Is David Visentin Married To Wife? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

David Visentin is a Canadian Top real estate agent, an actor, a reality TV host of HGTV and W Networks. He is one of the most successful TV host alongside Hillary Farr in their most popular TV show “love it or list it”. His excellent selling skills and negotiating capabilities brings the dynamic of the show to another level.

David Visentin Bio: Age, Nationality, Early Life

Born in 28th June 2965 in Toronto, Ontario, he is a native citizen of Canada, but his ethnicity lies in Italy. He was born in a family of real estate businessman Nick Visentin. He lived with three other siblings, two brothers and one sister Bonnie Visentin; she is also into real estates. His mother’s name is still unknown to any of us. Currently resides in Barrie, Ontario with his wife and son.

David Visentin Body Measurements

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall, bald headed man, weighing almost 70 kilos. He is having dark brown eyes, which shows some great enthusiasm while hosting the shows.

His morning routine starts off with the same smoothie of kale, lemon juice, cilantro, banana, almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. Although David is sometimes been known to go healthy and have some avocado into the mix.

David Visentin Education Details

David graduated from “University of Waterloo” in Electrical Engineering, but as a top agent in Southern Ontario’s real estate market, he has been seen practicing real estate since 1987 with “Country Living Realty Limited”. In 1997 he started his career in real estate alongside his father and set the legacy of his business in Rosemont, Ontario. After working in the real estate field for several years, his personality developed into an enchanting role model and an his capability in negotiating the options lead him to host the most successful reality shoe that is “Love it or List it”. He was tremendously gifted in negotiating capabilities alongside Hillary Farr, who was doing exceptional in interior design. They were brilliant together. The show which started airing in September of 2008 is still being a most popular TV shows till now. In 2019 they hosted their 15th season and many more yet to come.

David Visentin Career Details

After that he made his guest appearances in many shows and channels like “Kortney & Dave” in 2011 (1 episode), “The Marilyn Denis Show” (2 episodes), “Brother vs. Brother” (with the Property Brothers) as a celebrity judge from 2013. He is also asked to join as a celebrity guest from “Fox News Channel” (1 episode), “Makeover Manor” (1 episode), “This Hour has 22 Minutes” (1 episode), “The Today Show” (4 episodes), “Harry” (1 episode).

Is David Visentin Married?

David Visentin married to his girlfriend Krista Grycko (Visentin) in 7th October 2006 after dating her for a long time. The marriage ceremony was a closed one, with minimum family members and well-wishers as they didn’t want to celebrate it in a lavish way. The couple is living happily ever after. They knew each other from a long time and took a decision to take a step further in their relationship and married. They were blessed with a boy, Logan Visentin, who brought much happiness to their life. He speaks about becoming a father when asked about her happiest moments. He takes out some time from his professional world for the family, which stays in their house in Barrie, Ontario.

David Visentin Net Worth, Salary

His net worth is estimated to be 6 million US Dollars but his incomes are in review as per now.


David is said to be a family man, rather being having a posh lifestyle he chooses to have a simple living high thinking formula. But sometimes rumors and celebrities are complementary. Once he was been accused of being a gay, that has been debunked by his wife and he also have a son. Another rumor whispered about him is that, he had an suspicious relationship with his co-host Hillary from the show “Love it or List it”. People granted them to be married until they got to know about his wife. Her wife not only gifted him a son also cleared out these two rumors that has been circulated by.

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