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Ramario Xolo Mariduena commonly known as Xolo was born on the 9th of June, 2001. Not much is known about his complete family. Certain accounts show that his mother is a famous Radio Jockey, working at a major radio station. He also has a sister, Oshun Mariduena, who is younger than him and is dearly loved by him.

Xolo Mariduena has an interesting background. He has a diverse and multicultural heritage which includes Mexican, Cuban, and Ecuadorian heritage. Xolo’s ethnicity resonates from his first name which means Dog Star in the indigenous Nahuatl language.

Xolo Mariduena Dating History And Marriage Details

When it comes to the relationships, they are always and always complicated. Whether you are in a relationship with an extremely amazing person or you think your person is different than everyone else, things get weird at one point in time and people tend to break up more often than not. It’s an inevitable end of every relationship these days.

If you are a celebrity, it’s harder. It’s harder than a common man’s relationship as your life is under constant scrutiny. Relationships anywhere are generally extremely complicated, but in the Hollywood industry, the complications rise ten folds. There are numerous controversies and allegations which often tend to ruin relationships. But there are some people who are free as a bird. They are in a relationship but without having any worry in the world. One of the lucky ones is Xolo Marideuna.
Xolo Marideuna leads a carefree life where he doesn’t worry about his relationship. Why is that? Because he believes that he has landed himself THE perfect girl who is a great match. Things tend to get a little difficult when your partner is from the same industry or works in the same industry as you do. But not with Xolo Mariduena. His lucky stars are in his favor as his girlfriend is one amazing girl.

The duo is head over heels in love with each other. They do not have a single worry in the world. They pay no heed to the outside world and stay put, wrapped in the sweet embrace of love. They are believed to be sharing a healthy relationship, unlike other couples in the industry. There’s no fakery to be seen in their perfect love. No fakery, no pretense.
Many people tend to get jealous of the love they possess but they do not care. Of course, it is kind of inevitable to encounter jealous, envious looks when you are blessed with the perfect kind of love. The love and passion they have for each other is unmatched which makes people’s heads turn.

There are numerous “Aww moments” of the couple in question which make their well-wishers swoon.

Xolo Mariduena Girlfriend

Even though Xolo is young, quite young, he has found his perfect match in his girlfriend. People may say it’s too early to say this but one look at the couple and it’s confirmed that they are here to last!

Xolo met the love of his life on the sets of his TV show “Cobra Kai.” the youngsters worked together and fell in love pretty quickly. His love interest name is Hannah Kepple is a cute girl with an amazing quotient of talent.
When they started working, they instantly clicked and became good friends. The friendship didn’t last too long as sparks of love were flying all around. Anyone who looked at them would say without a second thought that they are an item, not friends!

Xolo took the lead and grew closer to Hannah in an adorable fashion. Leaving their friendship, taking it a notch higher. His girlfriend revealed in the sweetest way possible:

We were actually friends, a little flirty and then we started talking after season 1, and it clicked.

Which was a very interesting turn of events.

Now, unlike others, this young couple doesn’t hold back. They are vocal about their feelings for one another. Fans rejoice every time they put cute snaps on their social media handles. They are so attracted towards one another and it’s perfectly depicted in their pictures together.

Xolo Mariduena Career Details

Xolo is famous for his role in Cobra Kai but that wasn’t the start of his career. He started his career in a TV show called “Parenthood” which lasted for three years. His character was not a short role, rather he was one of the recurring casts after which he scored minor roles in different projects such as Furst Born and Rush Hour.
Nonetheless, his major role that rose him to fame was in Cobra Kai.

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