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Who Is Catherine Callaway? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements

A beautiful and elegant lady turns into a full time journalist, a news reporter spanning a career between various network of radio and TV stations in America. She started as a fill-in news anchor for head line news where she graduated to become a full time anchor for CNN.

Catherine Callaway Education Details

She went to Jacksonville State University Alabama, where she obtained a Bachelor honours degree in commercial advertising and communication. She started working in WJSU-TV which later become or renamed WBMA or ABC 33/40 in Anniston Alabama, later join WAFF-TV in Huntsville Alabama spending some good number of years anchoring, reporting and presenting news. She joined WBMG-TV (Renamed WIAT) in Birmingham Alabama. This is the place where her career spin and the giant television station in the world located her and she switch over to CNN. She was giving a show to anchor in CNN title “Tonight”, which is a one and have (11/2) hour show that starts at 1 a.m. on working days. Before then, she hosts the weekend show for headline news reporting.

Catherine Callaway Bio: Age, Early Life

Born in Atlanta in 1959. After her high school graduation in Atlanta, she later joined Jacksonville State University where she bags her first degree; little was said about her early life. She stands tall in height of about 1.73 meters and she weighs about 51kg. After her graduation from Jacksonville State University, Alabama. She picks up local jobs in Alabama in radio and television stations by doing this; she was building her career that made CNN giant to hire her service and gave her a program to anchor, she made a head way from that appointment that made her to start earning big. Her monthly salary or take home per month is about $ 100,000 making her to be among the highest salary earners in the organization.

Catherine Callaway Career Details

she started working after graduation from the university with WJSU-TV, in Anniston Alabama in 1987. Later moved to WAFF-TV as anchor/journalist, she worked for almost a year or so and switch to WBMG-TV renamed later to WIAT in Birmingham all in Alabama, she worked for only four years as a reporter and a correspondent and host newscasts at 6 p.m and 10 p.m respectively. She also air and anchor key programs and stories. She team up with fellow reporter colleague to produce the annual leukaemia television show series. CNN hired her in 1993. They gave her a position as head of newscast on weekends. Four years later she joined CNN Headline News in 1997, she also worked as correspondent for CNN news source. Later move to start giving Headline News in CNN and act as a substitute anchor in 2002 in the Morning News where her career bloated up and she started earning very big. She takes charge for anchoring the CNN Tonight show which was aired for only thirty minutes on weekdays. It later becomes the evening newscast for CNN viewers from the west coast.

Catherine Callaway Achievements

During her time in the correspondence and reporting news era in which she is still standing, she has anchor or report major news stories including the Andrew Cunanan search that took place in Miami, the space shuttle launches, the Arkansas State Paula Jones lawsuit, etc. joined to her effort, she has received many awards including the Associated Press (AP), Pacemaker Award for the Best Sport News Coverage, Best Planned Event host and AP Best Reporter of the year. She also has other additional feather added to her cap by hosting, news correspondent and show presenter. Catherine Callaway has features in CNN on various issues such as, food, travel; she has dealing in parental issues. She is a fulfilled speaker with many spoken speeches added to her feather. She has also feature in many public talk shows that make her to be popular giving her attention on great issues like economics conditions of the middle and low class people, cultural and social lives of the people. There is another member that they do not like missing or putting him out of their picture, their cute little dog. The popular news goddess is sure and seems to be living happily married with her family. The image is seen in her face book page. Catherine Callaway sweet pictures image: facebook.com.

Quick Facts About Catherine Callaway

Bio: White, Atlanta, USA
Wiki: 1959
Age: 61 years old
Career: Journalist
Net worth: $ 13 million
Boy Friend: Not Disclosed
Dating: Married
Husband: Not Disclosed
Parents: Not Disclosed
Kids: 2, a boy and a girl
All body measurements: Not Disclosed
Cars: Not Disclosed
House: Not Disclosed

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