Why Did The Dakota Boys Leave Gold Rush And Came Back Again?

Fans of the Gold Rush, who wanted to prove “Dakota” Fred Hurt and his friend, Dustin, for the early days, are in for great surprise! With a new high-risk gold show Gold Rush: White River, which starts on January 12, these two favorites return to Discovery Channel. What are we all sure of this new gold show underwater adventure?

Dakota Fred became Todd Hoffman’s main nemesis until his cantanerous relationship with Parker Schnabel.Many remember how Fred Hürt decided to purchase the claim himself from the owner Earle, leaving the crew of Hoffman in danger. Todd didn’t match Fred, his arrogance and decades of experience in gold mining.

People say Fred and his Dustin, the dapper, go back to Discovery on the Gold Rush show White Powder. The series is newThe new Series will take you back to Alaska to McKinley Creek, “where you have assembled a team of intrepid divers mountaineers and bush mechanics in a quiet Alaskan lake.” Now these daring gold miners will zip the “400 feet gorge” in order to enter the riverbank. They are in the middle of the mountains of Alaska, and they face predators and adverse temperatures. This is a great promise!
It compares with the latest Colorado adventure in Todd Hoffman, where local people don’t want Fairplay mining, their biggest threat.

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Why Did The Dakota Boys Leave Gold Rush?

The news broke last month It was revealed later that miners Dakota Fred Hurt and Dustin Hurt’s son would not come back for the Gold Rush Season 5, but instead work on their own show named All That Glitters. How Dakota Fred didn’t return, then? Yesterday the candid mining vet revealed what everyone was beginning to suspect: largely money.

Here’s Fred’s explanation in its entirety from his Facebook page

Why don’t we have “Gold Rush” this autumn? This could be bad for several I’m not rich I’m like most of you, a working class guy There was no path for me to start after spending more than four years straight than I did. But the main reason for this is simple and I quote.

If you want to have a miner, call me… if you want an actor, please pay me as one. Is it construed? we didn’t support each cocamainy idea people imagined about in the film. corporate bean meetings always needed their operations to be streamlined after a disasterful South American season. They have spent mega millions to buy Gold Rush from the company.

Fred answered,

Other crews were paying that 5 members of my crew had only $0 made, their share of gold. As the others were, we have not been compensated for any of our operating costs. It was a joke…. less than the third of the Others that pay me per show. Bottom line.. I am entertaining millions of people with my own resources… and the whole income is being pocketed by Discovery. On an earlier post, Fred replied someone who said that they had heard Fred leaving because of rent.

Latest $12 million has been invested shooting the jungle debacle and recording us for less than $1 m

Said Fred.

We were always viewed by the Network as the Red-Headed Stepchild.

What Happened To Dakota Boys

In several versions of the notorious reality series, Gold Rush, Dustin Hurt starred. Airing on Discovery captures a number of family-run mining enterprises, most located within the Dawson City area of Klondike, Yukon Canada and their gold mining efforts. Nevertheless, the 316 mining activities of Todd Hoffman span North and South America. Gold Rush has flourished beautifully.

Hurt was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Immediately after completing his high school diploma he started building. But his focus shifted in the early twenties.

Hurt decided to become a California Forest Service wildland firefighter. Before they spread he tried to contain forest fires and operated alone for a lengthy period.Hurt has been functioning as an automated burning machine for a number of years. Afterwards, he left for the Jim Placer Mine to follow his brother, Fred Hurt. Fred Hurt worked on Porcupine Creek after the squeeze out of the Hoffman Group.

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