Who Is CNN Shahira Amin? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Married, Husband

Shahira Amin is an Egyptian journalist who currently reports for CNN’s Inside Africa and CNN.com. She is an award-winning journalist based in Cairo. She was the former deputy head of state-run and senior anchors of Nile TV until 2011, when she quitted her job over what she considered to be biased coverage of the Egyptian revolution of 2011She speaks English, French, and Arabic.

Shahira Amin Body Measurements

Shahira looks quite tall and stands around 5 feet 8 inches tall. She weighs around 54 kilograms. Her body measurements are 36-27-37 inches. The veteran journalist also has hazel eyes and brown hair. Her shoe size is 7.5 US.

Shahira Amin Career Life

She was born in Cairo, Egypt. After her studies, she got employed on Nile TV. The freelance journalist has recently focused on controversial issues such as female genital mutilation and sexual harassment in North America and the Middle East.

Shahira has also trained with the Global Center in Burkina Faso and the Philippines. While in these sessions she focused on gender equity in reporting and on not giving into community pressure. Amin’s passion was showcased and participants gave her rave views. Together with other journalists who attended viewed the work of the center as of vital importance. They said that the training was inspiring, eye-opening, and motivating for them.

Amin caught the attention of many globally when she resigned on air during a broadcast to join anti-government protests in Cairo, Egypt. Since then, she has been facing countless threats and baseless charges. Other people have even gone to the extent of calling her a traitor and a spy.

In 2011, Shahira became the subject of criticism after she conducted an interview with the Israel soldier Gilad Shalit on October 18th in Egypt. She interviewed him after Gilad had been held captive by the Hamas after the cross-border raid via tunnels through the Israel border, for over five years in Gaza for the reason that he was a prisoner exchange deal. Israel officials and commentators said that the interview was conducted in the presence of Hamas militants who were armed. They alleged that this violated Shalit’s release and broke the ethical rules of journalism. Amin disputed the allegations, defending that Shalit was brought by Hamas militants but in the room in which she interviewed him was only occupied by her and Egyptian Intelligence People who did not intervene nor the Hamas militants. She continued to defend the allegations saying that the interview was conducted after a medical checkup was done on Shalit though the Red Cross spokesman said that no medical check-up took place.

During the interview, Amin questioned Shalit why Egypt had successfully brokered his release. She went ahead to say that Mubarak had made empty promises and that after eight months after his removal, things started to move and a deal was made. She continued to say that the Egyptian government and military was due to credit. As a result, she was criticized for producing a propaganda video and using it as a way of fishing compliments for the Egyptian government. Amin went further on to ask Shalit what lesson he has learned from his experience as a captive. This prompted commentators and other journalists to characterize the interview as merciless and insensitive.

Despite all that, Amin has been recognized by several international organizations for her journalism, and work to improve women and children in her country.

Shahira Amin Marriage Details

Shahira Amin is a happy, married woman. The graceful lady married young as a university student and moved to Abu Dhabi after her graduation. She currently resides in together with her husband and daughter in Cairo but her son lives far away on his own.

As a reporter, she keeps her family off the socialite. Not to mention, she is often in compromising situations which explains her non- disclosure on the family.

Shahira Amin Net Worth

Shahira Amin holds an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. She has earned enormously from her successful journalism career over the years.

The commentator recently earns from freelancing for various websites such as Index on Censorship, Freemuse, CNN, and various news websites. Furthermore, she is also a filmmaker who makes documentaries on UN Agencies.

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