Who Is Chumlee? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Married

Austin Lee Russell, popularly known as Chumlee is and American reality TV personality and a businessman. He became very popular after he became a cast member on a show titled Pawn Stars – a popular TV show on History Channel. Pawn Stars is a show that depicted how business went by on a daily basis at a Gold & Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas. Before filming the show, Austin “Chumlee” Russell worked for 5 years at the Pawn Shop. The Gold & Silver Shop is owned by Rick Harrison and Richard Benjamin Harrison – the father and grandfather of Chumlee’s fried, Corey Harrison. The shop was opened in 1989.

Chumlee Nationality, Early Life

Austin Lee Russell is an American and was born in Henderson, Nevada, Chumlee mentioned that he’s partly of Scottish descent too. Chumlee got his nickname at about age 12 – the name was given to him because of his chubby face. He was likened to Chumley from a TV series titled Tennessee Tuxedo.

There is no much information about Chumlee’s parents, aside the fact that his father was a master woodman and died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 54 in 2009, just before the Pawn Starts was premiered. There his no information about his mother at all. Chumlee has 2 siblings, a male Sage Russell and a female Terra Russell.

Chumlee Body Measurements

Chumlee’s weight cannot be documented exactly because he shed off 34kg. (75lbs.) in 2013 but has added 23kg. (50lbs). in 2016. However, prior to the changes in his weight, according to a source, Chumlee weighted 102kg. (265lbs.) and his height is 5ft. 9in.

Chumlee Bio: Age, Educational History

Austin Lee Russell was born in Henderson, Nevada, USA on the 8th of September, 1982. There is no information about his educational history.

Chumlee Career Details

At age 21, Chumlee began to work at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop – he worked there for 5 years before the Pawn Starts show began in 2009. He worked behind-the-seen, so to speak and his tasks included loading items, testing items and writing tickets for items bought.

On the Pawn Stars Show, he was depicted as a village idiot, who appears to be incompetent at his duty and unintelligent. Chumlee however, proved his competence by showcasing his expertise in pinball machines in Season 2 of the Show. Chumlee also featured in iCarly, an American TV Series.

Apart from his acting career, Chumlee is also a successful businessman, owning at least 2 businesses – a company where he sells novelty items and a candy shop (owned together with his brother, Sage). He opened his candy shop, which he called Chumlee’s Candy in May of 2017. The shop is opened on Boulevard in Las Vegas. His relevance in the entertainment world has been from 2003 till date.

Chumlee Dating History

Chumlee had a Lebanese-American girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi. They started dating in 2013 but broke up in 2016. Chumlee is presently dating Olivia Rademann. The two started dating in 2016 and got engaged in May 2018.

Chumlee With Sneakers

Chumlee is a sneakerhead, he loves to collect shoes. He once mentioned that he has over 40 pairs of Jordans sneakers alone and he also loves Adidas and Vans. His shoes collections are over 200 pairs and he has plans to add to the collections. Chumlee loves video games, skateboarding and music.

Chumlee Social Media Presence

Chumlee is a social media man to a very large extent. Presently, he has around 62,000 followers of Facebook, around 226,000 on Twitter and about 275,000 on Instagram.

Chumlee Legal Issues

In the course of investigating sexual assault allegations, Chumlee’s house was raided on the 9th of March, 2016 and the police found marijuana, Crystal meth, Xanax and firearms not registered in his name in his house. He was arrested and later released on bond. In May 2016, he was charged with many felony counts, including weapons and drug charges, which he pleaded guilty to and was placed on 3years probation and counseling.

Is Chumlee Dead?

Although there were rumors that flew around in 2013 that the Pawn Starts cast, Chumlee was dead and he died from marijuana overdose. Those rumors are untrue! As a matter of fact, Chumlee was hospitalized in 2020 out of a scare that he had contacted the new Coronavirus, due to difficulty in breathing and abdominal pain. In the end, he was treated and got better and he’s very fine now. How could a person professed to have died in 2013 resurface in 2020? No way!

Chumlee Salary, Cars And Net Worth

Based on a source, Chumlee earned $25,000 every time the Pawn Stars show was aired and he’s featured on it. Chumlee has a collection of cars, including a Maserati, Rolls-Royce, a 1964 Impala. On a daily/regular basis, he rides a Ford Fusion. Chumlee’s net worth is $5,000,000.

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