What Is Little Women: Atlanta Emily Fernandez Net Worth? Know Her Age, Daughter, Height, Weight

Emily Fernandez, also known as “Right Cheek”, is famously known for her work as a cast member in “Little Women: Atlanta” and “Little Women: Dallas”.

She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, United States, with a condition of dwarfism. Her birthday is on 30th June and will turn 28 years old in May 2020.

She is a very well known reality star with almost 5 seasons of Little Women being released up till now. She has been in the rankings of the richest reality stars that are born in United States.

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Emily Fernandez Career Details

She initially worked as a club promoter and dancer but switched to her exciting career when she got into the cast of “Little Women: Atlanta”. Emily has recorded a song with his ex boyfriend Dreadz, the rapper, called “Lifetime”. She has her own YouTube channel, through which you can conclude that she is a famous singing figure. She launched three singles in 2017 titled “Getting Rich”, “Poppin’ Bottles” and “HD” along with her friend Bri Barlup. The duo has also appeared together in “Da Wop” by Lil Chuckee, who is also a wrapper. She has starred in “Little Women: Dallas” and in “Little Women: Atlanta” alongside the actress Ashley Ross. She is also known for her acting in “I Got the Hook Up 2”, which came in the year 2019.

The fans have always been in love with her since her start from Atlanta to Dallas. This is because of her phenomenal personality and talents. She doesn’t have any awards yet but she is one amazing host, rapper, actor and dancer. Being short in height did not let her aspirations to die out any soon, in fact her short height gave her the advantage at each step of her life. She is full of life and living the best of it with her skills and talents.

Emily Fernandez Parents And Family

Her biological parents gave her up for adoption when she was just a baby. A dwarf couple adopted Emily, as people who have experienced similar situations tend to understand other people who have been through the same in life. She has an adoptive sister, Sara, who shares the same condition as hers. Her adoptive mother, unfortunately, died when she turned 16. She has three dogs as well.

Emily Fernandez Married, Husband And Kids

She has a daughter names Eva whose father is not disclosed by her. Eva does not have the same dwarfism problem as her mother. Emily then fell in love with Lionel Jahnar Johnson, who was famous for his criminal records although he was a TV actor. He was a convicted criminal in cases of physical assault and thefts. After three years of relationship with Johnson, they had a baby boy in the year 2016 named Lontel JJ Johnson Jr. He suffered the same dwarfism condition as her mother’s but he passed away within three months of his birth due to severe health issues and seizures. The death of their child left both of them heart broken. After this she went through IVF’s and after two unsuccessful attempts, she gave birth to Zayne Odell Johnson on 3rd November 2018 in Dallas. Unfortunately, Zayne also suffers from the same condition of achondroplasia (dwarfism). She has one more son, named Karter.

Emily Fernandez Body Measurements

She is very short because of her dwarfism problem. She is 4 feet and 1 inch weighing 57kg at present.

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Her net worth is approximately 1 million dollars. . Most of her earning are earned through TV Shows and live performances.


In conclusion, Emily Fernandez is quite a source of inspiration for many people, in spite of her physical anomaly. She is very outspoken and takes credit for her brilliant mind. From all of her interviews till now, it can be perceived that you might not always agree with her but she always speaks the truth, and has zero care about the society’s judgments.

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