Who is Eliza Leon? Know Her Age, Career, Net Worth, Dating History

Eliza Leon aged 34 -Co Host of XOR (Xtreme off road) on Power Nation TV (the Paramount Network) mechanical producer, welder and fabricator and 100% Gear Head. The Texas beauty Eliza is not what would pop in to your mind when describing a Gear Head, but she sure has the credentials for it. This little lady has not skipped a beat when it comes to all thing’s automobile and is incredibly happy to be found elbow deep in grease and oil.

Eliza Leon Bio: Age, Early Life

Eliza Leon was born 7th of August 1985 in El Paso, Texas. She was born into a happy household where parents and grandparents took pleasure in raising the sassy, independent, go getter and it was from an incredibly early age that Eliza knew that all things automobile was her passion. With fire in her belly she attended Riverside Automotive technical school. She graduated in 2003 and from there Eliza built on her foundations landing her first role in her dream career as an apprentice in a transmission shop. Over the next 10 years Eliza built up her knowledge and skills in her trade until she met a fork in the road. In 2013 Eliza had the opportunity to attend Gerorgetown University to complete a semester academic internship program on journalism, economics and ethics. She was an intern as a media and public relations manager at KGlobal Public Relations Firm. This was not to be the last of her education as in December of 2013, Eliza graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso earning herself A Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences and Government. She speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese which is believed to be her heritage.

Eliza Leon Career Details

In August 2017, little after Eliza’s 32nd birthday, opportunity came knocking at Eliza’s door in the form of a TV host opening for Power Nation TV (the Paramount Network) XOR or Xtreme Off Roading would give her the opportunity to showcase her skills as a mechanic to the world, alongside co-host Jeremy Weckman. XOR (Extreme Off Roading) shows the world how to modify any ordinary vehicle into an off-road rig with Eliza completing the modifications and turning the regular ride in to a thrill machine. Other shows such as Detroit Muscle and Power Nation Garage give how to tutorials to automobile enthusiasts all over the world and they sure love Eliza with her following on the socials growing every day. However, due to drops in ratings XOR (Extreme Off Roading) cancelled 2020 season on Power Nation TV. This came as a shock to fans of the show and Eliza gave a heartfelt goodbye to her admirers on Facebook in September 2019.

Is Eliza Leon Dating A Boyfriend?

Not much is known about Eliza’s personal life, there isn’t a slither of who she may be currently dating, in fact there isn’t any info on who she has dated in the past! The only thing that we know for sure is she works hard; she loves her job and her only relationship we are certain on is the love for her Great Dane Cupcake #whatacutie! With Eliza’s socials locked down tight if she is dating someone we may never know the identity of her love.

Eliza Leon Salary And Net Worth

Again, there are no concrete facts about the salary or net worth of Eliza so I would be doing an injustice (as well as earning myself a lawsuit) if I was to make one up. All that is known about Eliza is she is still following her passion for all things automobile and working on cars as we speak. No doubt she has her very own collection of special automobile pieces that she has modified herself… because if you can, why wouldn’t you? But that is just speculation. Hopefully, she will make it back on the screen soon to showcase her talents as a badass female mechanic for all of her adoring fans.

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