Who Is Trace Lysette? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Marriage

Trace Lysette is a native of America. She is a television personality. Prior to Trace’s acting career, she was a well known hair stylist as well as a make-up artist. She is the first American transgender woman to play a non transgender role. Before entering in the Hollywood, Trace Lysette was a track star. She is now known to be in the richest person’s list of America.

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Trace Lysette Bio:Wiki, Age, Early Life

Trace Lysette is a transgender woman, born on October 2,1987 at Dayton, Ohio, United States. No information regarding Trace’s family is available till date. This is a well known fact that Trace Lysette is a graduate woman, but the fact can’t deny to her struggling life being a transgender. As per some high profile interviews, Trace was not a still child because of uncomfortable environment in school as well as colleges. The uncomfortable environment forced Trace to keep on changing her school during her childhood. She got alienated from her family due to her choice in alteration in gender.

She got a famed and respected home like environment at Underground New York Ball Culture Scene. During her teenage, Trace performed as an athlete. Trace Lysette also participated as a showgirl in various bars and clubs nearby Dayton, Ohio, United States. After migrating towards New York in 2007, Trace Lysette started her acting career proffessionaly by being trained at various studios at New York city. Initiating her own career, Trace Lysette acted on the red carpet for the first time as Lila, which is the role of a non-transgender to be performed by a transgender for the first time, in the episodes of the show Law and Order: Special Victims Unit in around 2013.

Trace Lysette Career Details

After her debut in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Trace Lysette performed publically as a transgender in 2019, in the very famous Amazon Video Television Series Transparent where Trace acted as Shea, a transgender.

She also acted as a side actor in various shoes like David Makes Man, Midnight Texas, Blunt talk, Drunk History and Pose. In a documentary of Caitlyn Jenner named as I am Cait, a role of Trace Lysette is also displayed. Trace Lysette also worked in various high profile music videos with very famous and named actors like Cher, Laverne Cox, Maroon 5, Taylor, Teyana and The Shins.
Trace was also interested in the release of her own struggles of life in a movie called as Tribe, which was a mirror image to her disastrous life, friends as well as family. Even now, Trace is looking around for a publisher in order to show case her own movie.

Trace Lysette Net Worth

Being a famous TV star, Trace Lysette was too interested in hiding her net worth as other famous celebrities due to security and personal reasobs. But betond the fact of secrecy of Trace, some famiys websites say that she may be earning more than $2 Million each year.

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