Who Is ‘Black-Ish’ Creator Kenya Barris? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Kenya Barris who is the Hollywood super producer that is known for being the creative mind behind Black-ish recently made headlines after it was reported that he has signed an agreement with Netflix which is said to be around one hundred million dollars. So how did he land such a huge deal and what kind of person is Barris. After introducing the mega hit show Black-ish on ABC, Kenya Barris attained huge fame in the entertainment industry. The show has won multiple awards and is praised by the critical for its societal commentary. The show also served as a way of reinvigorating the careers of Hollywood actors like Anthony Anderson and Lawrence Fishburne.

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Kenya Barris Career Details

After working with ABC, rumors begun to circulate online that there was a creative difference between Barris and the studio. Although the studio supported the past statements on sensitive issues of societal justice and the rights of blacks in America, it was said that recently there was a huge disagreement on the stance that the series is taking towards the Republican Party and the current present of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Netflix which is a studio that is known to give a platform for artists independently of any interference used this opportunity to approach Barris and present him with a huge proposal. Netflix previously used such an approach in order to lure Dave Chappele who has a difficult relationship with Comedy Central. After signing with Netflix, Chapelle rediscovered his potential. It is also assumed that the same effect would also be seen in the works of Barris.

Barris signed a 100 million Netflix deal. At first Barris said that he was skeptical about the idea of working with Netflix because unlike other established platforms it is not a television network but an online subscription platform. Barris was still fully convinced because of two reasons. The first one is the freedom and the degree of creative control that such a platform gives to artists and producers. The second one is the fact that it has millions of subscribers around the world and it has a growing popularity in the market. Not many details are revealed about the agreement except that Barris would be creating a new series for the network and that he would have a greater degree of autonomy in molding the nature of the project.

Netflix presents itself as the hub for creative writers and artists. It boosts a number of programs that resonate with its subscribers that came from diverse backgrounds. There are rumours that the new series that Barris is creating for Netflix will also dal with contemporary social issues. It is essentially a family drama that deals with issues like race and social justice. As someone who attained greater achievements with ABC, Barris will be looking forward to bring his style of creativity to Netflix. Barris departure from ABC was imminent since there were always disagrements between him and the network on particular subjects which especially deal with the issue of race. The network was not particularly content with Barris criticism of the establishment and the existing political order.

Barris will still work with ABC on Black-ish and Grown-ish although from now one he will primarily be rendering his services to Netflix. What drew Netflix to Barris is the fact that he is someone that exhibits a healthy balance between comedy and societal criticism. He is a person that finds different ways to channel important ideas into his works of comedy. Not much is known about when Barris was born, the kind of lifestyle that he leads and whether or not he has his own family.

Kenya Barris Net Worth

Despite several attempts to gather reliable information, it is not also known how much wealth he has managed to accumulate so far. Still one thing is clear, with the new Netflix deal; he will definitely join the ranks of millionaires. He is said to be close friends with the cast of Black-ish and there is even a rumor circulating that he might work on a new series with Anthony Anderson.

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