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Who Are The Hodgetwins? Know Their Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth And Salary

Kevin N. Hodge and Keith W. Hodge commonly known as the Hodge Twins with their famous name coming from the fact that they are twins and their surname in Hodge. What makes them famous is their contributions in YouTube, fitness, and comedy (film). The duo own and operate the Hodgetwins fitness and entertainment brand. Comedy might be in their blood but when they mean business, they really go out and achieve in a great way.

Hodgetwins Early Lives And Education Details

The twins were born on September 17, 1975 in Martinsville, Virginia. They grew up with two other siblings, an elder sister and an elder brother. They came from very humble beginnings, having grown up in poverty forcing them at times to shoplift due to lack of a decent supply of food at home. This is where they originated from.

Both of them managed to find their way to College where they graduated with Accounting and Finance degrees. This was from the American InterContinental University. After their graduation, the long search for where they belong started.

Hodgetwins Career Details

The time they spent shoplifting shaped them for their first job which was working as undercover security guards. They must have known many tricks, bearing in mind the reality of setting a thief to catch a thief.

They were also enlisted in the Marine Corp. They never settled there as very little is said concerning their stay there.

In search of greener pastures, they moved to work for an insurance company. The breakthrough came while they were working for the insurance company. They began to make videos on YouTube but still staid put in their insurance jobs. After observing the trends with the social media, the brothers decided to quit their insurance jobs as they had a feeling that they would be better off creating videos and posting them to YouTube. That is exactly how it went and they are where they are today, thanks to that bold decision.

The YouTube Experience For Hodgetwins

December 25, 2008 remains to be a very memorable day not only because of Christmas, but for Kevin and Keith Hodge who uploaded their first video on You Tube. It was their first as well as the number one video in their first YouTube channel, TheHodgetwins. The pioneering video was on comedy and it did give birth to their channel which is now fully on comedy.

Once the channel gained popularity, the duo took advice from one of their subscribers on venturing to other areas of concern. They followed the advice and initially they started with advice for relationships. The following of the advice really helped them as now they operate a number of channels that are making a very positive impact.

After recording a great success with their first channel and venturing into relationships advice they also pulled through with physical fitness. The fitness part added so much flavor to their You Tube presence as it was something that they were and are still doing on a daily basis. This is why it is very easy for them to upload several videos every day.

Hodgetwins Personal Lives

The twins who are 6’3” tall and weighing 98 kg are American citizens of black origin. They are both happily married and with children. Keith is married to the love of his life, Elizabeth and their marriage has enjoyed 16 years of prosperity in many dimensions. They have 3 kids.

On the other hand, Kevin is also a married man and has children. Unlike his brother, details of his marriage are a closely guarded secret that the media has nothing to tell out here. Kevin leads a quiet life and it remains that way.

Hodgetwins Net Worth

Their combined net worth as of April 2020 is estimated to be $5 million. There is not much that is known about their residences except that they live in town houses next to each other. The media says nothing about which cars they love or drive around in.


These are the lives of two individuals that have come from beginnings which are not very common with many celebrities out there. They beat all the odds to emerge as celebrities in their own fields doing what they love. They have made it and there is a lesson for many who think that you belong where you find yourself. Well, there is still so much that you can do at any one time to change your destinity.

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