Who Is Madelaine Petsch? Meet Her Spouse, Know Her Age, Career, Net Worth

Madelaine Petsch is 25 years old(as of May 2020) , born on August 18, 1994. Her birthplace is Port Orchard, Washington State.

About Madelaine Petsch

She is a famous youtuber and Actress known for TV series “Riverdale” and “F the Prom”. Growing up as vegetarian(from age 14), she has also been raising awareness about the vegan lifestyle and the use of plastic bags which is coming from her parents being sensitive towards environmental issues. Also her way of creating awareness is gentle and she doesn’t try to force her beliefs and opinions. She is also quite popular on Social media websites.

Madelaine Petsch Birth Name

Madelaine Grobbelaar Petsch.

Madelaine Petsch Career Details

Her dance classes started from the age of just 3 as she wanted to be an actress and she joined theatre classes soon at the age of 5. She was also interested in singing.

She has been working as an American Actress and a Youtuber. She showed up on a television series named Riverdale(as Cheryl Blossom) from March 2017 and on F the Prom(as Marissa).

On January 2017, she was cast for the film “Polaroid”( released in 2019). She won “Choice Hissy Fit”, a teen choice award twice for “Riverdale” and also got the “MTV Movie” and other TV awards.

She also appeared in Playboy magazine in 2017 as “Top 25 redheads of Instagram”.

Madelaine Petsch Debut Film

”The Hive”(in 2014).

Madelaine Petsch Net Worth

About $5 million in May, 2020

Madelaine Petsch Ethnicity And Nationality


Brands Madelaine Petsch Has Worked With

In April 2018 with Brand : Privé Revaux, she released her own sunglasses collection.

She was also seen in an Advertisement for Coca-Cola in 2014.

Places Madelaine Petsch Has Lived

The first 10 years of her life were spent in South Africa as well as Washington(has dual citizenship). After graduating from the Tacoma School of Arts, she started living in Los Angeles(and was working as a barista).

Madelaine Petsch Family Details

She is born to South African parents. Her father’s name is Timothy S Petsch and her mother’s name is Michele Petsch. They have supported Petsch in her career decions.
Petsch also has a brother named Shaun Petsch.

Madelaine Petsch Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Her height is around 168 cm and weight about 53 kg. Her body Measurements are 34-24-35.

Madelaine Petsch Zodiac Sign


Interesting Facts About Madelaine Petsch

  • She is vegan from age 14 and also joined PETA in bringing awareness related to plant-based lifestyle. You can find her preparing some vegan food recipes on her youtube channel like in one video she prepared vegan cinnamon rolls. She also tries to reduce her plastic as much she can. She has been a board member of the Environmental Media Association and encourages eco-friendly practices. She is also concerned about extinction of certain animal species.
  • She has also participated in “Vegan Masterchef” show competing against Gordon Ramsay.
  • She is non- religious as well.
  • She was also bullied in school days because of her Red hair as well as for using reusable container for food instead of a plastic bag. She actually felt bullied for wrong reasons. She loves her red hair. Her character as Cheryl for “Riverdale” was actually a bully. This let Petsch study the mentality of bullies which is just frustration they take out on others because of personal life issues.
  • Her favorite color is Yellow. She is afraid of water bodies.
  • She loves to read Harry Potter series books. Also she grew up reading comic books including “Archie Comics” which is also related to “Riverdale”.
  • In her bag you can most probably find some protein bars, some green powder in her suitcases along with other necessary stuff especially for Paris.

Madelaine Petsch Dating History

Aaron Carter is known to be her first celebrity date and she has dated many other singers according to the media. They dated from 2014 to 2016. She also dated Aaron Carter in April 2016 which ended soon.

She had a boyfriend Travis Mills(they started dated from 2017 and it lasted till early 2020s). Mills has said publicly that he won’t delete the pictures of him and Petsch together and would rather keep them as a memory.

Their last picture together was of Disneyland. They also didn’t unfollow each other on social media websites.

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