Who Is Zoie Burgher? Know Her bio, Age, Siblings, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Rumors

Zoie Burgher is controversy’s favorite child. She rose to fame on Twitch – a video streaming platform – via her unconventional gaming ritual. She allegedly used to dress skimpily and twerk whenever she was successful in a game.

While her technique helped Zoie gain a massive following on Twitch, the site regulators weren’t too happy with her gaming approach. Thus, she was banned three times for reportedly promoting pornography before her fourth and permanent ban in 2016.

After the controversy, she moved towards social media giants; YouTube and Snapchat. The streaming star didn’t take much time to reciprocate her success on the social media giants. She boasts one million subscribers on YouTube while more than 200,000 people view her Snapchat stories.

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Zoie Burgher Bio: Age, Parents, Siblings, Early Life

She was born in Miami, Florida of the United States of America on 29th November 1995. She had passed her childhood along with parents and siblings in Florida.

The slim blonde-haired Sagittarian is a former live streamer and a passionate internet figure. When she was just 18, she got into the arena of social media and got addicted. She regularly posted videos where she is dressed scantily.

She began availing Twitter from 2013. She used to shot herself in two pieces to post on Twitter and Instagram. To become a more talked about the personality of her area recently, she had started posing simply bare in front of the camera. The videos were too provocative and the live streaming on Twitch was soon imposed a ban on her display which perhaps belongs to a particular segment.

Zoie Burgher Education Details

After the primary level of education and schooling, she had enrolled in Arizona State University and then gathered a degree in International Affairs from Florida State University. While in school she took the side of both Republic and Democrats to enjoy the profuse arguments between the two. She also played rugby in her school days.

Zoie Burgher Rumours And Controversies

It was rumored that Zoie Burgher would be making her own all-girls professional Esports gaming team, which was confirmed to be true by Zoie Burgher. However, 40% of her viewers were not very thrilled with this idea. She was banned by Twitch on four occasions and Fox TV has filed a legal case against her for using their ‘Zoidberg Nation overlay’ on her YouTube videos. Fox TV said that by doing so, she is creating consumer confusion who might wrongly believe that Fox TV sponsors or endorses her internet matter. She had in October 2016 said that she had been violated when she realized that her co-YouTuber was secretly snapping her nude. And in the next 24 hours, she had herself posted her nude photographs on her YouTube channel. This act of hers was criticized by many and she was dubbed as a hypocrite.

Zoie Burgher’s Net Worth And Earnings

This internet sensation is able to make her net worth of around $1 Million. Additionally, with over 1.1 million subscribers at present date, Zoie makes $507 – $8.1K every month and $6.1K – $97.3K every year as per the Social Blade.

In mid-2017, her channel had accumulated views of over 50 million. Zoie is mostly famous as a twerking streamer while wearing bikinis or very little clothing. So, her numbers of videos get age restriction. Therefore, she can’t make some amount off them from YouTube ads. However, she is still making quite a fortune. The estimated revenue must be around $400 per day from the channel or $146,000 per year from the video which is not age-restricted.

Before moving to YouTube, Zoie made good money from the donation during her streams. She used to also sell her dirty pictures to her fans on Snapchat.

Zoie Burgher Favorite Things

  • Celestia’s favorite color is Pink.
  • Her favorite games are The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Runescape and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Zoie Burgher Hobbies

Celestia likes horror movies, cooking, poetry, traveling and singing. She likes to provoking her public and using dirty language.

Facts About Zoie Burgher

  • Celestia’s m*sturbating fact is that she likes doggy style and m*sturbates 3-6 times daily.
  • She loves being spanked.
  • She is bise*ual i.e attracted to both male and female, though she prefers a female (Le*bian). It was made known that she ended up kissing a friend when she was in 8th
  • She has stated the reason for being an adult content freak in a 3 minutes span video. WHY I’m DOING P*RN.
  • At the tender age of 5, she played guitar which she later quit.
  • She hates Pants and normal bread. Soaks in water before eating (bread has to be soggy) even in the restaurant and public places.
  • Celestia Youtube channel has more than 550000 subscribers.
  • Her Instagram followers are more than 20000.
  • Celestia Vega Twitch has more than 110000 followers.
  • She likes animals and has 3 kitties (Khajiit, Rengar, and Liam), 2 rats (Sylvester and Nigel) and 1 iguana (Avery).

Zoie Burgher Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Reviewing her body figure, Zoie has the hot, magnetic and sexy figure of slim type. Zoie looks amazing in her bikini and she often loves to wear it.

Quick Facts About Zoie Burgher

Full Name: Zoie Burgher
Date of Birth: 29th November 1995
Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
Age: 22 Years
Profession: You tuber and gamer
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 1.72 m
Weight: NA

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