Who Is Matt Blashaw? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Matt Blashaw is a well-known American television host, philanthropist and a renowned handyman. Being a-jack-of-all-trades Matt gained his Contractors license which jet packed his career to the TV screen and gave him the host role of the television Yard Crashers on the DIY Network.

Matt Blashaw Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

DIY guru Matt Blashaw was born on 6 November 1975 (45) Matt was born to loving parents in Orange County, California. The TV host enjoyed a fun filled youth and whether it be from nature or nurture mastered building from an early age. Matt would attribute this to his father who was an engineer and a homebuilder. The DIY Network Yard Crasher host and his father would build different projects together which would eventually lead from a childhood passion to his pursuing a higher education degree in Fine Arts from Chapman University, CA. Matt majored in film/television productions and earned himself the prestigious Filmmaker of the year award but that was only the start of the stars accolades and this would lead him to a fun and adventurous life building various constructions within the showbiz industry. He was employed by Disney where he grew his knowledge in the technical department. While there gained experience of the shows’ special effects and he also learned how the electrical installation was done from the best.

Matt Blashaw Career Details

When Matt applied for his contractor’s license, little did he know this would catapult him to success. The license enabled him to follow his professional vocation in the construction business. He reaped years of experience in the real estate and was also employed by Century 21 as a realtor selling homes. Not long after that, he went to partake in the competition called Stud Finder hosted by DIY Network, this gave the contestants the platform to showcase their talents in order to discover America’s top handyman. Matt won victory of the contest and ever since has been a go to host on the DIY network. Now, part of the DIY network Matt has hosted shows like Money Hunters, Professional grade, Big Cabin, Project Xtreme, Worst Kitchen in America, Cool Builders Show as well as working on scripts for countless others.

Matt has been part of the show Yard Crashers since 2011. The show aired on April 7, 2008. It is still recognised as one of the most viewed shows of the channel. In addition to that, he has also made numerous guest appearances on countless shows including The Today Show on NBC, CNN’S Newsroom and CNBC’S Squawk box. Matt is currently focused on his realtor business which he started in 2007, helping Americas across the great nation buy, sell and improve their homes all the while making reality TV shows with his homebuilding knowledge. It was while focusing on his realtor business, Matt decided he needed a way to give back. This is where the charity ‘Build with Love’ was realised. This charity helps families with children who are ill or disabled improve their homes and make a better life for the child. Matt is currently president of the charity.

Matt Blashaw Marriage Details

Matt has been married twice. Matt’s first wife, Teresa Bradshaw split with the handyman, but all was not lost. A short time after the divorce Matt met the lovely Lindsay Archer on location of Yard Crashers. Matt knew she was the one for him and the couple got engaged on February 28, 2017. After only a short engagement the couple married September 17, 2017, on the same beach Matt proposed.

The TV host and all-round nice guy stands at 5 feet and 10 inches in height. His body weight is not known but he is muscular probably maintained from his handyman workouts, diet and a healthy nutritional plan. Matt does not look 45 and this can be credited to his healthy lifestyle.

Matt Blashaw Salary And Net worth

Matt Blashaw had an estimated net worth of 2 million USD as of 2019. He has been part of the film/TV and construction industry for over a decade. Both his personal business and television professions have helped make him successful. These paths of employment allowed him to earn a life changing fortune and he really does show you that hard work does pay off.

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