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Who Is Sally Hershberger? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents

An American, based in New York, Sally Hershberger is a celebrity hairstylist. She has worked as a peculiar stylist for numerous high profile celebrities embracing Tom Cruise, John Mayor, Julia Roberts, Jimmy Fallon, and Jon Bon Jovi during the course of her profession.

Furthermore, she is prominent for crafting the well-liked hairstyle known as “Meg,” which was cited after the Hollywood artiste, Meg Ryan. Sally had generated the bravura while working for the artiste in the 1995 movie, French Kiss, and entitled it after Meg in her rectitude as she performed with the same style in further two movies.

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Sally Hershberger Bio: Age, Family, Parents’ Divorce, Early Life

Sally was born in 1961 in Wichita, Kansas as the constituent of a well-heeled family. Her father was a businessman convoluted in the oil business. Conversely, she progressed through certain problematic stretches while growing up as her parentages separated when Sally was three years of age. Also, in 1990, her father was imprisoned of deception and confined for five years.

Later, Sally along with her two brothers and mother, relocated to Beverly Hills. Miserably, both of her brothers died a premature death. One of them was exterminated by a drug overdose, while the other suffer the loss of his life in a car crash.

Sally Hershberger Career, Lesbian Trend

Even though Sally never went to any fashion institutes to acquire hairstyling, she hemmed in herself with fervent dignitaries, who were proficient in the arena of fashion and style. She initially began her hairstylist profession by working as a hairdresser for Olivia Newton-John throughout one of the actress’ excursion.

Under the recommendation of her friend Rob Saduski, Sally had disembarked her first occupation. Rob worked on Batman & Robin (1997) as a costume designer.

Ultimately, she was proposed to work with celeb paparazzo Herb Rits. The duo worked as a team for more than ten years before Sally was a famed celebrity. She got her major breakout after she fashioned the hairstyle “Meg” for Meg Ryans’ movies. The petite and lively looking methodology became emblematic and was also embraced by many others, with the lesbian society as its favored clients.

In 1998, she also drudged as a hairstylist for legislator Hillary Clinton for the duration of her cover shoot for Vogue journal.

Sally Hershberger Net Worth, Business Partner

Sally has unquestionably accomplished well monetarily as her celeb clienteles in Hollywood reserve her for an enormous amount of bucks.

As of now, Sally runs four salons in New York, where haircuts can cost up to $1000 along with her business partner Tim Rogers.
She also engenders gigantic profits from her hair merchandises marque called 24K, which she commenced in 2015. She also bought an estate in Beverly Hills for a cumbersome sum of $2.4 million.

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