Who Is Chef Bobby Flay? Know His Marriage Details, Age, Net Worth, Education

Bobby Flay is an American TV celebrity chef, owner of 19 popular restaurants, radio DJ, cookbook author and self-confessed fitness fanatic. If Bobby isn’t working hard in one of his restaurants he can be found looking after himself in a gym.

Bobby Flay Bio: Age, Early Life

Bobby born Robert William Flay in New York on December 10th ,1964. He was the only child of parents Bill and Dorothy Flay. Bobby was raised on upper east side Manhattan where he would hang out with other kids from the area. Bobby always had an interest in food and recalls asking his parents for an easy bake oven for Christmas when he was younger. However, his path to becoming a TV celebrity chef was not a smooth one.

Bobby Flay Career, Education Details

Bobby never had any interest in education and would refuse to do the work, after moving schools then being excluded indefinitely from one school, he dropped out of the education system in the 10th grade. Bill, Bobby’s father was not happy with his choice to drop out from school and made him work at his partners restaurant Joe Allen’s. The restaurant was busy as it was in the theatre district. This was not what Bobby had intended to do but did not want to let his father down. After 2 weeks working the busboy role the chef offered Bobby a full-time job and Bobby accepted. At first, he oversaw the pantry in the kitchen, cleaning and restocking. Before long he was moved to the salad section in the kitchen where he would learn how to prepare produce and build on his knife skills. After 6 months of working in the restaurant Bobby surprised himself with how much he enjoyed the role. His natural skill and flair in the kitchen had not gone unnoticed, his father and business partner approached him and explained they thought he would make a great chef and offered him paid tuition to attend the newly opened cooking school- The French Culinary Institute. Bobby was reluctant at first as he was not confident in his ability but the two men, he admired persuaded him to go. He sat and passed the high school equivalency test and, in the fall of 1983, started on his journey of success as a chef.

After culinary school Bobby tried to return to his old role but the two men knew he had outgrown Joe Allen’s and sent him on to find work elsewhere. He ended up working in a new restaurant Brighton Grill, after two days of working in the restaurant the head chef was found inebriated and was given the sack leaving Bobby to run the kitchen, Bobby took on the challenge and became head chef. After a year, Bobby was ready to move on and linked back in with a chef from culinary school who worked for Jonathan Waxman. Jonathan was known to Bobby as being one of the top chefs around at that time and he gave Bobby an opportunity to work for him in Bud’s a restaurant serving all things southwest and Bobby was hooked instantly. Bobby worked in all three of Jonathan’s restaurants but soon became ready for his own place.

In 1997 Bobby found a business partner- Jerry Kretchmer the owner of a famous restaurant called Gotham Bar and Grill and opened his first restaurant Mesa Grill.

A year after opening his very popular restaurant Bobby was approached by The Food Network to star in his very own cooking program ‘Off the Grill with Bobby Flay’ this would be the first of 16 programs hosted by Bobby over 23 years and some still running today.

Bobby Flay Marriage Details

Bobby has been married three times first to Debra Ponzek and fellow chef, on May 11, 1991. The couple divorced in 1993. Then Bobby married Kate Connelly, in 1995, the couple had a daughter, Sophie who was born April 16th, 1996. Unfortunately, things did not work out for the couple and they separated in 1998 and then divorced later. Bobby then went on to marry actress Stephanie March, on February 20, 2005, Bobby and Stephanie separated in March 2015 and their divorce was settled on July 17, 2015. Bobby has since then been dating Heléne Yorke an actress from Canada.

Bobby Flay Salary And Net Worth

From reports in 2020 Bobby has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Not bad for a high school dropout.

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