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Who Was Bob Cain? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth At Death. Meet His Wife Constance Goode Cain

An iconic icon, a pace setter, he was an American journalist who has make waves as a radio and television journalist in his early days on earth before death stole him away from family and love one’s. Born in August, 11th 1934. He start is journalism work with the famous NBC as a radio presenter from 1971 until 1980 and later join CNN News world 1980 till 2001. Bob Cain anchored for CNN Daybreak and the Gulf war period. He also featured in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. He was a Roman Catholic by birth. A married man that loved his family. He was an author with some books to his credit.

Bob Cain Bio: Age At Death, Early Life

Before being part of CNN news reporter/presenter, Bob Cain was an NBC Radio correspondent based in New York City where he started his early professional work career after graduation from the University. He lived a quite life style and got married to his wife Anne Walsh Cain and they were blessed with three children, a son and two daughters. He was a humble man, a down to earth personality that love to take care and listen to others who have challenges, then he tried to be of help to them or meeting their needs. He fed the homeless. The cold hand of death took him away at a full old age of 80 years. Bob Cain died at his home in Atlanta, Georgia on September 2nd 2014 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Bob Cain Career Details

Bob Cain started his career with NBC Radio as a correspondent in New York in 1971 and did almost a decade with the New York base Radio Station where he became famous in Radio Broadcasting and News anchoring. He later joined CNN giant in the year 1980 at the later part of the year. He was with CNN till 2001 and retired in 2002. He was known for his sweet smooth melodious voice. He present a lot of morning programs such as Daybreak, Week in Review, CNN Morning News and the famous News line. A fascinator of words, a writer and a storyteller. Who have writing some stories to his credit like Kilmore: The Cup that Grew, etc. an author of novels inclusive to his portfolio.

Bob Cain Achievements

Bob Cain was a popular Veteran journalist, who had spin his wheels interviewing, corresponding, reading the news, reporting critical cases and issues all around the globe in Radio and Television Stations in NBC and CNN. Bob Cain had cut a hole in the heart of his viewers and listeners with his soft and caring heart. He was very much aware of the glorious nature in which life offers. He helped in building and raising the standard of CNN from the scratch before retirement as a news network. Throughout his career Bob Cain anchored stories including the resignation of President Nixon, the 1976 blackout in New York City, the Gulf War and the 50th anniversary of D-Day. Among his medals were a 1988 America Bar Association Silver Gavel Award, 1975 George Peabody Award, a New York Council of Churches Award 1972, Providence 1966 Award, R.I Toastmaster’s Gravel Award, Including Books and Stories writing by him before his glorious exit.

Bob Cain Personal Life

Bob Cain was a religious, humble and kind hearted fellow that love to help the less privilege. A soft spoken personality who took care of the needy and a family man that loved his wife and children. He was a hard working man that loved to distinguish himself for what he is doing.

Quick Facts About Bob Cain

Bio: White American
Wiki: Born in August, 11th 1934.
Age: 80 years before his death
Career: Journalist and a Season Writer
Girl friend: Not Disclosed
Net worth: Not Disclosed
Dating: Married
Wife: Anne Walsh Cain said.

Parents: Not Disclosed
Kids: 3, a boy name John Cain and two girls, first name Stephanie Cain Sherman, not disclosed
All Body Measurement: Not Disclosed
Cars: Not Disclosed
House: Not Disclosed
Died: 2 September 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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