Who Is Liz Habib? Know Her Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth

Liz Habib is a former TV anchor and reporter of WTOV9. Los Angeles is reckoned as a city of renown for many celebrities who live there, as is the case of Liz Habib. She doesn’t go unnoticed in a spotlight or on a red carpet without her fans cheering and turning to see her. She has made a huge impact on global social media.

Liz Habib Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Early Life, Family, Culture

Born on January 8th, 1967, the star with a Capricorn birth is of Lebanese American origin. Her desire and attempts are to promote the Lebanese culture by influencing its youths and getting them more involved in the process has been unfailing. She has marked her presence in several conferences organized by Lebanese-Americans in the diaspora, including an event organized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of Lebanon.

Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, she grew up in a large family. A rare standard maintained by several Americans. She has a sister and six brothers, most of whom are involved in sports, including her father who also was a former collegiate swimmer. Going by her twits, it is easy to conclude that she upholds high family values as she joined her family in organizing a big surprise party for her dad’s 75th birthday. Her relentless work got her the opportunity of walking down the red carpet as a two time Emmy award win. She kicked off as a sports presenter on television as she recounts.

Recounting the memories of how her professional journey started from the Ohio valley, the TV presenter took a leap as she landed a job with the prestigious CNN news network. Later on, another opportunity came knocking for an opportunity with FOX 11 in Los Angeles, where she distinctively worked for more than two decades covering the largest news, sports and entertainment stories.

Liz Habib Education Details

She majored in Journalism and English at the University of Pittsburg. She became the host of the KTTV network, where she dedicated hard work and eventually received recognition for it via the Emmy awards she earned.

Liz Habib Salary

She works with Fox11 L.A, Studio 11 L.A, where she earns a lump sum which remains undisclosed to the public. According to Chron however, the TV and radio star earns over $61,600 per annum although this doesn’t state her net worth which is still under review.

Liz Habib Husband And Marital Life

Liz Habib is a happily married wife. She exchanged wedding vows on October 20th, 2012 with Charlie Whittaker her present husband with whom there has been no conflict nor split for the past years.

In spite of back to back schedules both lovebirds still find time to shuttle between LA and Orange County where her husband is based. Wiley and Teddy, their two rescue dogs have remained an integral part of their lives. A worth noting aspect, they are in no rush to welcome a child. She enjoys their home at Newport Beach and believes in staying fit, reason why she keeps up with workouts and is known for her rigorous and consistent gym workouts.

Liz Habib Body Measurements

Her cordial personality, dazzling body color and fair skin combination make her all the more-lovely. She has brown eyes, beautiful black hair and a perfect figure. The middle-aged woman also has a garnished beautiful voice. Perhaps a combination of all these talents merged with keeping fit are a probable reason for her youthful and energetic appearance.

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