Rima Maktabi Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Rima Maktabi is a famous Journalist who has wins numerous award for her reporting and earlier she was a Lebanese TV presenter. She was born on 4 July 1977 in Beirut Lebanon, U.S. She had faced a lot of challenges and difficulties to get success in her life. She is now 43 years old

Rima Maktabi Career Details

She had made her career in TV just at the age of 18 where she used to host a Game Show on local TV but her educational career starts from Graduation in B.A degree in Communication Arts from Lebanese American University. Further, she got a master degree in International Affairs. When she had completed her education she starts working job in al-Arabia, an Arab satellite channel for five years.

Later she joined CNN (Cable News Network) and start working as a host of a program named as “Inside the Middle East”. She had continued this job for 2 Years (April 2010-October, 2012). During this period of time, she had shown her hard works and Patriotic feeling for her country Lebanon. During the period of Lebanon War, she plays a major role in reporting the Syrian war to which she hosted from office CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, Lebanon and Abu-Dhabi, this was turning in her career that change her life just in three months (July, 2006-September2006).In June 2012, she celebrates her 100th episode of “Inside the Middle East”.

She was awarded for the best coverage of on Israeli and Lebanese war in 2006 by the Lebanese American University in Beirut and the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Foundation in Dubai.
She is an inspiration for every beginner who wants to become a journalist because educational qualification never matters for your career only your hard work, practice makes you a perfect journalist. She also told in an interview that when we talk to people, see the geographic regions feel the streets, the pulse of people is a real story. She was awarded for her hard work for covering on Israeli and Lebanese War in 2006. Now she work as UK Bureau Chief at Al-Arabiya news channel.

Rima Maktabi Net Worth

Generally, She avoids being in social media, although in 2020, she reveals her Net worth between $1 Million -$5 Million. She is a very cool lady, interested to invest money in her work to bring a smile on people’s face, she does not enjoy her life unlike most millionaire live by showing off. She is sincere about her work and lifestyle.

Rima Maktabi Personal Life

She was born in the period of Lebanese civil war which ends in 1990. She had a meeting with Ambassadors, governer and interviewed many top celebrities. Life of a Journalist is very difficult because sometimes they have to travel to dangerous areas to collect the information for their channel. She had shown her best work in the Lebanese and Israeli war.

If we talk about her physical appearance, she is approx 4 feet from height with a cute smile on the face, her hair is naturally brown in colour, the eye is brown in colour.

Rima Maktabi Dating History And Marriage Details

She is a married woman. She was having a long relationship and later she married to Saudi Abdulrahman Al-Rashed in 2016, Both of them live a happy life. She is now 43 years old even see looks pretty and cool lady. We don’t have much knowledge about her house and cars.

After marriage she had responsibilities on the family and work too and there she also justified her bravery by managing the family and her passion.

Rima Maktabi Social Media Presence

At her Facebook account, she is having 8.4k followers and on Twitter, she has 3M followers. On Twitter account on 11 December 2020, she made a tweet and request people to support the students for their academic fees and also informs that nearly 65% of the Lebanese students are not able to afford their fees in this pandemic situation of covid-19, request to support them with some money for their better future.


She is a kind heart lady, because generally, everyone work to make their own profit but she is one of them, who not even think but also support needy people. Her life is an inspiration for us to show a patriotism feeling for our country.

Rob Marciano Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Robert Mark Marciano (ROB MARCIANO) is an American Journalist and meteorologist. He was born at 25 June 1968 Grenville Greenwich, Fairfield Country, Connecticut, U.S. He is the 52-year 6-month-old guy.

Rob Marciano Career Details

He had started her career in Bachelor degree in meteorology from Cornell University, New York. He joined KATU-TV (virtual channel) and 750 KXL News Radio in Portland, Oregon as chief meteorologist. From 1994 he works for KPLC-TV in Lake Charles, Louisiana for 3 years as morning and chief meteorologist and later become weather anchor for WVIT Connecticut News 30 in West Hartford, Connecticut, covering the news from weather column and natural disasters such as BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina made him earn a Peabody award.

He joined CNN in May 2003. He served his service as Weather anchor for 9 years. Later, He was announced for news co-anchor for the Entertainment Tonight on 12 November 2012. His life was totally changed when he became The network’s senior meteorologist, announced by the ABC News at 19 July 2014. He left the Entertainment Tonight 20 months after joining ABC News I late august,2014. Under ABC he joined Good Morning America Weekend and report on the latest weather headlines throughout the week with his partner Ginger Zee and team. He is a Meteorological Seal of Approval and certified broadcast meteorologist.

Rob Marciano Net Worth

Generally, he wants to be in social media, although in 2020, he reveals his Net worth exactly $2 Million. We can say that he is a millionaire. His annual income as per the data of Glassdoor is about $90k. He lives a better lifestyle as most of the millionaire lives.

Rob Marciano Bio: Age, Early Life, Ethnicity

He is mixed with Italian and german but belongs to, America. His full name is Robert Mark Marciano. He had spent his childhood in Connecticut and always has a curiosity about weather change and climate, that’s why he decided to become a meteorologist.

Rob Marciano Body Measurements

Let’s talk about his body measurement, he is 6 feet and 2 inches tall dark and handsome personality weight nearly 75 kg, short dark brown hair and brown eyes colour. Due to his height, he is a unique person.

Rob Marciano Social Media Presence

Other than this, he is one of the most active personality on Facebook around 112.5k followers and on Instagram, he has more than 67k followers. He is also popular on Twitter with more than 256.3k followers.

Rob Marciano Hobbies

He would like to play sports like skiing, trekking, and mountain biking trails in most of his free time. in addition to this, he also likes to play golf.

Rob Marciano Dating History And Marriage Details

He was married to Eryn Marciano on 27 November 2010. They beautiful daughter, Madelynn born at 19 November 2011 and he announced about the second pregnancy of Eryn on the Christmas, 2017and baby boy Mason Anthony born at 12 June 2018. They seem the cute couple and happy with each other.

He is a very fit father for his children and always train his children to be healthy and fit in life. talking about his wife Eryn Marciano, she is a Licensed Real State salesperson. she got graduated in psychology from the University of Georgia and initially worked as a mortgage loan originator. after getting interested in real state business, she changed her profession.


He is a dog lover, he always shows his affection and love to the dogs especially street dogs. he also participated in the celebration of shelter does unofficial birthday in august 2018. He named his dog sunny.

Most of the people are confused in Rob Marciano and Rocky Marciano, let me tell you that they are not related in any way. Rocky Marciano is an American Professional Boxer.
Rob Marciano never tells about his parent’s name and never talk about them but according to some sites news, his mother is a lung cancer survivor.

By concluding, Rob Marciano is a kind heart man who always tries to help especially dog. He is having a simple journey of life he always focuses on his goals in his life that what are the steps that could be taken to achieve success in life. Right now he lives in America with his wife and two children Madylenn 9 years and mason 2 years old in a beautiful house and having a luxurious car.

Mark Stone Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Date of Birth:29 January 1979Age: 42 years
Height:Not Known
Real Name:Mark Stone
Religion: Christianity
Nationality:Britain Wife Name:Not Known Marital status: Married
Ethnicity: Not Known
Net Worth:Not Known Weight: Not Known
Eye colour:Not Known Hair colour:Not Known Profession: Journalist Children’s: 1

Mark Stone Career Details

Stone started his career in 2002 by joining ABC News, service of American Broadcasting as producer. He spent nearly a year in Baghdad and covered the report on the capture of Saddam Hussein and rising insurgency in Iraq.

He joined Sky News in 2005 as producer, later in 2007 promoted to reporter. Mark became the networks Asia Representative in 2012. In 2015 he became networks Europe Representative. He have been reported from many places in Britain and around the world, from Iraq, ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, and Libya to the 2011 riots in London. In 2006 Stone was the first British journalist enlist with British troops in Helmand, Afghanistan and was the first journalist as eyewitness in terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport, June 2007. In London he met former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, two weeks before his death. Covered Mr. Litvinenko’s death with broad implications in detail. Stone spent around six weeks reporting on uprising against Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.Also Stone is included in those journalist to report almost every session of Britain in Iraq Inquiry. In 2011 widely cover a wide reports on London riots. For this he just used an iPhone. Due to his videos Sky News led in bulletins and were also taken by other broadcasters in the world. Within 24 hours his videos gained millions of views. Stone was among those Journalist which were given access to reclusive country. Stone with his team was the first ever broadcast from North Korea capital, Pyongyang.

In 2014 he was the key part of sky news for coverage of disappearance of Malaysian Airline flight MH370.Stone cover 2015-2017 crisis in Europe migration crisis.

He became the network’s Middle East Representative in 2019. He covered four session of US presidential candidates and informed that American networks had called race for Biden.

Mark Stone Bio: Age, Education, Personal Life

He was born on 29 January 1979.He completed his education in UK. Started from Hawtreys School, Wiltshire. Then at Cheltenham College, and last at University of East Anglia from where he done his BA in 2001. His brother Guy Stone who is currently a Brigade Major.

Mark Stone Dating History And Marriage Details

Mark stone is married but with whom it is not known yet. This couple had one son and they are living happily in Brussels, Belgium. Not much information about his family is available.

Mark Stone Social Media Presence

Mark Stone have accounts on Twitter. On twitter followed by49.7k people.

Mark Stone Achievements

  • In 2014 for his work across Asia he was recognized by the royal Television Society.
  • Recognized by One World Media Awards for his work in North Korea, China and Burma
  • Nominated for his work in London riots coverage by Royal Television Society
  • Awarded for the coverage of Iraq war for ABC News along with his team.

Dallas Hart Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

We all lead a busy life where we are running here and there, working and building our careers? There’s no time left for anything. The world is progressing and so should we. So, we tend to work, work, and work. Most often than not, we don’t have time to even eat 3 ideal meals.

But there’s this one thing that stays with us. There’s this one thing that we don’t forget to do. And that’s Netflix and chill! And why wouldn’t we? There are a number of handsome hunks ruling on the big screens that are a sight for sore eyes!

One such eye candy is Dallas Hart. With looks to die for, he is Netflix’s darling and a favorite of many. People, especially girls, swoon over his looks. His chiseled bones, the luscious locks, and the mesmerizing eyes keep them hooked to their screens. There’s a certain aura to Dallas, a secretive aura with which he conducts himself.

Dallas Hart Career Details

Dallas Hart started appearing on our TV screens in 2011. This was a short film called Motion Sickness where the young star was introduced. Like many first-timers, it didn’t go well and the actor kept his thing going.

He rose to fame with his Netflix special “Greenhouse Academy” where he played a young and determined leader of a group called “Raven.” His character’s name is “Leo Cruz” and he leads his team with great skill. This show determines what an amazing actor this guy is! He portrayed every emotion with peculiarity and precision. Whether it be the hospital scene or the captive scene, he played his role brilliantly.

It is not just his performance that kept the audience hooked to their seat and earned him a name, but also his dashing looks. One look from the handsome hunk is enough to make girls weak in the knees. His smile is to die for and his eyes have the ability to enthrall you.

Dallas Hart Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

The 25-year-old handsome hunk was born in the United States on the 14th of February 1995. Having been born in an Army family, things have always been so strict for the actor. His parents were Ex-US officials. Hence the strict environment. But the strictness didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream.

Dallas Hart is an extremely private person, leaving no trail of his family behind. He tends to keep to himself and he doesn’t really share with the outside world. Whatever he does, whoever he hangs out with, there’s no account on which every detail of life is shared. Even on his social media accounts, he shares stuff about his work life, mostly. But it is safe to say that he is a family guy in the truest of sense.

Dallas Hart Dating History And Marriage Details

As many other male celebrities encounter the infamous question, “Are you gay?” Dallas Hart went through a series of questions and speculations. But there is no truth to it. These are mere rumors. As he has never shared his relationship status with the world, many thought that he was gay. But he is not.

There’s no picture of any girlfriends, either. There’s no way you could link him with anyone as there’s not a single linkup that emerged with his name.

However, he wished his on-screen love interest, Hailey Mortman who plays the character of Hayley, a young, talented, and vivacious girl, on Instagram, sparking rumors of his linkup with her. Fan rejoiced but the alleged couple denied these rumors saying both of them are single and are not linked together.

As the show revolves around them where they shared interests, it was highly likely that they must have sparked in real-life as well. But alas! Apparently, it’s not true.

It’s a vague situation. He may be working and dating someone but since there’s no record or no sighting, nothing could be said about his relationship status.

Dallas Hart Net Worth

He gained massive fame in his show called “Greenhouse society” where he played a women magnet, a very easy catch. But before that, he has appeared in many shows. Will and The Social Experiment is one of them. Not just that, he has done guest appearances as well where people loved him.

It is safe to say that in a very small span of time, he has gained a lot of popularity. He is considered one of the most loved celebrities these days, earning him a net worth of $200, 000.

Eileen Hsieh Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Eileen Hsieh is a bilingual journalist and travel blogger born in China. She is a Taiwanese journalist who is based in London and is a former host of CNN’s weekly Chinese program which aired for two years (2009 – 2011). She was born in Taiwan and speakers Taiwanese and English fluently, making her bilingual.

Eileen Hsieh Career Details

Eileen works as a freelance journalist and is a content creator who has worked as a reporter and producer for the Cable Network News which she joined in 2000. Her main job on CNN was reporting international news as it happened and she covered a very big story on the Iraq war in 2003 and also the 2004 United States presidential election. She traveled to Baghdad for Saddam Hussein’s execution in December 2006. She also went to Athens in December two years later to cover the story on the Anarchist riots in Greece. Eileen launching the first CNN Chinese news program in April or 2009 launched her to stardom. The show is a weekly news review and airs on the network.

She also worked for Reuters, Discovery as well as other huge Non-profit organizations. She has also given awards through a years as a journalist. She has been awarded the Peabody Award for journalism excellence. She covers stories on CNN ranging from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, the massive attacks that hit Japan and The Jasmine Revolution Effect. All her news article are in Chinese for her mandarin fans.

Eileen Hsieh Dating History And Marriage Details

There is no news on Eileen’s previous and current relationship. She appears to be single currently.

Eileen Hsieh Body Measurements

  • Hair color – Brown
  • Eye colour – Brown

Van Earl Wright Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Van Earl Wright has brought his passion for news to local and national stations across America. With his attention-grabbing verbal skills and tireless work in supporting media communities, Van Earl Wright has earned his popularity and loyal following. Wright is known for his resilience in tough times and making a worthy comeback to land high ratings in his field of television communications.

Van Earl Wright Bio, Wiki, Age, Early Life

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 27, 1962, Van Earl Wright has always had a passion for creativity and brand image. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is employed as a Sports Reporter for Turner Sports in Atlanta, GA, which is also his hometown. Van Earl Wright has proven himself as a competent producer, winning his show “Bulldogs Game Week” a coveted time-slot each week and maintaining high ratings. It is a little known fact that Van Earl has participated in voice acting with NBA.com, and many more. Wright has over thirty years of experience as a sportscaster and is highlighted for his consistency and personality.

Van Earl Wright Career Details

Van Earl Wright has a successful and lengthy list of achievements within his years of work. Starting with the 1980s, Wright’s voice became a household name. His unique pronunciation of ‘Los Angeles’ and his distinctive sign-off “I’m Van Earl Wright, CNN Headline Sports”, landed him lasting impressions with his viewers. Pursuing more voice acting Wright provided live event promotion for ‘World Championship Wrestling’ in the early ’90s. He continues to provide his style to games such as ‘Crystal Dynamics Sega Saturn’, and Slam ‘n Jam in 1995. Van Earl Wright presented on more formal stations such as FSN Final Score, and Fox Sports Radio’s Morning Extravaganza, for the very popular Fox Sports Net up until 2007. Wright worked for CNN Headline News, CNN/Sports Illustrated, as an anchor. In 2007, Wright was featured on Pros vs. Joes showcased on Spike TV. In 2008 Wright brought back his talented voice and hosted American Gladiators on NBC. Van Earl Wright has since had small cameos on shows such as ‘Ned’s Survival Guide’.

Van Earl Wright Net Worth

As you could imagine Van Earl Wright’s net worth is estimated between 1 million and 7 million American dollars.

Van Earl Wright Dating History

Van Earl Wright is currently recorded as not dating.

Van Earl Wright Marriage Details

Van Earl Wright’s marriage has rumored to have been turbulent, with emotions running high. Wright’s wife Shari decided to join Van Earl in Utah and brought along their three children. Although dedicated this journey did not prove fruitful and the family headed back to Atlanta to operate. Van Earl Wright’s life was an emotional roller coaster as he worked entry-level jobs to stay afloat. Wright’s divorce became official in 2012.

Van Earl Wright Kids

Van Earl Wright has three teenage children named, Ali, Bishop, and Lizzie. He is currently a single father.

Van Earl Wright Parents

Van Earl Wright’s parents are unknown at this time, Van Earl states he prefers to keep his family life private, Wright chooses to keep information on his parents and upbringing out of the public eye.

Van Earl Wright Body Measurements

Van Earl Wright is caucasian, very little is known about his physical appearance. He is blonde with the regular use of thick-rimmed glasses.

Van Earl Wright Cars And Houses

Van Earl Wright’s assets are unknown at this time.

Van Earl Wright  Social Media Presence

Van Earl Wright is active on different social media platforms. He joined twitter in February 2011 and posts regularly on the platform. He has 1164 followers and is following 1033 people. He is also active on Facebook. You can check his social accounts by clicking on these links:


Wright is well known for his extreme support and the undying admiration of Kobe Bryant.

A true Southern gentleman, Van Earl Wright is a successful sportscaster, TV host, and community leader. He has proven to his fans to be dedicated, passionate, and a generational name since the ’90s. A pioneer in voice acting, and multimedia, Wright has thirty years of experience under his belt. Although Van Earl Wright suffered a divorce in 2012, this single father of three continues to make a name for himself in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. With his unique taglines and memorable sign-offs, Van Earl Wright is sure to be a voice you’ll remember.

Judy Woodruff Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

In an ever-changing political domain, a trusted journalist like Judy Carline Woodruff is an admired face. Woodruff is a talented anchor with an ability to appeal and create sense with politically divided younger Americans. Decades of experience back this broadcaster, making her a senior position at popular channels such as CNN, NBC, and PBS. Since 1976, Judy Carline Woodruff has been making significant waves as a role model in the area of network, cable and public tv.

Judy Woodruff Bio, Wiki, Age, Early Life, Education

Judy Woodruff was born on November 20, 1946, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Woodruff initially attended Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1964. She grew up in a military household and had plenty of moves in her childhood. Her family settled into Augusta, Georgia where she won the beauty pageant, ‘Young Miss Augusta’ In 1963. She had primarily planned on receiving a degree in mathematics. However, quickly developed an interest in political science. Two years later, Judy Woodruff made the move to Duke University where she later graduated in 1968. Her first entry into the news sector began in the 1970s, winning her a myriad of awards and a trusted following since then.

Judy Woodruff Career Details

In 1968 Woodruff began working as a news secretary in Atlanta, Georgia also is known as station WQXI-TV. Judy moved on quickly after a year of work and began her career with the CBS affiliate WAGA-TV two years later. Covering general news in this Georgia State, Woodruff was seen on the noon and evening slots. In 1970 she began Co-hosting with anchor Kenley Jones, here she experienced large-scale reporting, covering ten states for NBC in Atlanta, Georga. After covering Carter’s prior political trail Woodruff would travel with Carter’s presidential campaign until her eventual release in 1976. In 1977 Judy Woodruff would begin to cover White House correspondent until 1982. Judy Woodruff made the move to a different channel named PBS in 1983 where she was named ‘Chief Washington Correspondent’ on a NewsHour. Judy woodruff would wear more responsibility, delivering a popular weekly series, ‘Frontline’, that she would eventually leave in 1990 to prioritize her personal life. This was short-lived as in 1993, Judy joined CNN to host the show, ‘Inside Politics’ that was later renamed, ‘Judy Woodruff’s Inside Politics.’ Woodruff left CNN in June 2005 to pursue TV programming and its design. This was in tandem with hosting ‘Conversations with Judy Woodruff’, a tv program of highly anticipated interviews and questionnaires. In 2006 Woodruff began a start on her project aimed at American youth ‘Generation Next: Speak Up’ where she included the needs of a younger society in present media. In 2007 Judy was made a senior correspondent on PBS NewsHour amongst other big names. September 2013, Judy Woodruff and her co-anchor Gwenn Ifill made history being apart of the first broadcast hosted by two women. This was tragically cut-short when Ifill died in November 2016. Woodruff is (to no surprise) an accomplished author, having had written several books, such as ‘This Is Judy Woodruff’ and ‘The Theodore H. White’ lecture.

Judy Woodruff Net Worth

$8 million.

Judy Woodruff Marriage Details

Judy Woodruff is not dating.However, she is married to Al Hunt. Al is a former reporter and current columnist. They reside in Washington, D.C. This couple met in a simple fashion and got married 4 years later on April 5, 1980 in St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C.

Judy Woodruff Kids

This couple has three children: Jeffrey Woodruff (born in 1981),Benjamin Woodruff (born in 1986) and Lauren Woodruff (born in 1989). Jeffrey Woodruff was born with a case of spina bifida although diagnosed as mild, Jeffrey shortly after became disabled, causing this super mom to reduce her workload for CNN. Judy and Al, adopted their final child, Lauren from Korea.

Judy Woodruff Parents And Siblings

Father: William Henry Woodruff. He was a highly regarded Chief Warrant Officer in the Army.

Mother: Anna Lee Woodruff.

Judy has one sibling named Anita Woodruff.

Judy Woodruff Body Measurements

Judy Woodruff has aged well and credits her figure to eating healthy and exercising regularly. She is on the shorter side at 5 feet 2 inches tall and carries her weight well of 56 kg. This new anchor has short blonde hair and a striking smile. Her green eyes are complemented by her strong facial features. Her measurements of 34-25-35 inches make her petite, with an athletic body shape.

Judy Woodruff Cars And House

Judy Woodruff’s assets are unknown at this time.


Woodruff has made history with her reliable coverage and is the unbiased journalism America lays their trust in.

Arsenio Hall Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Arsenio Hall is a successful African- American man who goes by many titles: an amazing actor, outstanding comedian, wonderful writer, commendable television presenter and producer. He switches to these roles with ease and confidence.

Arsenio Hall Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Arsenio is 64 years old. He will turn 65 on 12th February. He was born and raised at Cleveland, Ohio in the United States of America. Hall attended Warrensville Heights High School in Warrensville Heights, Ohio and thereafter Ohio University and Kent State University. He was a magician at a young age and performed many magic tricks.

Arsenio Hall Career Details

Arsenio hosted and appeared in many tv shows, movies and TV series. This is a list of some of the tv shows that he either hosted or appeared in.

  • Thicke of the Night. (Talkshow)
  • Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour (Gameshow)
  • The Arsenio Hall Show
  • The Tonight Show
  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • Arsenio
  • Martial Law with Sammo Hung
  • Star Search
  • Chappelle’s Show. He appeared in March 2004.

Some of the movies that he appeared in include:

  • Coming to America
  • The Naked Brother’s Band
  • Paula Abdul: Straight Up
  • The Heckler

TV Series

  • Soul Train
  • Madame’s Place
  • Living Single
  • Uptown Comedy Express

He is set to appear in Coming 2 America in 2021.

Arsenio Hall Net Worth

Arsenio is one of the highest paid comedians in America. His net worth was approximately $16 million in 2020.

Arsenio Hall Dating History And Marriage Details

Hall has dated at least three women in his life. However, he has never proposed to any of them. These are the women who Arsenio dated:

  • Paula Abdul (1980s). She is an American singer and dancer.
  • Emma Samms (1983 – 1984). She is a British actress.
  • Cheryl Bonacci (1987-2002). The two had a son together. Cheryl is a Senior Executive and Corporate Consultant. She has succeeded in various fields like criminal justice and entertainment. She is also a social justice advocate.

According to online rumours, Arsenio dated Mary Frann. He cleared these rumours by stating that there was nothing between them because Mary was older than him.

Arsenio is single. He has never been married before. According to answersafrica.com, Arsenio doesn’t see any need for marriage. Could this be the case or does he fall under the category of men who don’t want commitments? Well, this is only a speculation.

Arsenio Hall Parents

Arsenio is the son of Fred Hall and Anne Hall. Anne Hall worked as a secretary in church during summer vacations. This is where she fell in love with Fred Hall, a preacher. The two got married and had one child. They divorced when Arsenio was 6 years old. Fred Hall died in 1979.

Arsenio Hall Kids

Hall has one son called Arsenio Hall Jr. He was born in September 1999.

Arsenio Hall Body Measurements

  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Height: 180cm
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Face shape: Oval
  • Shoe size: 10

Arsenio Hall Social Media Presence

This man is loved by many and as expected, he has many followers on different social media accounts. He is active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Arsenio joined Twitter in July 2010. He has 417.3 k followers and is following 821 people. On Instagram, he has 412K followers, is following 355 people and has 4426 posts.

Arsenio also has a website called www.ArsenioHall.com where he posts upcoming stand-up dates.

Interesting Facts About Arsenio Hall

  • He loves hats. When you google Arsenio Hall and check the images, you will notice that in most of the pictures, Arsenio is wearing hats.
  • He took a break from his career to raise his son. Kids grow fast. Before you know it, they are sitting, crawling, walking and going to school. Arsenio did not want to miss these life events in his son’s life. He stated this in an interview in the Oprah Winfrey show.
  • He introduced a pop culture of chanting “Roo! Roo!Roo!” as an alternative to clapping during his late-night show, The Arsenio Hall Show.
  • He had a catchphrase “Hit me with the digits” in a show he hosted called Star Search.

Sasha Foo Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Sasha Foo is an established News anchor reporter and an actress too. She is popularly known for her appearance in the movies “Most Wanted” and “Volcano” both in 1997 and she played the roles of news anchor and a reporter. She was born in 1991. Her home town is San Diego, California, USA. She was born and raised at his home town where she attained her education.

Sasha Foo Career Details

Sasha Foo has worked as a journalist and TV anchor with pension, focus and motives. She is a self-driven lady with great personality and in-depth understanding of journalism. Sasha also got a great teast in print journalism. She said she left a great job at ESPN just to work for a newspaper industry at her home town. She has been working at KUSI – TV for seventeen years just before she left the job early this year to broaden his career. She made an impressive statement as she left her job, and she told Times of San Diego. “As someone has recently told me, ‘If you want to explore new waters, you have to lose sight of the shore.’” Sasha has commented to stay in San Diego as it’s the only place where she has had a rich life at with great community contact.

Sasha Foo stared off his career in 1980s in Philadelphia as a news writer at KWY news Radio 1060 – AM. She later advanced and secured a job as an on-air TV news anchor in Tulsa, Okla. This was a major breakthrough and a drive for her rapid career development. To date she has worked in about TV stations in nine cities across USA. Namely: CNN in Atlanta, Seattle at KIRO, Boston at WBZ and WHDH, New York City at WWOR, Los Angeles at KCOP and San Francisco at KPIX and KNTV. From this, she had developed strong culture in the industry and had advanced skills in handling matters pertaining journalism. She was the networks first Asian – American news Anchor at CNN. In September 2003, she arrived at KUSI – TV where she got to share impactful and meaningful stories to the residence of San Diego. She was brought to KUSI – TV by Steve Cohen who was her colleague at KCOP and by then was KUSI news director. Early this year, after working at KUSI – TV for a great 17 years, she decided to exit the job and expand on his career. She got a decent farewell form KUSI – TV team wishing her all the best in her new venture. Through her 17 years’ experience she had develop unique story telling skills and become more enthusiastic in the field and felt need for bigger challenges in the journalism and media industry.

Sasha Foo Net Worth

With such a great and well-paying Job and within her long serving time with constantly rising salary, Sasha Foo has managed to accumulated great wealth and is being estimated to be worth 1.6 million dollars. Salary being her primary income, she has few investments and has acquired some wealth through deals from special occasions which she was awards as a skilled and experienced anchor and reporter. Sasha Foo lives a standard life and in not a lavish kind of a person. She spend her earnings in family and investments.

Sasha Foo Dating History And Marriage Details

Sasha’s love life has not been openly disclosed. Not all celebrities opens up all their day to day life activities. However much we have dug, we could not find a trace of her sharing about her love life.

Sasha Foo Social Media Presence

As a Profession, Sasha have social media platforms linked to her. She has Facebook account that goes by the name Sasha Foo KUSI and with about 2830 likes and 3265 followers. In Instagram, she runs a profile by the name @sasha.foo. Away from this she also run other platforms to keep news updated and follow-ups.

Quick Facts About Sasha Foo

Official Name- Sasha Foo
Initial name- Sasha
Age- 61 years
Profession- News Anchor and Reporter
Spouse – undisclosed
Kids- undisclosed
Birth date- 1961
Siblings – Virginia W. Foo and Barbara C. Foo
Net worth- $1.6 million
Birth of place- San Diego, USA
Height – 5’2’’ (157 cm)
Weight -53kg
Hair color – blond
Eye color – dark brown
Mothers Name – undisclosed
Father Name – undisclosed

Mark Geragos Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Who is Geragos? Have you ever heard of a Celebrity Lawyer? Well, Geragos is one. He is a popular American criminal defense lawyer with incomparable reputation in the field. Mark John Geragos was born on October 5, 1957 Las Angeles, California, USA. He is the owner of Geragos and Geragos Law Company in Las Angeles specialized in both criminal law and civil litigation. As an Attorney, he has accomplished great works to high profile celebrities, politicians, business personnel’s and even children.

Mark Geragos Early Life And Education

Geragos stared his schooling at Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada and excelled. He later moved to Haverford College and studied Bachelor’s Degree, he had done two bachelor’s degree specializing in Anthropology and Sociology in the year 1979. He latter advanced to Loyola Law School for his Juris Doctor at the Loyola Marymount University in 1982, and later admitted to State Bar of California in 1983.

Mark Geragos Career Details

After completing his studies, Geragos moved to his father’s law farm and was absorbed as a professional Lawyer. Her first contact was with Susan McDougal, Bill Clinton’s business partner.

In 2001, he made her first public attention in 2001. How did he achieve it? Geragos secured a presidential pardon of McDougal by winning a case placed against McDougal in Las Angeles which resulted as a non-guilty verdict. His second case that made him more popular was of Scott Peterson. Peterson was given a death penalty after getting convicted, when Geragos come in, he manage to overturn the ruling. He handled all his clients with the best of blessings he had. Geragos was a masterpiece in judicial field. In his early career he had handled molestation case for Michael Jackson and many more prominent people.

Through Geragos, the LA community has had a great revelations. Some of his successful clients include: December 2002 charges against Winona Ryder for stealing merchandise, Michael Jackson’s molestation case and Scott Peterson’s case which he simultaneously dealt with and was considered the best as at of that time. Presidents Bill Clintons’ brother, Roger Clinton Jrs’ case for alcohol relates charges, solving Carradines’ family death controversies of David Carradine. In 2006 he filled an appeal against the court for violation of Greg Andersons’ plea. In 2006, charges against Cameron Brown for murdering his four years old daughter was overturned by him and his company to the Attorney Herbert. September 2006, he succeeded a negotiation between the residents and a man believed to be in position of illegal goods identified as Victor Willis. In 2008, he defended Kuzuyoshi. He has been involved in multiple cases for Chris Brown that involves assaulting his by then girlfriend and club violence. February 2014, he was hired by Scottie Pippen to file for countersuit. He is a leaving proof that Success cannot be measured directly. The list is so long that if we had to cover entirely, it will take days and days.

Mark Geragos Awards

Some of his best achievements include: Winning the trial layer of the year and the jerry giesler memorial award (1999). He also won the humanitarian of the year by the Mexican American grocers association (2001). It didn’t stop there in 2004, he won the Professional Lawyer of year. 2005 championed the consumer attorney of the year. 2006, become the Attorney of the year.

Mark Geragos Net Worth

As of 2021, his net worth is said to have hit $28 million. As a successful Attorney with greater reputation none should question his source of earnings.

Quick Facts About Mark Geragos

Official Name – Mark John Geragos
Celeb name – Geragos
Age- 63 years old
Profession- Criminal Defense Lawyer (Attorney)
Spouse – Paullete Geragos (Kassabian)
Kids- 2 (Jake Geragos and daughter, Teny Geragos.)
Birth date- 5 October, 1957
Net worth- $28 million
Birth of place- Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Height – 1.76 m
Weight -80kg
Mothers Name – Elizabeth Grace
Father Name – Mac Grace

Mark Geragos Summary

Geragos has a great social life. He make appearance in media as a guest and also as commentator. He was employed by CNN as a contributor to unmask the 20 million dollar Nike scandal. He has appeared on Anderson Cooper show as a guest. Together with Sunny Hostin they hosted a show titled making the Case. In most of his appearances, he is always giving comments on the judicial matters.