle Hall.

Jessi Combs Grandmother

Her grandmother was Nina Debow. She was a jazz pianist and also raced the Stanley Steamers.

Jessi Combs First Job

Following her graduation she got her first job in the marketing job in the department of WyoTech. Then WyoTech hired her and one other student to build up a car in about 6 months. This was for the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show.

Jessi Combs Boyfriend Rumours

It was said that she were dating a person names Chris Jacob. But some say this is a rumor only.

Jessi Combs Husband

She was married to Ian Johnson but later she had divorced with him.

Jessie’s another boyfriend

Her boyfriend was Terry Madden who was her crew member. He was the co-driver of her.

Jessie’s racing Career

She won several races and many awards. She was one of the fastest women in the world.

Jessi Combs Awards And Achievements

She had many wins but the massive one was in 2013.She also set record in 398.954 mph. In 2016 she breaks her own record of 477.59 mph when driving for American eagle. Then in 2017 also finish race in 12th position.

Jessi Combs Car

Some people say that she drives so fast because of that her car was said to be jet car. That was supersonic.

Jessi Combs Title

She was given the title of fastest women on four wheels

Jessi Combs TV Career

She co-hosted on TV about 90 episodes on Spike TV and she hosted the show Xtreme 4*4 from the year 2005-2009.She also come in other shows such as Overhaulin, Mythbusters etc.

Jessi Combs Driving

She drives so fast. She drives like she was flying. She was a professional driver. Her career as a women driver was very bright. She even made records and had many achievements. She was a mentor for many girls also.

Jessi Combs Car Races

She had her races in these years.2011,2013,2014 again 2014 she had race for six times in 2014.Then in 2015 .Then ,2016 and 2017.When she died she was about to break her own record.

Jessi Combs Death

She died on August 26, 2019.She died because of an accident. She was about to break her own record. She also had the title of fastest women on four wheels. When she died she was alone in the car. She died alone.

Jessi Combs Death Place

She was in the race when she died. This time the race was in the dessert. The dessert was Alvord Dessert. This race was a project of North American eagle.

The dry bed of dessert took the life of a brilliant women racer. She was only 39 years old at the time of her death.

Jessi Combs Death Cause

She was on a race on August 27, 2019 .Suddenly the front wheel failed as it got hit by an object in the dessert .It caused the front wheel collapse. Doctors told that she died because of the blunt force trauma to the head that was caused due to the fire that started in the race wheel when the car crashed. It was a sudden accident. She died on the spot .

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