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Who Is S. E. Cupp? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements

For unfiltered news reports the world over, a lot of people turn to S.E. Cupp Unfiltered. But only a few know much about this CNN reporter. Here’re all the correct facts about her career, family, and more.

S. E. Cupp Bio: Age, Early Life

S. E. Cupp is an American TV host, writer, and political commentator. She was born in Oceanside, CA, on the 23rd of February, 1979.

S. E. Cupp Education Details

Cupp lived most of her early life in Andover, MA. She attended the Notre Dame Academy during her stay in MA.

After that, Cupp graduated in 2000 with a B. A. in Art History from Cornell Uni. before getting her M.A. majoring in Religious Studies at the New York Uni. in 2010.

The formative years of Cupp saw her engage in ballet for more than a decade. Her love for ballet resulted in the development of eating disorders. She also suffered a significant relapse from her over-indulgence in ballet through college.

Sarah identifies as a Republican under the Log Cabin platform and supports gay marriage. She holds numerous conservative views which have marked a lot of events in her career.

S. E. Cupp Career Details

Cupp’s career took off as a staffer for an online mag before going into PR. But she already spent some time at Cornell Daily Sun in her school years. A few years after her stint at these firms, Cupp got hired by the NY Times.

After her engagement at the NY Times, Cupp became a contributor for the Arena on Politico.com.

Since moving to mainstream journalism, Cupp has regularly featured on several news networks in the US.

Cupp also presents “S.E. Cupp” on a The–Blaze TV broadcast in 2011. She also co-hosts MSNBC’s The Cycle with three other show hosts.

Cupp worked for the MSNBC until mid – 2013 when she moved to CNN. While at CNN, Cupp joined Crossfire, with three seasoned CNN panelists.

Cupp also left CNN for a brief period in 2017 to host HLN’s S. E. Cupp Unfiltered. Since HLN is a sister network to CNN, the show was moved to CNN in 2018.

Apart from her career as a TV personality, Cupp has repeatedly made her name as a columnist. She has written for many publications such as the NY Daily News, Townhall, The American Spectator, Slate, Maxim, and many more.

All these publications have been written by Cupp through her now more than two decade career in journalism. From 2018, Cupp’s columns appear regularly on the NY Daily News.

S. E. Cupp Net Worth

According to media sources, S.E. Cupp could be worth anywhere within the region of $1 – $5million. There’s no real consensus or public data on the actual monthly salary she earns in her profession.

S. E. Cupp Dating History

Cupp dated John Goodwin in from 2011 to 2013. Much isn’t on record about her early dating history. The pair is still together.

S. E. Cupp Boyfriend

S.E. Cupp met John Goodwin who was a CoS to Raul Labrador. The pair met at the Republican Convention in 2008. They have remained close ever since.

S. E. Cupp Husband

Sarah Cupp tied the knot with John Goodwin in November 2013. The pair had been in close contact for more than half a decade before getting married.

S. E. Cupp Parents

There’s no known record of S.E. Cupp’s father on the internet. But she’s got her mother’s name listed as Patricia Cupp.

S. E. Cupp Kids

Cupp has a kid from her marriage to John Goodwin. Her son John Goodwin III was born in late 2014.

S. E. Cupp Body Measurements

S.E. Cupp keeps major parts of her personal life away from the public. Right now, there’s no record on Cupp’s body measurements on the internet.

S. E. Cupp Cars And House

There’s no word on how many cars and/or houses S.E. Cupp owns. She’s managed to keep this part of her life totally secret.

S. E. Cupp Books

Some of S.E. Cupp’s views such as her take on gay marriage and support for theism, even though she’s an atheist has drawn massive public attention drawn to her.

Based on her popularity as a show host, contributor, and columnist, she’s been able to author two well-received books.

She wrote Why You’re Wrong about the Right: Behind the Myths in 2008, and Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity in 2010.

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