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Who Was Billy Graham? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight Before Death

Billy Graham a Baptist Minister from the South is renowned to a majority of people since 1947 when he began holding yearly Billy Graham Crusade. Consequently, he’s held larger campaigns both in and outdoor.

Billy Graham has been able to spread the gospel of Christ to over 80 million individuals and uncountable more through films and radio. About 3 million have answered to his call every sermon. His net worth a bit large in comparison to another preacher.

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Pastor Billy Graham Net Worth And Salary Details

Billy Graham is regarded be the wealthiest pastor in America. It has been ascertained clearly but his net worth could be approximately $25 million.

Billy Graham’s net worth is associated to not one but different source of livelihood. He rose to fame after featuring on a famous radio program ‘Hour of Decision’’, thereafter his preaching begun airing on radio. Preaching is unquestionably Billy’s major livelihood. He delivers sermons live to millions of congregants throughout and nearly all the time is with a wide congregation. For almost 6 decades, his preaching has been aired throughout the universe using TV and radio.

In addition, he is a famous author and his advice column, ‘’My Answer’’ has been featured for over 60 years to date on newspapers. The number of books he has written is a lot and most a majority are bestsellers. ‘’Angles: Gods Secret Agents’’ for instance, sold out within the first 3 months of it being released and more than 1 million copies were sold.

Billy Graham’s served as a spiritual adviser to President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B, as well as Richard Nixon. From this we can evidently see that a decent amount of his net worth and fortune came from it.

Pastor Billy Graham is considered a pioneer. His $25 million net worth is entirely based on his work, performance, and writings.

Billy Graham Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

1918 marked the birth of Billy Graham. He is 99 years of age according to the 2017 statistics. He is still actively involved in the field. In 1950, Billy begun the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association” in Minneapolis. 1943 is the year Billy wedded his wife Ruth Bell and they lived conjointly for 64 years. Ruth later passed away in 2007. They brought up five children and afterward became grandparents to 19 grandchildren.

Billy Graham Health Status

His failing health, loss of sight, and hearing made him begin his retirement journey early enough. Pastor Billy Graham felt ill until he died, may he rest in peace.

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