What Killed José José? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight At Death

José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz as born on February 17, 1948 in Claveria Azcapotzalco, Mexico City in Mexico. He was a Mexican musician, singer and an occasional actor. He was born in a musician’s family his father José Sosa Esquirel was an alcoholic who later abandoned his family when José was very young.

He had to work at a young age so as to take care of his mother a classical pianist (Margarita Ortiz) and his brother. His love for music was not accepted by his parents as they told him he was choosing a hard life. Finally at the age of 15 he finally received his first piano from his mother.

José died on September 28, 2019 with what was rumored to be Pancreatic Cancer. He was cremated and half his ashes were taken to Mexico and some to Miami where his family lived.

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José José Career Details

He started his career at a very young age by playing the guitar and singing in serenade. He joined collaborations with other singers and was also involved in some Mexican musician bands. In 1965 he tried on a solo career under the name ‘Pépé Sosa’ but it was not a success.
In 2001 he recorded an album with his deteriorating voice which as poorly received thus making it his last album to be released in his career. His vocal problems worsened to an extent that he could not speak or sing.

In 2010 he launched his own perfume called ‘José José’ and the profit from its sales helped women and children who had HIV/AIDS.

Was José José Married Before Death?

In 1970 José started a relationship with TV hostess, actress and model called Ana Elena Norena also known as Anel. After breaking it off with Anel he married Natalia ‘Kiki’ Hernera Calles who was 20 years older than him.

In 1975 he finally divorced Kiki and went back to Anel, they got married the following year and had two children; a son and a daughter born on 1975 and 1982 respectively. They eventually divorced in 1991 and got married to Sara ‘Sarita’ Salazar four years later and had his third child.

Why Did José José Die?

He says he started drinking at the age of 15 after his father abandoned them, with that he also developed a Cocaine habit. He also says that after his divorce in 1991 he reached his lowest point and drowned himself with drinking to the point of wishing to die while drinking.

He was taken to the Hazelden clinic in Minnesota for rehab and through the support of his friends and family he quit drinking and finally recovered from being an alcoholic.

He also suffered from severe Pneumonia in 1972 and his thoracic diaphragm was completely paralyzed. He was told that one of his lungs had permanently been damaged because of the drinking and cocaine usage. He was cremated on 8th October 2019.

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