Who Is Onision? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Body Measurements

Gregory Daniel Jackson popularly referred to as Onision is an American youtube entertainer who has made a name for himself inside the current society. He is first-class recognised on youtube for making comedy videos full of satirical facts and parody and has received fame and fortune using the internet. He has been also tagged as one of the most controversial people in modern society. Music is also one of his appreciated talents. Let’s discover Onision’s net reality worth and married existence and his spouse Taylor Andreson and know about his preceding marriage and divorce with ex-wife Skye Tantaga.

Onision Dating History

Onision’s second wife is Taylor Anderson, often referred herself to a person with no gender, and so she is not referred with the feminine phrase.

The meeting between Onision and his wife Taylor is quite amusing. The first encounter of Onision and his wife Taylor was pretty amusing, the two of them met through social media. Taylor Anderson tweeted Onision in 2011 and this connected them. The two of them met in the end whilst Taylor was 17 years of age.

The couple got married in 2012 in undisclosed place rapidly after Taylor had attained 18 years as required via regulation and law. They welcomed their first child, in 2013. Taylor and Onision have two youngsters collectively, a boy born in 2013 and a baby girl born in 2016 even though they’ve kept the facts approximately classified.

The footsteps of her husband were followed by, Taylor Anderson. She has attained great success and popularity making her YouTube videos. Her gigs are quite often followed in YouTube. Her husband who has been her mentor and support during her initial years in the industry and gave those credentials to her husband.

Onision Marriage Detais, Divorce With Skye Tantaga

Skye Tantagaand Onision met back in High School. 2003 is when they first saw and Onision made the first gesture. The rapid conservations thereafter made both of them date in progress. In many of Onision’s videos, she was featured when he was dating.
Onision and Skye Tantaga tied their knot in 5th August 2005. Onision was serving as a soldier under the Airforce of the United States. Because of this, they were not able to move together. He eventually regretted it and told that he did not get enough time with Skye. He even had to chase two of her friends away in order to spend time with Skye. As absurd as this sounds, we know for a fact that Onision is capable of doing anything.

The couple called it quits after 5 years of marriage and filed for divorce. On 24th December 2010, Onision took to facebook the news regarding the end of his five years of marriage with Skye. He mentioned that they parted ways on December 17th 2010.
This caught the attention of his fans though many of them believed it to be false. When Onision made the news official, the fans were shook.

There were so many rumours flying around about this in social as well as mainstream media and people were contemplating over various reasons for their break. It is alleged that Onision was abusive and was also cheating on Skye. There are no confirmations for these allegations to date.

Onision Net Worth And Career Details

Onision’s career did set a benchmark. He has received fame and profit from his YouTube channel.Onision is also an artist and has quite good skills in singing which he has showcased a few times.

He received a lot of profit from his YouTube channel because of his substantial network that he has gained throughout his career. He is definitely one of the most followed YouTubers of all time and has received a huge fan following with more than a million people.

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His YouTube channel served as the main source of his income and he became successful through the course of his career. His music skills also helped him in making some money.

Being in the United State Airforce, also paid him quite well and he eventually retired in 2009. He is still active on YouTube which is going to increase his net worth in the coming years. Despite being controversial, Onision has built a name for himself on YouTube.

Age: How Old Is Onision?

Onisionwas born on November 11th, 1985 in Seattle, Washington DC as Gregory Jackson and he is known to be one of the most controversial internet celebrities of all time.

He is currently 32 years old who has achieved quite a lot of fame in time. He celebrates his birthday on 11th November, every year. He is quite open about sharing his birthday celebration on YouTube for his fans.

Taylor Anderson Biography

Taylor Anderson is known as the famous American YouTuber. Her source of inspiration was Onision and she shot her first public video after getting married to him.

We are not sure about Taylor Anderson’s birthplace. Details about her parents and siblings are also not known to us. Some resources say that she was born on 16th October 1994. Details about her childhood and early education are also not known to us. Taylor met Onision husband in 2011 through a casual tweet. They started talking and took a couple of months before they finally met. Taylor and Onision started dating after she turned 18 in the year 2012 and they were spotted together in public places as well as in many of their social media posts. They both decided to tie the knots on 14th November 2012 in New Mexico in a civil marriage.

Onision Bio; Age, Early Life, Parents

Gregory Daniel Jackson was born in 1985 in Seattle, Washington. He has two sisters and was raised by his mother. There are not many details available about his father. We don’t know about his educational background as well. He proceeded and joined the American Airforce and served as a pilot. He retired in the year 2009 after his prestigious service.

Gregory Jackson has had a deep connection with the internet since 1996 when he was a web developer. While serving the Airforce, he started to make and post funny videos on Youtube. He has made funny parodies and videos on several topics like types of suicides that people post online. he gained a lot of attention through his YouTube videos and he started to earn a lot of fans.

Gregory Jackson took a stage name for himself as Onision which later became his YouTube name and brand. He is very controversial and has gotten into fights with several fellow YouTubers. Onision is known for his music as well. His Song I am a banana was a hit and got over 60 million views on YouTube. Onision has two kids with his wife Taylor.

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