Jazz Jennings Bio, Birth Name, Age, Net Worth, Career, Ethnicity, Parents

Jazz Jennings was born on October 6, 2000. She is an American YouTube personality, television personality, spokesmodel and LGBT-rights activist. Jazz, a boy who turned into a transgender girl is notable for being one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as a transgender.

Jazz Jennings Early Life

When she was five years old, Jazz was diagnosed with gender disorder identity because even though she was said to be male, she looked like a female and exhibited feminine characteristics. Moreso, she preferred to be dressed as a female rather than a male. She was the youngest person to be diagnosed with such a disorder, but as soon as she could talk, she made it clear ‘she is a girl’ and had to be addressed as such.

Jazz explains her early life like this: Imagine a young boy who is interested in trucks and cars and playing in the mud. Then imagine that on all occasions his parents take him out in public, they parade him around in a pink ruffle dress with a parasol. The humiliation that boy would feel is exactly the same humiliation she felt having to wear plain shorts and a T-shirt. She thought why her parents, who loved her a lot could hope for, would force her to go through that kind of torture.
It wasn’t like her mom had never heard of someone being transgender. She had a general understanding of what it meant, as did her grandma Jacky. They never thought that a kid could know with so much certainty at such a young age. Jazzy’s mom took her to a paediatrician, who, after giving her a pretty concerned look, recommended to take her to a child psychologist. That was the first day she ever heard the word ‘transgender’.

Jazz Jennings Career Details

Jazz Jennings became popular as the star of TLC’s I Am Jazz, and as an advocate for the trans teen community. She was born male and later diagnosed with gender dysmorphia. So she had undergone gender transition to female.
“Jazz” was not the name given on her birth. Jazz’s birth name was Jared. “Jennings” is not the real last name of her family. Reports show that she decided to choose the name Jazz after her sister played the role of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin in a school play. Her mother Jeanette only started calling her Jazz, recently in 2015.
So many people attempt to destroy the purity of this child’s happiness with their stubborn hatred. She never gave up hope, yet they are still denied by the intolerance of society. Her heart beats with the gratifying rhythm of liberation yet numerous people prefer the trepidatious sound of fear or the unrelenting drum of cruelty. But the hope in her eyes and the love in her heart are confident that one day everyone is going to hear that alluring melody of freedom if we can all just wish for all people to smile in the way of that little girl.

This is the real-life story of a ‘girl’ who had accidentally been born into a ‘boy’’s body.

Who Is Onision? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Body Measurements

Gregory Daniel Jackson popularly referred to as Onision is an American youtube entertainer who has made a name for himself inside the current society. He is first-class recognised on youtube for making comedy videos full of satirical facts and parody and has received fame and fortune using the internet. He has been also tagged as one of the most controversial people in modern society. Music is also one of his appreciated talents. Let’s discover Onision’s net reality worth and married existence and his spouse Taylor Andreson and know about his preceding marriage and divorce with ex-wife Skye Tantaga.

Onision Dating History

Onision’s second wife is Taylor Anderson, often referred herself to a person with no gender, and so she is not referred with the feminine phrase.

The meeting between Onision and his wife Taylor is quite amusing. The first encounter of Onision and his wife Taylor was pretty amusing, the two of them met through social media. Taylor Anderson tweeted Onision in 2011 and this connected them. The two of them met in the end whilst Taylor was 17 years of age.

The couple got married in 2012 in undisclosed place rapidly after Taylor had attained 18 years as required via regulation and law. They welcomed their first child, in 2013. Taylor and Onision have two youngsters collectively, a boy born in 2013 and a baby girl born in 2016 even though they’ve kept the facts approximately classified.

The footsteps of her husband were followed by, Taylor Anderson. She has attained great success and popularity making her YouTube videos. Her gigs are quite often followed in YouTube. Her husband who has been her mentor and support during her initial years in the industry and gave those credentials to her husband.

Onision Marriage Detais, Divorce With Skye Tantaga

Skye Tantagaand Onision met back in High School. 2003 is when they first saw and Onision made the first gesture. The rapid conservations thereafter made both of them date in progress. In many of Onision’s videos, she was featured when he was dating.
Onision and Skye Tantaga tied their knot in 5th August 2005. Onision was serving as a soldier under the Airforce of the United States. Because of this, they were not able to move together. He eventually regretted it and told that he did not get enough time with Skye. He even had to chase two of her friends away in order to spend time with Skye. As absurd as this sounds, we know for a fact that Onision is capable of doing anything.

The couple called it quits after 5 years of marriage and filed for divorce. On 24th December 2010, Onision took to facebook the news regarding the end of his five years of marriage with Skye. He mentioned that they parted ways on December 17th 2010.
This caught the attention of his fans though many of them believed it to be false. When Onision made the news official, the fans were shook.

There were so many rumours flying around about this in social as well as mainstream media and people were contemplating over various reasons for their break. It is alleged that Onision was abusive and was also cheating on Skye. There are no confirmations for these allegations to date.

Onision Net Worth And Career Details

Onision’s career did set a benchmark. He has received fame and profit from his YouTube channel.Onision is also an artist and has quite good skills in singing which he has showcased a few times.

He received a lot of profit from his YouTube channel because of his substantial network that he has gained throughout his career. He is definitely one of the most followed YouTubers of all time and has received a huge fan following with more than a million people.

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His YouTube channel served as the main source of his income and he became successful through the course of his career. His music skills also helped him in making some money.

Being in the United State Airforce, also paid him quite well and he eventually retired in 2009. He is still active on YouTube which is going to increase his net worth in the coming years. Despite being controversial, Onision has built a name for himself on YouTube.

Age: How Old Is Onision?

Onisionwas born on November 11th, 1985 in Seattle, Washington DC as Gregory Jackson and he is known to be one of the most controversial internet celebrities of all time.

He is currently 32 years old who has achieved quite a lot of fame in time. He celebrates his birthday on 11th November, every year. He is quite open about sharing his birthday celebration on YouTube for his fans.

Taylor Anderson Biography

Taylor Anderson is known as the famous American YouTuber. Her source of inspiration was Onision and she shot her first public video after getting married to him.

We are not sure about Taylor Anderson’s birthplace. Details about her parents and siblings are also not known to us. Some resources say that she was born on 16th October 1994. Details about her childhood and early education are also not known to us. Taylor met Onision husband in 2011 through a casual tweet. They started talking and took a couple of months before they finally met. Taylor and Onision started dating after she turned 18 in the year 2012 and they were spotted together in public places as well as in many of their social media posts. They both decided to tie the knots on 14th November 2012 in New Mexico in a civil marriage.

Onision Bio; Age, Early Life, Parents

Gregory Daniel Jackson was born in 1985 in Seattle, Washington. He has two sisters and was raised by his mother. There are not many details available about his father. We don’t know about his educational background as well. He proceeded and joined the American Airforce and served as a pilot. He retired in the year 2009 after his prestigious service.

Gregory Jackson has had a deep connection with the internet since 1996 when he was a web developer. While serving the Airforce, he started to make and post funny videos on Youtube. He has made funny parodies and videos on several topics like types of suicides that people post online. he gained a lot of attention through his YouTube videos and he started to earn a lot of fans.

Gregory Jackson took a stage name for himself as Onision which later became his YouTube name and brand. He is very controversial and has gotten into fights with several fellow YouTubers. Onision is known for his music as well. His Song I am a banana was a hit and got over 60 million views on YouTube. Onision has two kids with his wife Taylor.

Meet Youtuber Sam Tsui. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Gay Partner Casey Breves

Youtuber Sam Tsui come out on 15 April 2016 through a vlog video that he is gay and announced that he is in a relationship with musician Casey Breves. They got married the next day, 16 April 2016. This came as a surprise to his fans as he didn’t like to share details about his personal life and preferred to let his work and music do the talking for him.

Who Is Youtuber Sam Tsui?

Sam Tusi is a hugely popular American actor, singer, video producer, and songwriter. He rose to fame by uploading acoustic covers of popular singers. Due to his popularity, he also has been on several famous shows and goes on tours to different parts of the world.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Siblings

Samuel Tsu was born on May 2, 1989. Currently, he is 30 years old. His father is of Cantonese descent and Sam can converse in Cantonese. His mother, Judy is of European descent. He also has a brother, Kent Kevin.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Education Details

He grew up in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, U.S.A where he attended Wissahickon High School. While there, he took part in several high school musicals which included Titanic, Miss Saigon, Urinetown, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He studied classical Greek at Yale University. Here, he was a part of an all-male Acappella group called The Duke’s Men of Yale. He was also a paid soloist at an Episcopal church named Trinity Church in Southport. Besides music, he is also quite good at C++ programming.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Career

He is an actor, singer, video producer, and songwriter. He frequently collaborates with Kurt Hugo Schneider, who is also a well known musician, singer, producer, songwriter and video editor. Both of them knew each other from high school as they were from the same place and started collaborating since then. Also, both were in Yale University together. He became famous on Youtube by covering songs of several celebrity singers. He has also been seen in some original songs, mashups, and medleys. As of April 2020, He has got more than 3 million subscribers on Youtube

He started working in 2008 and created his own Youtube channel in 2011. After tasting success at music, he has also been seen on shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Bonnie Hunt Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show. With increased popularity, he has also been a part of several brand endorsements for several well known companies such as Samsung, Coca Cola, McDonalds, and Kia. He has also been on tours to different parts of the world including Australia, Asia, and USA.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Net Worth

As of April 2020, he has a net worth of more than $ 2 billion. He has gained his wealth by creating cover songs of well-known singers such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sia, and Shawn Mendes. He also does tours and has performed at various venues in USA, Asia and Australia

Youtuber Sam Tsui Dating History

He opened up on being gay and let his followers know that he had been dating Casey Breves. They had met while staying at Yale University. They had done several collaborations previously before Sam Tusi came out about being in a long term relationship with him

Sam Tusi had been in a long term relationship with Casey Breves. He prefers to not talk about his personal life and focuses on his work. However, he announced his relationship in a video a day before getting married. They first met while they were studying at Yale University. Later, they have also collaborated together for several videos.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Husband

Sam Tsui got married to Casey Breves.on 16 April 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. He also shared a video of the wedding for his fans worldwide. After the wedding, the couple went to Greece for their honeymoon. Recently, they completed 4 years of their marriage.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Ethnicity

Sam Tusi is of mixed parentage. His father has Cantonese ancestry while his mother, Judy who is from Iowa, is of European extraction. He has a brother named Kent Kevin.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Kids

As of 2020, he has no children.

Youtuber Sam Tsui Body Measurements

He has a height of 1.64 meters (5 feet 4 inches) and a weight of 62 Kg

Ricky Berwick Personality, Disability, Age, Disease, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

Ricky Berwick was born at the most populous province of Canada ,Ontario on 23 April 1992. He was born to Barbara and Devon wiki. He is 27 years old. He is basically a Canadian comedian and social media star. The main reason of his fame is funny vlogs that he uploaded on youtube, facebook, twitter and on instagram. Ricky Berwick is a big name on instagram having followers about 254K .He has earned fame and money on instagram by uploading his memes and vlogs. He also promotes his merchandise.
His popularity is not only limited to instagram. He has 1.5 million subscribers on youtube. Wiki is confident and courgeous as he always broaden his capacities rather than limiting them. But his motto of life is

My ability is greater than my disability

Ricky Berwick Early Life

His childhood was not like that of normal children because of his health. He avoided going out of his home and till now not much is known about his early life and education. As he avoided going in gatherings during his childhood so there was deficiency of cofidence at begnning ,but with the passage of time he became a courgeous and cofident guy.

Disability Means Differently Abled

This proved Ricky Berwick Wiki to use his disability in another way. He did it and earned money and fame both through his God gifted skills and talent.

Ricky Berwickc Career Details

He first made a channel on youtube by his own name in 2007. He first uploaded his funny vlog on his youtube channel ,this was the first spark of his social media career that video is having 122 million views. His videos are entertaining and amusing and most of his videos are not more than 30 seconds long but carrying great fun. Moreover he has 254k followers on twitter and has 1.4million fans on facebook. In simple words he has made himself a dominating social media star through his talent. He has uploaded 1600 plus videos on youtube and had enertained the world through his God gifted skills and abilities. He proved it that whenever God gives someone disability He also bless the person with some extraordinary things which other normal ones lack.

Rickey Berwick And His Friends: Pets

Ricky has alot of pets mainly cats and they seems to be his friends as he spend most of his time with them.The main reason of his cat friends is basically his childhood. As during this period he used to avoid gatherings and spended most of his time with them. Most favourite cats are skinny and shaddy. He also has great affiliation with spiders so that he also used to wear the spider costumes.

Ricky Berwick Is An Entrepreneur

He is also an entrepreneur and sell his merchandise and his goodies include Ricky T-shirt, Ricky Berwick T-shirt, hoodies and many more.He earns a handsome amount of money through this. He is the intelligent guy as he did not limit his capacities to social media but he also utilize his hidden skills in entrepreneurship. He has earned fame and popularity in buisness area as well.

Ricky Berwick Disease: What Is Ricky Berwick Suffering From?

He is suffering from Beals-Hecht syndrome which is basically a birth problem. He uses the motorized wheel chair. It is also known as congenital contractural arachnodactyly a defect in fibrillin. Fibrillin is basically a glycoprotein which is a basic component of elastic fibres that are found in connective tissue which is due to a mutation in gene named FBN2. This syndrome is characterized by long arms ,toes and fingers.

Ricky Berwick Marriage Details

Ricky is not married most probably because of his personal disability. Another possible reason is his disability and much details are not known because he used to avoid the inerviews. He had made a tweet on 13th April 2018 which shows that he has a girlfriend.

Ricky Berwick Net Worth

He not only earned money through his views on social media by uplaoding his funny vlogs and short videos but with his funny acts that cause people to laugh. This cause not only simple smiling and laughing but also belly ace due to laughing. He has earned a lot through social media and through his buisness. These things collectively contribute to his net worth. Now here is the thing you guys are waiting for, lets move insight his net worth is 21 million dollars.

Derek Deso Age, Education, Dating, Girlfriend Lycette Cornejo, Net Worth

Derek Deso is a famous personality of the social media and Youtuber. He is well well-known as part of TheBoogShow, a collaborative youtube channel.

Derek was born on April 27, 1987 in Los Angeles, California. He was carried up in Los Angeles, California. Derek Deso has relatives he has never revealed whose name it is. In one of his videos, he defined that his mother is an independent woman who raised him and his brothers alone. Derek Daso has not opened up about his family and parents
Derek Daso attended High School in Bellflower. He is a canine lover. In August 2010, he launched TheBoogShow together with his three friends, namely NesBoog, qbanguy and Lil Moco. Their first video was entitled “Intro the Boog Show.” Online record-His “Strip Challenge Joke” video featured on DerekDeso’s online channel received over 20 million views. He loves dogs, shopping, cooking and traveling. The favorite meal is chicken fried.

His favorite television series is a family man, a kind of late-night therapy. He hates spiders and snakes, who’s the youngest of the three brothers. Derek’s role mode is his momma, who’s a very strong woman.

He runs still two networks of personal pranks. DerekDeso, which was launched in 2011, is extremely popular with more than 1 million subscribers and DerekDesoDaily, which was launched in 2012, has 196k. YouTube phenomenon which is part of a joint channel called TheBoogShow with prank videos and approximately 540k subscribers

Is Derek Deso Still Dating Girlfriend Lycette Cornejo?

Derek Deso has been dating Lycette Cornejo, who is a famous fellow Youtuber, and social media girl. He has endlessly featured her on his Instagram page and she has also featured him on her Instagram and Youtube channel.

The pair have managed to keep their relationship hidden and away from the speculation and crisis of social media. On their Youtube videos the pair revealed they were no longer together in May 2017

Derek Deso Net Worth

The Youtube personality has accrued an estimated net worth of $700,000. His primary source of income, Youtube, is credited a significant portion of his net worth. His Youtube channel is primarily concerned with pranks, competitions, video vlogs, video sketches, and other random things.

His claimed has currently (2018) received more than 2.11 million subscribers and total uploaded videos are 508, over 450 million views so far. Deso can get a total of 350,000 views per day from various sources. It produces him the approximate income from the ads running on his uploaded videos at $630 per day (230,000 per annum). He has a net worth of $700,000. The content is mostly about tournaments, pranks, drawings, vlogs, and other random things. He is a middle child in a three-child family. Moreover, his two other channels Derek Deso Regular and The Boog Show add to his net worth as well. As of 2018, both channels had picked up a total of 800,000 subscribers. Since he can get an average of 300,000 views from different sources on a daily basis, he can produce an approximate revenue of about $540 per day ($200,000 annually) from the ads running on his uploaded video

Derek Deso Bio: Age, Siblings, Body Measurements

Derek Deso was born in Paramount, United States of America, on April 27, 1987. His age is 33 years old, his weight is 72 kg. He currently resides in Los Angeles, United States of America, California. Deso has namely two brothers; Ryan the three brothers ‘ elder and steven, the 3 brothers ‘ younger.

Derek Deso Tattoos

Derek has several tattoos on his body. His right hand is full of tattoos, and his left hand has “OMERTA” tattoos. He’s got even tattoos on his neck and chest. Deso have 6 ft 4 inches or (183cm) height, and have brown colour hairs, and have dark brown eyes.

Derek Deso Hobbies

Furthermore, traveling and cooking enjoy internet celebrity. Interviewed. Derek said his favorite meal is chicken fried and his favorite show on television is Family Guy, which acts as his late-night therapy.

Jenna Marbles Net Worth 2020. Know Her Boyfriend, Age, Career, Body Measurements

Jenna Marbles, an icon in the YouTube industry anyone who is constantly active on YouTube would know about her. Jenna marbles or Jenna Nicole Mourey was born on September 15, 1986 in Rochester, NY, U.S. She has an older brother named Devon Mourey.

She currently resides in LA, California with her hubby, she is a Virgo and happens to be a Strict Vegan by nature and has been in a Relation with fellow YouTuber Julian Solomita since 2013. And is very happy with her life.

Jenna Marbles Education Details

She was a very dedicated and a sincere student in her childhood. In 2004 she studied and graduated from Brightor High School in Boston then enrolled for studying Psychology in Suffolk University and later received a Bachelor of Science degree, and a Master’s degree from Boston University. Unlike other celebs she is among the few with such high qualifications.

Jenna Marbles Career Details

In 2010, Jenna moved into Cambridge, Massachusetts. Living in a shared 3 Bedroom apartment with a monthly rent of $800. She earned a living by doing jobs of bartender, also worked in a tanning Saloon, Blogging and she also went Go-Go dancing at the Night club.

Marble started her carrier with Barstool Sports where she wrote her Female-oriented site Stoolala which was pretty popular back then. Later she left barstool in Mid-2011

Jenna Marbles Youtube Journey

Jenna has been active on YouTube from 2006 till this date and her YouTube journey has been a happy one. Known for Edgy, Funny and Humor Packed content which has earned her the title

Jenna Marbles The ‘Queen of YouTube’

Her comedy and vlogs are very much liked by her fans no wonder that her channel has over 20 Million subscriber and a whopping 3.41Billion views on her channel. She earned the YouTube Silver and Gold Play buttons back in 2012.

She is the 8th most Subscribed women on the platform and has an honorable accomplishment. By becoming first social media star whose Wax statue had been placed at Madame Tussade wax museum in New York City.

She is also very active on her social media account with a total of 18 Million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Her most viewed videos are:-

  • How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking has 69 million views
  • Things girls lie about has 30 million views
  • Drunk make up tutorial has 24 million view

While other videos are able to cross 2 million mark easily after one week of upload

Jenna Marbles Accomplishments

She has a various accomplishments under her hat which she could be proud for days. In 2014 won the Young Hollywood award for the category in Viral Sports

In 2015 she was nominated for Streamy awards under the categories of Best comedy series, Best first person series, Audience choice creator and has won Young Hollywood award for viral superstars in 2014 and a Shorty award for best YouTube comedian in 2015 and nominated for creator of decade award in 2018.

Also in 2016 she became executive producer for the film Maximum Ride which was based on James Patterson’s series of novels.
No No the list doesn’t completes here what about the movies . she has done movies that are The annoying orange, Epic rap battles of history, Ridiculousness, Smoosh: The movie, And Adam v/s Eve. And is the anchor of a show YouTube 15 which is aired weekly on Sirius XM Hits.

She also has a Dog toy company named  ‘Kermie worm and Mr. Marbles’ which provides various dog toys some with her famous lines imprinted on them.

Back in 2013 The new York times wrote an article on her titled as, ‘The women with one billion clicks’. In 2014 she brought her attention to world by announcing her own Podcast named Jenna Julien. Which has racked up 700000 subscribers at time of writing.

Jenna Marbles Body Measurements

Height 5’6’’ or 1.66 m
Weight 54Kg
Bra size 32C
Breast-Waist-Hips Measurement 35-25-36
Shoe size[US] 8.5
Tattoo No tattoo
Eye color Blue
Hair color[Natural] Brown

Jenna Marbles Net Worth And Houses

She hasn’t disclosed anything about her earning but by some experts we found that her net worth would be of at least $10 million She recently bought a $3 million house in LA

And it is also speculated that she rented a house back in 2014 for $1.1 million. She currently lives in LA, California with her boyfriend Julien Solomita and is a proud mother of four hairy and cute dogs named Kermit,Marbles,Peach,Bunny.

Who Is Zoie Burgher? Know Her bio, Age, Siblings, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Rumors

Zoie Burgher is controversy’s favorite child. She rose to fame on Twitch – a video streaming platform – via her unconventional gaming ritual. She allegedly used to dress skimpily and twerk whenever she was successful in a game.

While her technique helped Zoie gain a massive following on Twitch, the site regulators weren’t too happy with her gaming approach. Thus, she was banned three times for reportedly promoting pornography before her fourth and permanent ban in 2016.

After the controversy, she moved towards social media giants; YouTube and Snapchat. The streaming star didn’t take much time to reciprocate her success on the social media giants. She boasts one million subscribers on YouTube while more than 200,000 people view her Snapchat stories.

Zoie Burgher Bio: Age, Parents, Siblings, Early Life

She was born in Miami, Florida of the United States of America on 29th November 1995. She had passed her childhood along with parents and siblings in Florida.

The slim blonde-haired Sagittarian is a former live streamer and a passionate internet figure. When she was just 18, she got into the arena of social media and got addicted. She regularly posted videos where she is dressed scantily.

She began availing Twitter from 2013. She used to shot herself in two pieces to post on Twitter and Instagram. To become a more talked about the personality of her area recently, she had started posing simply bare in front of the camera. The videos were too provocative and the live streaming on Twitch was soon imposed a ban on her display which perhaps belongs to a particular segment.

Zoie Burgher Education Details

After the primary level of education and schooling, she had enrolled in Arizona State University and then gathered a degree in International Affairs from Florida State University. While in school she took the side of both Republic and Democrats to enjoy the profuse arguments between the two. She also played rugby in her school days.

Zoie Burgher Rumours And Controversies

It was rumored that Zoie Burgher would be making her own all-girls professional Esports gaming team, which was confirmed to be true by Zoie Burgher. However, 40% of her viewers were not very thrilled with this idea. She was banned by Twitch on four occasions and Fox TV has filed a legal case against her for using their ‘Zoidberg Nation overlay’ on her YouTube videos. Fox TV said that by doing so, she is creating consumer confusion who might wrongly believe that Fox TV sponsors or endorses her internet matter. She had in October 2016 said that she had been violated when she realized that her co-YouTuber was secretly snapping her nude. And in the next 24 hours, she had herself posted her nude photographs on her YouTube channel. This act of hers was criticized by many and she was dubbed as a hypocrite.

Zoie Burgher’s Net Worth And Earnings

This internet sensation is able to make her net worth of around $1 Million. Additionally, with over 1.1 million subscribers at present date, Zoie makes $507 – $8.1K every month and $6.1K – $97.3K every year as per the Social Blade.

In mid-2017, her channel had accumulated views of over 50 million. Zoie is mostly famous as a twerking streamer while wearing bikinis or very little clothing. So, her numbers of videos get age restriction. Therefore, she can’t make some amount off them from YouTube ads. However, she is still making quite a fortune. The estimated revenue must be around $400 per day from the channel or $146,000 per year from the video which is not age-restricted.

Before moving to YouTube, Zoie made good money from the donation during her streams. She used to also sell her dirty pictures to her fans on Snapchat.

Zoie Burgher Favorite Things

  • Celestia’s favorite color is Pink.
  • Her favorite games are The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Runescape and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Zoie Burgher Hobbies

Celestia likes horror movies, cooking, poetry, traveling and singing. She likes to provoking her public and using dirty language.

Facts About Zoie Burgher

  • Celestia’s m*sturbating fact is that she likes doggy style and m*sturbates 3-6 times daily.
  • She loves being spanked.
  • She is bise*ual i.e attracted to both male and female, though she prefers a female (Le*bian). It was made known that she ended up kissing a friend when she was in 8th
  • She has stated the reason for being an adult content freak in a 3 minutes span video. WHY I’m DOING P*RN.
  • At the tender age of 5, she played guitar which she later quit.
  • She hates Pants and normal bread. Soaks in water before eating (bread has to be soggy) even in the restaurant and public places.
  • Celestia Youtube channel has more than 550000 subscribers.
  • Her Instagram followers are more than 20000.
  • Celestia Vega Twitch has more than 110000 followers.
  • She likes animals and has 3 kitties (Khajiit, Rengar, and Liam), 2 rats (Sylvester and Nigel) and 1 iguana (Avery).

Zoie Burgher Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Reviewing her body figure, Zoie has the hot, magnetic and sexy figure of slim type. Zoie looks amazing in her bikini and she often loves to wear it.

Quick Facts About Zoie Burgher

Full Name: Zoie Burgher
Date of Birth: 29th November 1995
Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States
Age: 22 Years
Profession: You tuber and gamer
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 1.72 m
Weight: NA

Youtuber John Hill Is Engaged To Sara Dietschy. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

John Hill is a professional skateboarder very popular on social media. So far he has been able to manage 180,000 followers on Instagram. Companies like Rat Cheese Wax and Bluetile Skateshop have come up to sponsor him. Hill made his You Tube debut in the year 2011 but it is a matter of great wonder that he did not post any video on his channel so long. The first video uploaded by him was in the year 2015.

John Hill Career Details

John Hill won fame as a skateboarder. It was his vlogging spree that brought great stars like Samuel Tabor and Casey Bechler closer to him. As a skateboarder he is highly successful and so far has added 170,000 followers to his credit on Instagram. Besides skating he is very successful as a vlogger. John Hill has inspired through vlogging lots of youths and skateboarders. He is a great motivator too. He has enough positivity and with the aid of this he can drive the youths to chase their passionate dreams. He is by all means a professional You Tuber.

Hill came to vlogging following the footprints of Casey Neistat. In the initial phase his vlogging was specifically inspired by the skateboarders who were his close friends. But gradually people began to like watching skateboarding and they cherished desires to meet with skateboarders whom they came across on You Tube.

Hill had to face many dark days in the very initial period but he never bowed down before adversity. He moved forward to reach his goal and ultimately tasted the essence of supreme success.

At the age of 22 John Hill became famous showcasing his skateboarding art. At 26 he won the hearts of more than 600K subscribers and bagged about 1 million views. John was based in New York and focused on making informative videos all the way. His aim was to help the youths to taste the essence of creativity.

John Hill Net Worth And Salary

John has 178,000 Instagram followers. On Facebook his followers are 8,598. On Twitter he is a famous figure too winning the hearts of 27,700 followers. The recent data show that John Hill has a total of 642,912 You Tube subscribers. He is the owner of a clothing company the name of which is Progress Daily.

John Hill Wiki Bio Age

John Hill is 27 years old. He was born in South Carolina. He has two brothers and a sister. Details about his parents are not known.

Is John Hill Currently Married?

John Hill is in a relationship with You Tube star Sara Dietschy. She is also a skateboarder, associated with Revive Skateboards.

John Hill Wife Sara Dietschy Bio

John Hill’s lady love Sara Dietschy was born in Dallas, Texas in the year 1994. She is a famous US You Tube star. She earned popularity for her own channel and web series Creative Spaces TV. Since 2016 Sara is in a deep relationship with John Hill. Sara started her You Tube channel in the year 2011. So far she has won the hearts of about 200,000 subscribers.