Who Was Don Ameche? Know His Bio, Birth Date And Net Worth At Death. Was He Married?

Don Ameche was known as a suave main man. This leading lad was prominent in 1950’s musicals, broadway, and films. He worked flamboyantly on Broadway and starred in famed noir television. Ameche was versatile in his acting ability and could dance through science-fiction to fantasy to comedy. Don Ameche, became a true poster child for 20th-century show business.

Don Ameche Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

American actor and comedian, Don Ameche born Dominic Felix Amici, was born May 31, 1908, to a bartender and a homemaker. Don started off strong with a major radio hit in the early 1930s. His quick rise to stardom brought him to a contract deal from the famous 20th Century Fox in 1935. The next 14 years proved to be fruitful as he landed international gigs on Broadway, and spanned to 70 comedies, musicals, dramas, and productions.

Don Ameche Career Details

Don Ameche studied college dramatics at the Marquette University, Ameche began his little known film debut, in ‘Dante’s Inferno’ putting him in the spotlight with 20th Century Fox. Fox quickly awarded Ameche a coveted long-term contract. Between 1937 and 1939, Don appeared in many films, his important works include ‘Ramona’, ‘Ladies in Love’, ‘One in a Million’, ‘Love Is News’, ‘Fifty Roads to Town’, ‘You Can’t Have Everything’, ‘Love Under Fire’, ‘Happy Landing’, ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’, ‘Gateway’, ‘The Three Musketeers’, and ‘Midnight’. The list goes on with ‘Hollywood Cavalcade,’ and ‘Swanee River’. Don Ameche was voted the 21st most popular star in 1940. Ameche’s works in the 1940s concluded That Night in Rio, Moon Over Miami, and the comedic Kiss the Boys Goodbye. Ameche shifted to a drama as a tone with works such as, ‘Confirm or Deny’, ‘The Magnificent Dope,’ Girl Trouble’, and ‘Something to Shout About’. With a shift in the1950s, Ameche made the move over to the family theatre, taking a hiatus from the films he had been starring in previous years. His Broadway work, ‘Silk Stockings’ ran for a whopping 478 performances while his work ‘Holiday for Lovers’ ran for 100 performances.

Ameche has only ever made one horror movie, named’ Picture Mommy Dead’ in 1966. The 1970s proved to be a comedic time for Ameche, as he starred in Disney’s ‘The Boatniks’. Ameche’s star role in Cocoon landed him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He made the eventual return to Broadway in ‘Our Town’ in 1989. In 1990, Ameche slowed down due to aging but never stopped working. ‘Oddball Hall’, ‘Oscar’, and ‘Folks!’. Don’s final films were listed as ‘Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey’ and Corrina which was tragically finished days before his death in 1994.

Don Ameche Net Worth

Don Ameche had an assumed net worth of $10 million American dollars. His salary and income were never revealed however we can assume it is quite high due to his extensive work in the media industry.

Don Ameche Dating History And Marriage Details

Don Ameche was married to Honore Prendergast in 1932, they had six children, and Don was described as a devoted husband up until his wife’s death in 1986.

Don Ameche Parents

Don Ameche was born to two loving parents, Felice Amici, and Barbara Etta Hertel. His father, Felice was an Italian immigrant who studied at Marquette University. His father worked as a bartender. His homemaker mother Barbara Hertel was of Irish-German descent. Don Ameche had three brothers ( Umberto, James, and Louis). As well as four sisters( Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, and Anna).

Don Ameche Kids

The couple went on to have six children; they welcomed their first child, a son named Don Ameche Jr. in 1933. Followed by Ron Ameche, Connie, and Bonnie Ameche, and Jim Ameche, the couple had their final child, a daughter named Constance Victoria Ameche in 1948.

Don Ameche Body Measurements Before Death

Don Ameche was five foot, eleven inches, and weighed one hundred and forty-seven pounds. Ameche was described as handsome, with certain star quality. He was described to have a charming smile worthy of the screen.

Don Ameche Cars, House

Don Ameche’s assets are unknown but can be estimated to be of great wealth.


Don Ameche is a historical media necessity. Ever since being thrown into the scene, this superstar has proven his value on Broadway, TV, film, and major voice acting. A devoted husband, a loving father to six, and a comedic attitude that lasted him up until his final days, Don was a true American film icon. His devotion landed him two stars on Hollywood Boulevard, and it’s no doubt that Don Ameche left his everlasting mark on society for decades to come.

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