Who Are The Duck Dynasty And The Robertson Family? Know Their Net Worth

The Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show in America aired from 2012 to 2017. It featured the lives of the members of the Robertson family that conducted a business of dealing in products for duck hunters. The business operating from West Monroe, Louisiana was known by the name Duck Commander. The family consists of many members and was famous for the long beards of some of the prominent members and conservative Christian views. The Robertson members are also well-known for a high sense of humor.

Before the ‘Duck Dynasty,’ the family was featured in two other shows on Outdoor Channel, ‘Benelli Presents Duck Commander’ and the spinoff ‘Buck Commander.’

Here are more details about the TV series and the family, and why the series was stopped, details of family members, their net worth, and more.

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Early Life And Education

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family graduated with a BA in Physical Education from Louisiana Tech. He worked as a schoolteacher and earned an MA in Education through night classes along with it. He started a bar and eventually separated from his wife. This was a low time in his life. He then allegedly had a spiritual awakening and reconciled with his wife. Then in 1973, he started the Duck Commander business that dealt in products for duck hunters. The USP of the company was a duck call.

Robertson Family Career Details

The large family consists of the two brothers Phil and Si, their off-springs, and their families. Phil is the President of the Duck Commander, and his son Willie the CEO.

The TV reality show Duck Dynasty started in 2012. Each episode usually ended with the frame of the family at the dining table with Phil praying over the meal. Other than the family members, some of their employees also appear in the show.

With each season, the viewership went up. At the season-2 finale on December 5, 2012, a special Christmas episode was aired which became the most-watched A&E episode in history. The season-3 premiere in February 2013 had 8.9 million viewers, and the finale for the season had even more – 9.6 million viewers. By season-4, the viewership increased by 37% compared to the previous season’s premiere to become 11.8 million and the program became the most-watched non-fiction cable series in history.

The ratings came down with the controversy of certain conservative and offensive comments made by Phil in a GQ interview in December 2013. He had told the interviewer that homosexuality, along with certain other sexual variations, was sinful. Following the remark, A&E suspended the show but reinstated it nine days later after a public outcry.

The show came to an end with the final episode of season-11 named ‘End of an Era’ on March 29, 2017. Other than Duck Dynasty, the members have also made appearances in various other shows. Besides, there is a Christmas album, ‘Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas’ and a single ‘Hairy Christmas’ released by the members.

The Duck Dynasty show has earned accolades such as Teen Choice Awards in 2013 and Critics’ Choice Television Awards in 2014.

Robertson Family Personal Lives

The patriarch of the family and the creator of Duck Commander, Phil Robertson was born on April 24, 1946. He married Marsha Kay (nee Carroway) on January 11, 1966, when she was 15. He and his sons call her Miss Kay. They have four sons together by names Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep. Phil was averse to advanced technology. He always referred to himself as a low-tech man in a high-tech world.

Phil’s eldest son Alan is the only son without a beard. He left the family to become a preacher. He later rejoined them and started appearing in the TV series from season-4.

Jase (Jason) is the second son and is the one taking care of the manufacturing section of Duck commander. He has three children.

The third son Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander who transformed the family business into a multi-million dollar company. He and his wife Korie have six children together.

The youngest son Jep (Jules Jeptha) is mainly concerned about the filming and editing of DVDs of the family’s duck hunts. He has his wife Jessica have five children. The spinoff show ‘Jess and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty’ had more than two million viewers during its premiere on January 20, 2016.

Robertson Family Net Worth

The net worth of the Robertson family is not from the reality show alone. There is a substantial income from the Duck Commander business too. As for the series, in season-3, the Duck Dynasty stars were paid a total of $50,000 for every episode. It increased later and at one particular season, it became $200,000 per episode.

Willie Robertson’s net worth is around $22 million and his wife Korie’s, $12 million. Their daughter alone has a net worth of $500,000.

The patriarch Phil’s and his wife Kay’s net worth is $18 million each. Alan Robertson’s net worth is $4 million. Jase and his wife have a net worth of $12 and $5 million respectively. And Jep and his wife Jessica have $10 million each. The other members’ net worth is $7 million, $2 million, $1 million, and $1 million for Si, John Godwin, Justin Martin, and Mountain Man respectively.

The grand total of Duck Dynasty’s net worth could be counted as approximately $100 million.

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